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Nov 272008

Loan Kim Nguyen, who was killed by gunfire from an armed assailant, was alleged to have been stalked by him. Loan Kim Nguyen, 24, was a former beauty contestant of East Bay and Raymond Gee had contacted her on the internet before Tue.’s double deaths.

Raymond Gee supposedly waited until Nguyen’s banker husband left for work before he entered the house. Nguyen sent her husband a message about being robbed at gunpoint. The husband called police. Police arrived to see Nguyen being beaten by Gee. Police tried to enter but Gee fired at them.

By then, Nguyen had barricaded herself in a bed room and told police she wanted to lower her 2 kids down to them. Gee fired through the wall and shot Nguyen. Nguyen was described as having taken multiple shots and died. Gee then committed suicide by a shot through his head.

Police have to wait days for the ballistics tests to confirm on who shot dead Nguyen and Gee but preliminary findings said Gee murdered Nguyen and then committed suicide. The details are unclear as police are still investigating.

Please send tips to San Mateo Police Detective Dutto at (650) 522-7664.

The videos are at the link. The photos of Loan Kim Nguyen and Raymond Gee are also at the link.

Another source, Mercury News, said that Raymond Gee, 22, was a mentally unstable man, from East Oakland. Gee was claimed to be obsessive.

Nguyen was married to Dennis Quan. Nguyen worked part time for a company that manages night clubs. A friend told the press Nguyen worked because the family needed the money.

Authorities have commended the bravery of Loan Kim Nguyen, who risked her life to save her children. The two police officers who stood on top of their van to receive the children were also praised for their bravery.

Source Mercury News.

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