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Dec 202008

Oct 5 2010 – Lisa Rinna was almost robbed naked but for a stroke of unknown good luck, the thieves only left two racks nude.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin were on The Today Show to talk about her reverse plastic surgery when they leaned their store was being robbed. Rinna and Hamlin had a shop selling apparel in Sherman Oaks. The store, Belle Gray, was robbed on Tuesday, Oct 5, just when the couple were in the studio.

Harry Hamlin, 58, told Today Show’s hosts, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, about the on-going drama at Belle Gray. The employees and customers at Belle Gray were safe and unhurt. The robbers made off with at least two racks of clothings.

The LAPD confirmed that Belle Gray was robbed at 6:30 am. The thieves and burglars stole apparel worth $10,000. The store alarm went off. Hamlin complained that the alarm company did nothing to help.

Lisa Rinna went under the surgeon’s knife to reduce her lips. Lisa received her first plastic surgery procedure on her lips about 25 years ago. Lisa Rinna, 47, told she had reverse plastic surgery to reduce the size of her lips, in August 2010. Lisa Rinna said she did plastic surgery to reshape her lips because she didn’t want her lips to define her. Rinna had surgery in August and said it would take 6 months to heal before she could see the true shape of her new lips.

Lisa Rinna and her husband, Harry Hamlin, have a new reality TV show called “Harry Loves Lisa”. Rinna revamped her looks ahead of the show.

Updated April 18, 2009 – Lisa Rinna’s Playboy pictures have been released. Rinna is topless in one of the photos. Rinna had “Playboy” scrawled across her chest just above her boobs. Rinna’s arms were over her assets but created enough cleavage to make men wonder what was beneath those arms.

Lisa Rinna did not show full frontal nudity but still, there was plenty to see. Look at Lisa Rinna Playboy photos at the link.

Old post:

Lisa Rinna posed naked for Playboy again. Lisa Rinna is 45 and her husband, Harry Hamlin, approved of her Playboy pictures.

Hamlin said Rinna’s photos looked awesome and amazing. Lisa Rinna’s nude photos on Playboy will be released on Friday, April 17 2009.

Lisa Rinna Playboy 2009 photoshoot video.

Lisa Rinna Playboy Sept 1998, Mag cover photo. (Click on link) Rinna was 6 months pregnant when she posed naked for Playboy in 1998. Inside page photo of Lisa Rinna topless. That page belongs to Sodahead and you have to click on their thumbnail to see the bigger pic of Lisa Rinna.

Old post on Dec 20 2008.

Lisa Rinna had posed for Playboy in September 1998. Lisa Rinna will be posing for a new Playboy cover soon. Lisa Rinna is known for her sexy figure throughout her showbiz career. Lisa Rinna is the wife of Harry Hamlin. Here is Lisa Rinna’s bikini picture at the beach with Harry Hamlin.

Lisa Rinna Playboy photo is highlighted.

Lisa Rinna was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery for her lips. The photo of Lisa Rinna’s pumped up lips is highlighted. The article on why the person thought Lisa Rinna had collagen lips is at the link.

Updated October 23 2009 – Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin once owned a clothing store called Belle Gray. Rinna and Hamlin closed Belle Gray after 4 years but they owe 6 years worth of lease to the shopping center owners of The Commons at Calabasas.

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna signed their 10 year lease in May 2005 but they closed Belle Gray early in October 2009. The owners of The Commons at Calabasas want at least $635,083.73 for the remainder of the 6 years lease, inclusive of damages.

Jan 10 2009.

Lisa Rinna was promoting her DVD dancerise with Richard Simmons on The Today Show. Rinna had her legs across Simmons’ thighs. In a moment of exuberance, Simmons lifted Rinna’s legs and flashed her kitt

There will be no lawsuit because this sort of wardrobe malfunction was probably rehearsed.

Today Show – Lisa Rinna Upskirt 1-5-09 video.

Overview of Lisa Rinna’s gossipy news:

March 14 2011 – Lisa Rinna is the second contestant to be fired from Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Star Jones allegedly plotted to expose Lisa’s weakness by asking her to be the project manager.

Nov 6 2010 – Lisa Rinna had a lip reduction surgery. Her surgeon performed the operation and put in some stitches. Lisa said she regretted having her lips pumped up and chose to have them reduced, after tiring of her trout-like lips.

Oct 28 2010 – In a special episode of Harry Loves Lisa, the couple celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. Lisa surprised her husband by wearing a policewoman’s costume. Harry probably has some fetish about women in uniform. Lisa removed some clothing to show her underwear underneath and tease Harry.

On Oct 13, 2010, Lisa Rinna helped her new book’s publisher to launch “Starlit”, in Los Angeles.

Sep 4 2010 – Lisa Rinna has been trying to keep up with her peers like Demi Moore. Mindful of Moore posting pictures of herself in bikinis, Lisa also followed suit. Lisa used her camera in front of a mirror, to snap her sexy bikini pictures.

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