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May 192009

Ian Platt, 51, is a transvestite, who dressed as the bridegroom and bride at his own wedding in the UK. When Platt attended his registry office ceremony, he wore the male attire of a suit. Platt married his fiancée Lisa, 42. Ian Platt later changed out of his male garb to wear a white wedding dress. Platt dressed to his hilt in feminine gear, using accessories of a blond wig, pearl necklace, silk gloves and makeup. Ian Platt became Susan, the transvestite.

The new Mrs Platt said that Ian told her he loved cross dressing since young. As Mr Platt grew older, he began to develop Susan Platt as his alter ego. Lisa said her parents liked Ian but not Susan.

Ian Platt related how he decided to come out as a transvestite. Mr Platt said people in society were more accepting now.

Lisa Platt, the new wife, said that there were three people in their marriage – Ian Platt, Susan Platt and Lisa Platt. The wedding couple had two wedding cakes. One was inscribed “Ian and Lisa” while the other was dedicated to “Susan and Lisa”.

Lisa Platt and transvestite Ian Platt, Susan Platt wedding photos.

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