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Jul 222008

Eliadah “Lia” McCord was caught in Bangladesh when she tried to smuggle heroin in her girdle. The dealer, Tony, was caught too. Eliadah “Lia” McCord identified Tony. The police misled Eliadah “Lia” McCord to believe that she would be released after she co-operated but she remained jailed for 4 years. On July 25 1996, Eliadah “Lia” McCord was finally released.

The long story is here.

Lia McCord has a profile at linkedin.com. Lia McCord works in AES Corporation as a training coordinator. Look at McCord’s page here. Its a public profile so everyone can look.

Updated 2009.

Ms Lia McCord has confirmed she has graduated since her return to the USA. Ms McCord has moved on in life. Please read her comment below.

Lia McCord at wiki.

Lia McCord’s story was featured in a documentary series called “Banged Up Abroad”.

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  60 Responses to “Lia McCord: Where is Lia McCord now”

  1. You people have got to be kidding me. I knew her and she knew what she was doing.

  2. Everyone should lay off this girl. We have all done stupid things at that age. She served her time also!!!
    I have been in a similar situation but no where near to the level she had to deal with. I m glad you got your life together lia after serving such a hard time. thats not easy. You should council people that have had traumatic experiences like that .
    Pay no mind to these other fools on here!

  3. god bless u lia hope u hav a long career in smugglin drugs keep up da good work and dnt get caught smuggle sum 4rm pakistan their officials accept bribes 4 it so u shudnt get caught ok good luck and best wishes 4rm ur well wisher every1 has 2 make money either good way or bad way so i dnt blame u khuda hafiz lia takecare xxx by da way da bangladeshi officials hav contacts wis drug smuugling groups an earn alot of money thru it

  4. i think lia was greedy 4 da money and was desperate 2 b rich so dnt hate her she did wat was right in her eyes 2 make quick money so let da girl make a little bit of money no doubt u lot wud hav done sumfin illegal 2 make a few quick bucks u sados go get a life an stop hating lia big up my gyal lia 4 smuggling drugs 4rm bangladesh go girl carry on doin it an make lots of money an show these haters out there wat ur made of

  5. Hi Lia, your story touched me, normally my reaction would be you’ve did the crime – now do your time! I listen to you as you told what happens when the life you thought would be a quick fix – crashed. ( We all make mistakes, taking into account you started out young & naive!) your an amazing Woman, it does appear you’ve been chosen to help other realise, from your experiences.

    God bless you Lia,

  6. hi lia , i’m glad your life turn around for good and that your testimonial would be an example for others. sorry to say this but the only part of the whole story that i can’t believe is that you couldn’t get rid of the drugs because the tape was attached to you.
    don’t take it personally but that’s just my opinion.
    bye and good luck

  7. Hi Lia:

    I always believed that your best friend set you up even though you made the final decision. I don’t believe she went to another country. I believe she just hung out with that guy and the needed a mule and your best friend knew that you would trust her and she assisted in leading you into a trap. I’m glad you are out.

  8. Right because I’m sure all of you never made a mistake when you were 18..

    Grow up and quit trolling web forums.

  9. Drug trafficking = prison time. I do not know why everyone sympathizes with this women who knowingly choose to set upon an illegal course of action for the sole purpose of personal gain. Greed and stupidity led her to her fate. Considering the amount of harm heroin causes to the people who take it, I think she got off lightly.

  10. Hello, my name is Nicolas am a small child of only 13 years old.
    Ase week I saw a TV channel in the nat-geo “prisoners abroad”
    impact me your story, to cry with my heart.
    From here from Argentina apresiamos you very much.

    with the help of google translator could you write all this.
    Sincerely Nicolas Rodriguez

  11. I was really touched and sympathized with you.I could not stop thinking about the show and could not sleep!I got white hair!dumb…

  12. Hi Lia, I’m glad you turned your life around. Good Job.

  13. ok instead of havign people for sorry for u i think u should be thankful tht Bangladeshi govt didnt hang u !

  14. What happened to Tony? I gotta know. I am living in Dhaka now and I hope he is still in prison!

  15. u r so brave girl nd u had fough with problems very easyly

  16. Hy peace b upon u ,how r u lia mam? iam very very felt sad when i was watch your story ,i was never feel good that time ‘;now where r u ? plzzzzz talk 2 me once a time .,i think u r in nasa at present .whatever had happen with u in past thts very sorrowful nd violence past ,.may allah protect u nd ur all sisters who living in the world ,.,.frm any bad event ,.allah bless u ,,.bye take care .,,.my name is mohammad yemeni iam frm yemen but now in hyderabad india ,,

  17. Just Think about a BD woman doing same mistake in American Airport. She wd not only get life imprisonment but also got an allegation of possible Terrorist involvement as she is from BD ( if a muslim) . I guess the actress as Lia was very cute n beautiful, so people were mostly attracted to her.

  18. very very very sad story lia you so brave girl.

  19. Hello Lia,
    I saw your documentary twice in the National Geographic Channel…It really did hurt me when u were forced by Tony to take heroin in your body,then he was wraping these packets with tapes…
    o my god i can’t believe my eyez…it waz really a shocking documentry i have ever seen in my life..After all i fell in love with your innocent face..
    One thing i would say at last..Be Good,See Good,Do Good..

  20. Hi Lia,

    Your story has muzzled me with a positive appraoch in this earthly existence,what you have gone through was very touching and i could not sleep the entire night the day i saw the doc on tv and the characters (the girl inacted your role)with your brilliant narration has brought my imagination of your tragic time in space “centre stage”.
    God loves you and i am proud of your goverment who cared for your release.

  21. hi lia’s your story is very interesting i feel it is very bad situation to u and your program has became favourite to many people off course to me also but i could not download your program so my kind request
    is please send your tv show video my e-mail id kumarrocks33@yahoo.com

  22. i felt cry by watching your program

  23. hi lia im frm india it was great feeling how u can managed that being in prison is u family gave any moral support to u i appreaciate your braveness

  24. Hello Ms. Lia, I’m not sure whether you still check all the comments in this page. Anyways, watched the documentary. The way it has been portrayed, it’s tochy, no doubt. But the it shouldn’t be the reality. My point is “stupidity is not heroism”. By arresting you in the airport, did the authority done any mistake on their part? So, what is the point of seeking sympathy by projecting your innocentness in the documentary? You just paid the price of your sheer foolishness, by expecting to make quick money in a very much wrong way.

  25. hey lia i am from bangladesh just saw your documentary man i just cried it was too good and really felt good tht u were saved..and come to bangladesh sometime and it is a great place it is just tht u got caught with wrong ppl..dnt hate our country come sometime to spend your vacations

  26. I just watched it……..felt like crying…..

  27. Ms lia,
    i saw your story at National Geographics channel really it is very hard to go through such process at age of 18. I think that was toughest part of your life..
    just want to say, you taught a good lesson by sharing your experience and proved that a gril can bear any hardship of life with courage the way you lived there at Bangladesh.
    May Allah Bless You!

  28. To all of the bitter and insensitive commenators above, try to be more understanding. Yes, the whole thing was a horrible mistake, which Lia admitted to both in the documentary and in other writings.

    But try to be a little more open minded and less critical. You may not have ever done such a thing, but how old are you? Are you 18 and in a situation like hers? Part of the reason she got into the mess was her circumstances. She had been sheltered, hadn’t traveled much, never got to go anywhere with her family cause money was always an issue, which she explains in detail at the beginning.

    With that type of naivity and inexperience, it’s no wonder that she was able to be snowed and easily coaxed into doing this. Sure, she had other options, and even knee deep in the situation, there were still a ton of things she could have done differently. Of course once arrested, there’s little our government can do. But, beforehand when things started turning scary and ugly, she could have asked the hotel staff to contact the nearest Embassy. An American officer could have come to help her out, get her away from that Tony creep, and help her get home. Hell even her “marketing director” friend at the hotel might have been able to help. There’s a lot of things that COULD have been done differently, which I’m sure she thought of while in the prison.

    The problem is; she was young, very inexperienced, and clearly unaware of how things like that work…. and, what you insensitive observers don’t seem to get, is that is EXACTLY what drug dealers look for in targetting mules!!! They seek out young inexperienced people for that very purpose. Anyone older or with more knowledge is more likely to tank their drug operation.

  29. hey everyone~ While i think it was a REALLY big mistake, it was exactly that—-A HUGE MISTAKE. I know her family and they are good people. She was 18 and swayed by money. She made a mistake and has chosen to better herself. She chose to do this story not for you to feel sorry for her but to maybe help someone out there who was thinking of doing it so they wouldnt. Was she at fault–yes, did she pay for it–yes. You dont have to feel sorry for her but commend her for putting her BIG mistake in life out there for hopefully someone else to see and not do.
    Lia I am glad you are back and that you have turned your life around.

  30. I can’ believe the people who find this story touching. I couldn’t watch the end of this trash.

    How can anyone see her as a victim? Of what? Being born in a nation of boundless opportunity, Lia chose to become a drug mule. Why chose go through security with the junk on her? Because she feared the repercussions of backing out on the deal.

    Prison is an ugly, nasty, brutal place. In 12 years of straight A’s she didn’t learn that drug smuggling was illegal?

    I’m glad she’s found peace and God’s grace. I’d like to see responsibility for the selfish, greedy, stupid or evil action she undertook. Then show that she’s changed.

    I guess only fiction has to make sense

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