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Dec 212008

Lee Majors has started filming for a TV show. Majors will make a comeback to TV. Lee Majors injured his elbow on the set of “According to Jim.” Majors’ elbow swelled up. A doctor was on the set to drain Lee Major’s elbow in between his scenes. Majors continued working as it was the last day of the shoot.

Lee Majors had a guest slot in “Cold Case”, aired on Dec. 21, where he played a retired pilot. Cold Case is a TV series about a female detective in a homicide department of a police station in Philadelphia. Kathryn Morris portrayed the lead character of Lilly Rush, who has been assigned to crack cold cases which had gone unsolved over the years.

Lee Majors acted as a pilot in an episode of the TV show, “Cold Case”. Majors played a pilot named Dean London. This episode, entitled “Wings”, was originally broadcast on Dec 21 2008. It was the 122nd episode in the whole series of 156 episodes.

Lee Majors in Fall Guy TV series video.

Lee Majors, 70, and his wife, Faith Majors, 34, were seen out and about here.

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