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Nov 082009

Updated: Lawrence Taylor’s third wife is Lynette Taylor. Lawrence Taylor has been married 3 times. His present wife is Lynette Taylor. Lynette said she believed her husband was innocent of the accused charges.

Lynette Taylor said Lawrence was framed and set up after he was taped for A & E’s documentary called “Fame and Recovery”. Lynette said Lawrence was presented in a negative light in the episode. Mrs Taylor believed the timing of the film and arrest were just too coincidental. Mrs Taylor suggested her husband was set up to draw publicity to the show.

Updated May 6 2010: Lawrence Taylor (photos below) was arrested for alleged rape and assault, on the night of May 6. Taylor is accused of beating and raping a minor, 15 years old, who is a runaway. Taylor allegedly committed the acts just outside of New York.

Taylor was detained at the Ramapo New York lockup. Taylor will be formally charged with third degree rape, which is on sex with a minor. The offence allegedly happened at a Holiday Inn, in Rockland, in New York.

The victim, who is a minor at 15 years of age, was a runaway and she had a pimp. The girl was punched in the face and police have to determine her assailant.

Lawrence Taylor, around 50 years old, was a dance competitor in Dancing with the Stars, season 9, in 2009. Taylor’s professional dance partner was Edyta Sliwinska. Taylor was eliminated during Week 7 of the show, on April 21, 2009.

Updated – The victim said Taylor paid her $300 to have sex with him. Her injuries were not inflicted by Taylor.

The judge has set Lawrence Taylor’s bail at $75,000. Taylor has posted bail and was released from jail.

Taylor’s lawyer has denied all charges. He would like to make it known that Lawrence Taylor did not have sex with anybody at the hotel.

Lynette Taylor had a previously scheduled interview with Larry King Live, via satellite from her home in Florida. After Lawrence Taylor was arrested on Wednesday night, May 5, she called King to cancel her interview for Thursday, May 6. Lynette Taylor allegedly told King she might go on his show on Monday or Tuesday.

Lawrence Taylor has been fired by Nutrisystem. The weight loss company, dealing with the brand name Nutrisystem, dropped Lawrence Taylor as their weight loss model on their website.

Nutrisystem said that Taylor was charged with a serious offence such as statutory rape and they don’t want to be associated with his image.

Lawrence Taylor has been replaced by Matt Stairs, from San Diego Padres.

Rasheed Davis has been named as the pimp who set up the 15 or 16 year old runaway with Lawrence Taylor. Rasheed Davis served 14 years in prison on a conviction for first degree manslaughter.

Rasheed Davis was charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Rasheed Davis old mugshots at link.

Nov 8 2009:
Lawrence Taylor was arrested after he tried to leave the scene after an accident. There was property damage at the scene.

Lawrence Taylor was cooperative after his arrest. Taylor was brought to the station for his mug shot. Taylor was released after he posted his $500 bond.

Taylor was last seen in public news in a big way when he competed on the reality TV show, “Dancing with the Stars”. Taylor, a NFL Hall of Famer, is now a spokesman for Nutrisystem.

Lawrence Taylor was driving an Escalade when he tried to change lanes but hit a 1984 Ford van twice. The van consequentially rammed into a guardrail 4 times and it finally stopped on the opposite side of the freeway. Taylor fled after his hit.

Police caught up with Taylor at a parking lot near the scene of the accident. Taylor sad he hit the guardrail but never admitted he hit another vehicle. Police said Taylor did not appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Maybe he was a bad driver.

Police said Taylor had bloodshot eyes when he was arrested but he behaved coherently and they felt it was un-necessary to perform a sobriety test.

Taylor’s car had a missing front tire when police arrested him at the car park. His tire was found at the scene of the accident, 2 miles away. Taylor drove his Cadillac Escalade on its axle for 2 miles.

Lawrence Taylor has a history of drug or substance abuse. However, police said he was sober at the time he was arrested.

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor

Edyta Sliwinska and Lawrence Taylor.

Edyta Sliwinska and Lawrence Taylor

Edyta Sliwinska and Lawrence Taylor

Edyta Sliwinska and Lawrence Taylor

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