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Aug 122008

Lauren Miller, Seth Rogen’s girlfriend, attended the premiere of Pineapple Express with him. Seth Rogen is preparing fr his next role in The Green Hornet. The Green Hornet is planned for a release in June 2010.

Lauren Miller, Seth Rogen
Lauren Miller, Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen will get a muscle suit to wear in his role as The Green Hornet but Rogen wants to work out to shape up his body for the close ups.

Lauren Miller & Seth Rogen

Lauren Miller & Seth Rogen

Lauren Miller & Seth Rogen

Lauren Miller & Seth Rogen

Lauren Miller & Seth Rogen

Lauren Miller & Seth Rogen

Lauren Miller is engaged to Seth Rogen. Miller and Rogen met when they were both 22 years old and they are now 28. After dating 6 years, Rogen felt he was ready to propose to Miller.

Lauren Miller has acted in 3 of Rogen’s films – “Superbad”, “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” and “Observe and Reports”. Miller has writing, producing and directing chops too. Miller has done all of those in a few other movies.

Seth Rogen told the anecdote of how he proposed to Lauren Miller. One day, while the couple was in the bedroom, he decided to pop the question there and then, even as Miller was topless, rummaging through her closet, for her clothes. Rogen said he placed the engagement ring on her nipple. He certainly told a cheeky story on how he proposed to his girlfriend.

How did it all begin? Seth Rogen met Lauren Miller in 2004. They have been dating ever since. Miller first knew Rogen when he was acting in the Da Ali Show. Slowly but surely, their relationship grew. Miller has starred in a few of Rogen’s movies. She is a producer, scriptwriter and director of 4 other films which Rohgen had no part in.

Lauren Miller’s mother has Alzheimer’s Disease. Rogen said he has seen first hand how difficult it was coping with the disease.

Mar 6 2009 – Rudd, Rogen, Segel and Hill “nude” photos

Would women AND men pay to see nude men like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill? You betcha. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz made Rudd, Rogen, Segel and Hill fake nudity. Rudd, Rogen, Segel and Hill looked naked in their flesh colored body suits.

Rudd, Rogen, Segel and Hill will be featured in Vanity Fair.

Seth Rogen.

Seth Rogen was born April 15, 1982. He is originally from Canada. Rogen is an actor, comedian and voice artist. When he works behind the scenes, Rogen is a screenwriter and producer.

Rogen had a break to work in US in Freaks and Geeks. He had a second short job in Undeclared and this gave him an opening as a scriptwriter. Thereafter, he received other scriptwriting opportunities.

Judd Apatow helped Rogen start his big screen career, by getting him work in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. Rogen worked with Apatow in other projects.

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  8 Responses to “Lauren Miller, Seth Rogen’s girlfriend (picture)”

  1. what a butt ugly guy. equally crappy proposal

  2. ooh Seth u r sooo gorgeous. Wish I was younger & single!!

  3. VI totally agree! I love Seth, his confidence and sense of humor is my motivation=]

    Alisha, u are very lucky lol. I met someone who worked at a cafe by my house and he reminded me soooo much of Seth! I went there often 2 try and spark something..but the last time I went, I saw a notice on the door about moving due 2 the rent being doubled=[[

    I hope I meet Seth someday!

  4. I think he is way to hot for her, but I don’t care I think my boyfriend look just like him, and he’s funny too! I’m so lucky!

  5. Stop being so bitchy!!!

  6. @lena – Good thing then that he’s not the kinda guy who ditches a long time gf when he’s suddenly the hot one in the relationship…

  7. i think he s way too hot for the girl =)

  8. i think i just threw up a little.

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