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May 112009

Updated Sep 11 2009 – Lauren London gives birth to a baby boy on September 9 2009. Photo of Lauren London and baby is below. Lauren London gives birth with Lil Wayne standing by her side. London’s and Wayne’s new son, Lenox Carter, weighs 7lbs and 12 ounces. Their new baby measures 21 inches long.

Lauren London gave birth in a hospital in LA. Several months after her son’s birth, it became clear that Lauren London and Lil Wayne had broken up.

Lauren London & Lil Wayne’s baby.

Lauren London & Lil Wayne's baby.

Updated August 18 2009 – Lil Wayne confirmed Lauren London’s pregnancy to Los Angeles Power 106 radio host Fuzzy. Fuzzy was brave to broach on the subject. Lil Wayne graciously admitted London’s pregnancy. Fuzzy congratulated Lil Wayne.

Lauren London went to Diddy’s white party on July 4th and showed her baby bump. That was one of most prominent sightings of London.

May 11 2009.

Lauren London was with Lil Wayne in 2007. It was no surprise to learn that London may be allegedly pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby. London, an actress, is on a break while her supposed baby bump is showing.


On June 9, 2009, it was reported that Nivea Hamilton was made pregnant by Lil Wayne. FreddyO, a photographer, claimed Hamilton was pregnant and marrying Lil Wayne soon.

Updated April 11, 2010 – Rumors said Lauren London and Lil Wayne broke up before he went to serve his prison sentence.

Lauren Nicole London short biography.
Lauren Nicole London was born on Dec 5, 1984. Lauren London’s father is an American Jew while her mother is African American. Ms London currently lives in LA< California.

Lauren London is an actress and model. Lauren London represents Sean John women’s fashion collection as their spokeswoman model.

Lauren London started her acting career with music videos for Ludacris, Pharrell and Snoop Dogg. Soon, she grew popular and was given TV and movie roles.

Lauren London movies.

Lauren London made a guest appearance in Chris Rock’s documentary called “Good Hair”. London talked about her hair and how her African American ancestry has influenced her natural hair. London was one of the many black female celebrities featured in Good Hair (2009).

Lauren London acted in “Next Day Air”, a comedy released in 2009. London’s movie character was named Ivy. The plot had a couple of small time criminals discovering a drop of cocaine which they have to sell before the real owner comes looking for it.

Lauren London had a good year in 2009. London’s third movie to be released in 2009 included “I Love You Beth Cooper”. London acted as the big screen character Cameron “Cammy” Alcott. Beth Cooper was a comedy.

Lauren London was the character Melanie ‘Mel’ Whitfield in the film “This Christmas”(2007). The plot is about the Christmas reunion of a son who returns after being away for 4 years.

Lauren London was Erin “New New” Garnett in ATL (2006). Chris Robinson, the director, was impressed with London. He said London was fresh and refreshing as she didn’t know how to lie yet as an actress.

London’s scene in Soul Plane (2004) was deleted on the big screen version but included in the DVD. London acted as the woman in the chair.

Lauren London & Lil Wayne baby photo.

Lil Wayne and Lauren London photo.

Lauren Nicole London sexy picture.

Lauren London and her godchild baby. Picture is a few years old. Photo was taken a few years ago.

?Lauren London hot and sexy upskirt photo.

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  1. love them both,but this is a big mistake she can do better anyway gud luck gal.

  2. thats wats up but he has to many kids

  3. im happy for her its just i feel that shes not that bright cause she had a baby by a man who dont think about his action because if he did he would have thought about hes 3 kids (if thats all of them) before he went to jail and prison. i feel sorry for her son’s and his daughter. He’s stupid my 5month daughter is smarter then him. i see why his career is going down the toilet

  4. lauren is beautiful and so is nivea ! ibelieve that everyone should mind their own business ! how would u feel if you were in that situation and it’s something you couldn’t take back ,…everyone make mistakes !!! but reality check: their fucking filthy RICH .


  6. ookayy..the babi cute but out of all people why she pick lil wayne to have a babt by??

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