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Dec 232008

Laura Zuniga, Miss Sinaloa 2008, was arrested and detained in Zapopan, a military checkpoint outside Guadalajara, Mexico. Laura Zuniga was a passenger in a truck loaded with weapons. Laura Zuniga was riding in one of the two trucks that had AR-15 assault rifles, pistols, ammunition and $53,300 in U.S. currency.

The video below, from Mexico, showed the parade of the arrested suspects.

Laura Zuniga, 23, became Miss Sinaloa in July 2008. Laura Zuniga was also the winner of the Hispanoamerican Queen beauty pageant in October 2008. This competition was held with contestants from Latin America.

LauraZuniga news & pic.

Laura Zuniga photo.

Laura Zuniga Mexico news video link.

Laura Zuniga modeling video.

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