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Jun 272010

Laura Howard was born in 1977 and is an English actress. Laura Howard is also known as Laura Simmons. Simmons/ Howard is famous because of her acting in “Midsomer Murders”.

Laura Simmons is well liked as Cully Barnaby in Midsomer Murders.

Laura Howard was born as Laura Simmons. Her hometown is in Chiswick, London. Howard had a good eye opener role as Tammy Rokeby in “So Haunt Me”, a comedy.

Laura Howard has acted in other TV series like “Eskimo Day”, “Cold Enough For Snow”, “Soldier Soldier”, “The Bill”, “Doctors” and “Casualty”.

Laura Howard started acting in Midsomers Murders when she was 19 years old and left the show when she was 30. Howard said she left to do other work as the filming on Midsomers was quite restrictive and prevented her from taking any other projects.

Laura Howard (left) & Midsomers Murders co-star Jane Wymark.

Laura Howard & Midsomers Murders co-star Jane Wymark.

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