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Mar 182009

Latisha Dawn Lambert, 21, of Denton, and Christopher Brandon Shinn, 22,of Randolph County, died in a car. Lambert and Shinn died in September 14, 2007.

Initially, it was thought that Lambert and Shinn died in a fatal accident. However, investigations have revealed Lambert and Shinn were shot. Davidson County Sheriff David Grice said investigators identified a person of interest. Detectives were following the leads in the case.

There is a reward of $5000 for useful information leading to the arrests of person/s responsible for the shooting deaths in this case. Please send tips to Davidson County Sheriff’s Office at 242-2105 or the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-334-3000. (Source)

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  7 Responses to “Latisha Lambert & Christopher Shinn: What happened to Lambert & Shinn”

  1. Ken died March 22, 2014, of a heart attack. I can’t help but to hope that as he died all he could see was Latish and Chris’ faces. I hope these families can have peace soon. My heart aches for them.

  2. That Kenneth needs to be IN JAIL!!! Setting up the murder is illegal!!! Sorry about Latisha. Hope you all find the murderer too.

  3. I can’t believe it’s been this long. So the step father is still free. I’m a huge believer in steve wilkos and believe everything that happened with that polygraph. Seriously have they given up and let this case go cold or is there any new leads. I bet it’s all about knowing who did it but no evidence to lock him up.

  4. I am Christopher’s mother. Such a horrific tragedy that our children were murdered by such a monster,(or monsters)! Please, help us let their souls rest, and give us survivors peace by coming forward with ANY INFORMATION! Rewards are piling up for info. I do believe that Latisha was coming out with the information concerning her stepfather’s sexual molestation and that fear prompted this double homicide. Help us get justice for Latisha and Christopher!

  5. This was talked about on the steve wilkos show. You can find more info on a youtube video. Latisha’s stepfather failed a polygraph test when he denied molesting her & knowing who murdered Latisha & her bf. He didn’t kill them himself but he most likely had someone did it. Because Latisha most likely told her bf what stepfather did & he was worried that the bf would beat the crap outta him or inform the police.

  6. Does anyone know anything…We need some closure…Please someone knows something just tell us WHY????

  7. that is awful

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