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Apr 142012

What has happened to Lionel Richie, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie? Are there troubles brewing for the singers?

Lionel Richie owes the IRS $1.1 million in unpaid taxes. There must be some mistake? Richie failed to file his income tax in 2010. The IRS has slapped Richie with a tax lien, giving them the authority to seize his assets, if he doesn’t pay up in advance. Doesn’t he use an accountant to file his taxes? Richie has an estimated $200 million.

Richie has re-interpreted his old catalogue of hits, injecting a country music style. Richie’s hits, like “Say You, Say Me” and “Dancing on the Ceiling”, has been re-made with added input from country music icons like Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and Jason Aldean. Saying it in another way, could Lionel Richie be needing money? Rehashing old hits is a way of cashing in on old formulae.

Ironically, the photo art for Tuskegee shows Richie seated on a simple stool, leaning back, against one wall of the porch. Looks like he has been cornered against the wall. Perhaps it was a subtle hint at the state of his position. It doesn’t help that Richie wears funeral black.

Lionel’s adopted daughter, Nicole Richie, said she was embarassed by his dancing on stage. Although she has grown up in the spotlight, she has shunned the media, after some early projects which gave her the tase of life under the glare. Nicole’s husband, Joel Madden, 33, embarrassed himself when he revealed that he had to propose to Nicole ten times, before he was finally accepted. Joel has a thick skin and persevered despite being jilted 10 times.

Tuskegee is the name of a city, in the centrall east of Alabama. Its next to a forest, with the same name, the Tuskegee National Forest. Tuskegee city was set up in 1833. The population of Tuskegee is around 12, 716.

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Tuskegee by Lionel Richie

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