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Dec 302008

Here are photos of Lark Previn.

Lark Previn had been sick for about 10 years. Previn’s medical condition was not disclosed. London’s Daily Mail said Previn had ever received hospital treatment for Aids-related pneumonia.

Lark Previn, 35, the adopted daughter of Mia farrow, died on Christmas day. Lark Previn died in New York City. Lark Previn left behind her daughters Sara, 13 and Christine, 12.

Lark Previn was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and her ex husband, Andre Previn. Lark Previn was adopted from Vietnam in 1973. Farrow adopted many kids. Farrow had 3 biological kids with Previn and 1 with Woody Allen. Lark Previn’s elder adopted sister, Soon-Yi Previn, had an affair with Woody Allen and this ended Farrow’s relationship with him.

Lark Previn was cremated in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery on Dec. 29. On Mon. night, Dec. 29, a memorial service was held for Lark Previn in Brooklyn. Lark Previn’s boyfriend, Robert Garcia, refused to talk to the press.

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