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Jun 282008

Lara Logan hotJune 4 2014 – Lara Logan is forgiven by her boss at CBS News and returns to work after a six month suspension. Logan was suspended in November 2013. An internal inquiry into “60 Minutes” did not hold Logan accountable for her role in airing a fabricated story. Dylan Davies was not confirmed to be present when the US embassy was raided at Benghazi. Logan and all her colleagues at 60 Minutes have to shoulder the blame for not thoroughly checking his story. Logan is married to Joe Burkett. During their dating relationship, Logan was under the protection of CBS security team. They failed to cover and screen people around her as her former partner came close to her while she was with Burkett. Logan realized the security was lacking and she asked her boss to dismiss the security team. Logan refused to wear the Muslim dress code while working in the Middle East and other Muslim countries. She was under heavy criticism and her team was also targeted for complaints.

June 28 2008 – If the standards of today are anything to go by, Lara Logan’s swimsuit photos are tame. Lara Logan was known as 34D Lara in her hey day because of her chest measurement, 34D.

Lara Logan’s photos are below.

Lara Logan aka Laura Logan, was officially in Iraq to cover the war. Laura Logan was the CBS News chief foreign correspondent in Iraq. In Lara Logan’s private life, she was supposedly in a love triangle that involved a US State Department contractor and Michael Ware, a CNN international correspondent.

Lara Logan aka Laura Logan 34D swimsuit photo
Lara Logan aka Laura Logan 34D swimsuit photo

Get a swimsuit?

Lara Logan/ Laura Logan was born in Durban, South Africa on March 29, 1971. At the last count, Lara Logan was married to Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player.

Lara Logan 34D green swimsuit

Lara Logan background.
Lara Logan is a devoted correspondent who travels to her news. Logan once begged a clerk at the Russian Embassy in London, to get a expedited visa to travel to Afghanistan, during the immediate period after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers of New York. Logan wanted to be at the hotspot where the terrorists were alleged to be congregated.

Lara Logan has spent about 4 years reporting from battlefields in Afghanistan. Logan traveled with the American Armed Forces as a journalist embedded in their units.

In Feb 2006. Logan was promoted to Chief Foreign Correspondent, for CBS News.

Lara Logan’s first husband was Jason Siemon, who was a professional basketball player, in the UK. Logan was briefly involved with Michael Ware, a correspondent for CNN.

Logan’s second husband, Joe Burkett, is a defense contractor working with the US Federal Government. He came from Texas and traveled to Iraq to work. Logan give birth to their son in Jan 2009.

Update July 9 2010 –

Lara Logan, the correspondent who fell in love with a contractor, has also written a book called “The Nice Man In The Fancy Uniform Looks Great”. Logan is shopping for a publisher for The Nice Man In The Fancy Uniform Looks Great.

Update Feb 15 2011 –
Lara Logan, 39, the senior CBS correspondent, was sexually attacked and beaten up by a mob. Logan was injured on Friday, Feb 11, 2011. Logan has since returned to the US and has been warded in a hospital.

CBS released the information after Logan returned home on Sat, Feb 12, 2011.

Last Fri, Feb 11, Logan was assaulted in Tahrir Square. She was with her camera crew and security but got separated from them in the chaos. A group of women and 20 soldiers rescued Logan.

Nir Rosen was a research fellow at the New York University Center for Law and Security, until he made some tweets to diss Lara Logan’s incident in Tahrir Square. Rosen deleted his tweets and resigned from his fellowship following the negative feedback. Rosen claimed he didn’t know the extent of the abuse inflicted on Logan when he made the tweets to joke about Lagan grabbing attention, and her stance on pro-war discussions in the past. Rosen apologized profusely, saying he has always been a defender of rights and would continue to be a fighter for justice.

A copy of Nir Rosen’s tweets.

Updated Feb 16 2011 – Ms Logan has been discharged from hospital and is resting at home.

Logan had spoken about being arrested by the Egyptian army. She said she was accused of being a Israeli spy, agent and other things. During her detainment, Logan said she was interrogated, blindfolded, handcuffed and forced to walk where the Army wanted them to be.

Logan has not offered any details about her attack, but released a statement assuring everyone that she desires to return to work, within weeks.

Updated Feb 21 2011 – Lara Logan attack details
Lara Logan has not talked about her ordeal in Tahrir Square. A source quoted in The Sunday Times newspaper said Logan was stripped, punched and beaten with flag poles. She had been pinched and left with red marks. That led to a belief she had been sexually assaulted.

Logan suffered some psychological trauma, along with physical injuries. She spent 5 days in a hospital in New York.

Marie Colvin, of the Sunday Times, said she spoke to medical staff who were in the know about Logan’s injuries.

Updated April 28 2011 – What happened to Lara Logan at Tahrir Square?

Lara Logan said she thought she was going to die when the mob of Egyptians forcibly removed her from her crew and bodyguard at Tahrir Square. Logan said a large group of men assaulted her with beatings, pinched her skin, and tore her clothes away. Logan was attacked in various ways for 40 minutes. A group of local women and around 20 soldiers came to stop the mob. They came to help her and stop the physical assaults. Logan said the men were without mercy. Logan claimed the men enjoyed her suffering and pain. The sight of her helplessness induced them to inflict more assaults on her.

Lara Logan has never appeared in a swimsuit in Egypt but maybe the Egyptinas had seen her pictures in magazine or online in the internet. The men had fantasies about her.

On the day she was raped, Logan was set upon after some men in the crowd made remarks like “pull her pants down”, and “she was an Israeli spy”. Logan briefly described being violated by hands. Lara Logan said she was almost scalped. Logan said the men grabbed thick wads of her hair and was pulling it to try tearing off her scalp.

Logan spent 4 days in hospital recovering from her injuries like bruises and internal tearing.

Lara Logan was born in Durban. She lived in South Africa. Logan studied in the University of Natal. In 1992, Logan graduated from college with a degree in commerce. Logan speaks her native Afrkaans, French and Portuguese.

Logan started entering the limelight when she posed as a fashion model. Logan was best known for modeling swimsuits. Later, she decided to concentrate on a serious career in a regular job. Logan left her swimsuit and bikini modeling behind, but she was always remembered for her sexy photos. In 1988 – 1992, Logan worked as a news reporter for two newspapers in Durban, South Africa. Logan progressed to being a senior producer for Reuters Television from 1992 to 1996.

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