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Mar 122009

Lane Frost original pictureLane Frost was a world famous rodeo rider. Frost was married to Kelly Kyle.

Frost died in Wyoming. Frost was riding a bull when he fell off. The bull gored him to death. It smashed his ribs, which penetrated his heart and caused his death. Lane Frost died a death while he was doing something he loved. Frost was a true cow boy.


Lane Frost lived from Oct 12 1963 to July 30 1989. Lane Frost’s death was caused by serious injuriues sustained from riding the ferocious bull “K Walsh” Frost’s death video recording was grisly and not easily obtained for viewing. Frost was astride “Takin’ Care Of Business”, the alternative name of the bull, when he was attacked.

What were the circumstances that led to Lane Frost’s death?
Lane Frost was competing in the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne Wyoming, on the day of his death, on July 30, 1989. Frost didn’t know he would be harmed after riding the bull “Takin’ Care Of Business”. Frost had finished his successful 83-point ride and had dismounted. Frost fell into the mud and the bull was alerted to turn towards him. “K Walsh” gored Frost in his side and broke some of his ribs. Frost was alive and he stood up, and ran, towards the chutes. Frost signaled he needed help. The pain and the ground were too much in the panic of the moment. Frost fell down and his ribs cut his left lung. Frost suffered a serious cut to his pulmonary artery. Helpers sent Frost to the Memorial Hospital. Doctors discovered what happened and said they couldn’t repair the injury. Lane Frost was pronounced dead.

The video recording on the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo became notoriously known as the Lane Frost death video.

Lane Frost was awarded the third place in the last rodeo he competed in. He was buried beside his mentor Freckles Brown, at the Mount Olivet Cemetery, in Hugo, Oklahoma.

Lane Frost has died and his fans are left hanging in the air. They lack support groups to share grief and commemorate their hero’s brave life. On the internet, some fans gather in small pockets to discuss their bereavement. Fans in a local area may arrange to meet for coffee and share their memories. Talking releases pent up emotions and dissipates some of the stress bottled up. Mourners hold on to a piece of their hero, be it a newspaper clipping, or video. The grief is universal. RIP, Lane Frost.

Lane Frost:

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Professional Bull Riders: The Toughest Sport on Earth

Lane Frost wiki.

Jul 2014 – A tourist in the French city of Bayonne narrowed missed serious injury during a bull run in the streets. He posed to take a selfie, with his back to the bull. The enraged bull knocked him down, but missed its mark with his horns. The media had its day using this incident as a warning to taking a selfie with a bull.

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  1. So I would like to thank Cowboys and Cowgirls who take the time to teach the younger generation on what to do! I have a 5 year old little boy who has done Muttin Bustin 2 now and rode Mini Bulls once! All the older Cowboys made sure that he doesnt get hurt and that as a Mom to a young boy means everything! God Bless Melissa Metzen-Olson

  2. The movie 8seconds is really good, exept for the fact that he died. I cried really hard. Tried to stop but it didn’t work.

  3. Im 8 years Nick brown
    old and I look up to lane frost csuse he is my hero.

  4. lane frost is really cool but if he didn’t ride the day of his death he would still be alive like right now

  5. Lane Frost, is me hero because he did the best he could everytime in bull ridin. if i could of ment him in person i would of loved that. i have a hat signed by Lane Frost that my mom’s friend gave me when i was little because i loved Bull Ridin so much. Also have a t-shirt he gave me signed by Lane Frost. Lane Frost is me hero my idle and that will never change. R.I.P Lane Frost, We will never forget you.

  6. I have never met Lane but he was the one who inspired me to ride bulls

  7. Their is a viedo on utube it is called Lane Frost vs taken care of business lanes last ride

  8. SAD DAY

  9. The wreck itself didn’t look that bad but it was. Broken ribs that lead to a severd artery. I love that man, I love everything about him.That’s one wreck I don’t ever want to see again. God Bless you Lane!

  10. I love bull riding and the first time i saw the movie i felt sad an that i started to cry. I love the movie 8 seconds it my top country movie. Lane was a good man he had a wonderful and happy marriage with his wife Kelly. I wish i saw him……YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MEMORIZE, AN WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

  11. i love the movie 8 seconds and i love lane frost but i cnt find the vidieo of his actul death

  12. I’m only fifteen and i love bull riding. I really wish i could have met Lane. I’ve seen the movie 8 seconds more than 30 times and i still cant watch the ending without crying. iknewlane is corretc, lanes legend was well deserved.

  13. where on google did you find the video.I have looked

  14. I knew lane. We drew the same bull at the ’82 Oklahoma State High School Finals. He covered him easily a day or two before and shared tips with me on the afternoon before I was up. I was thrown off 4 jumps out of the gate. Lane was a great kid and as honest a man as you would ever meet. He was a pro in and out of the arena. I still miss him. His legend is well deserved.

  15. i found the video on google

  16. man ive seen the real video its crazy m a bull rider i calf rope chute dog and bull dog and i do what i love and i cnt think of a better way to go thn die doin what makes me happy and if thts the way im gonna die than so be it

  17. and someone please tell me how to find that video please. i want to see the actual video

  18. oh yea and iv saw 8 seconds so many times its unreal. i cry every time i see it so, dustin u aint the only one my man

  19. i love bull riding its awsome. i enjoy it so dadgum much. im pretty good at it i guess. and even though lane is gone, i still think of hem as true cowboy and a great role model. i love the movie 8 seconds. you should watch it. it tells the story of his life. i love bull riding. and i will always look up to lane.

  20. i love the sport and i really want to do it

  21. i really like 8seconds but the firsttime i saw it i cried

  22. lane was a good dued i saw him once i was like 4 at the time . just wonna say hey to famley and friends

  23. I am of no danger. i have no fears. i do as i love. Deep inside me i am a winner, i team rope i am a true cowboy i never give up. i worked myself long days hulling my horses. right across the cuntry. I try my best to win that prize.

  24. I have looked and looked for that video can some one help me find it please. I thought it was on here But I guess not.

  25. Im a big fan of Lane Frost and I wish I culd’ve meet him but i wasnt born or alive i have the video 8seconds and i watched it atleats 10or 20 time ever sence i had it its so good i hope yall make a nother one of lane frost

  26. Olster
    Im from Conn & no nothing about bull ridin’ but I know I saw that guy die on a show that used to recap the week in sports every sun night at 10:00 back in the late 80’s….The Name of the show was called The George Mickael Sports Machine….I remember seeing the bull gore him right through the back…It was UNREAL…& your absolutley right about the look on the riders face …TOTAL SHOCK!!!

  27. i would like to see this video does anyone know where to find it i know its not on youtube but would like to find it

  28. There IS a video of Lanes last ride, I’ve personally watched it twice when it was shown on (I believe) network television, and it DOES clearly show the goring. Most of the sites that refer to the incident now all seem to deny that he was actually gored, I have no idea why such claims are made, but I assure you when you see that video there is absolutely no question whatsoever. The bull placed his left horn against Lanes back while he was facedown on the ground and then very intentionally put the weight of his body on it and the horn can be very clearly seen penetrating Lanes body by eight inches or more. It’s a very disturbing shot and I remember thinking at the time how unusual it was that it be shown unedited that way right on TV. Lane got up after the goring and turned toward the camera with a look of abject shock, took several quick steps to the left of the scene and collapsed into the arms of another cowboy. Don’t tell me such a video don’t exist, I’m telling YOU that I saw it with my own damn eyes!

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