Lance Kerwin Yvonne Kerwin

Lance Kerwin, a former child actor in the TV show “James at 15”, was sentenced for theft. Lance Kerwin had pleaded guilty to a charge of second degree theft. Kerwin has to serve5 years of probation, and 300 hours of community service.

Kerwin was charged after investigators found he falsified documents to get Hawaii state medical and food assistance stamps. Kerwin omitted vital information like he owned 3 properties on the mainland.

Lance Kerwin, 49, apologized. He said he knew his actions reflected on his job as the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Kapaa. Kerwin was also a program leader for a Christian outreach group called the U-Turn.

Lance Kerwin is married to Yvonne Kerwin, who also faced similar charges. Yvonne Kerwin pleaded guilty to second degree theft and unsworn falsification to authorities. Yvonne will not have a criminal record if she stays crime free in the future. Ms Kerwin was asked to pay victim compensation fees and do 300 hours of community service.

Lance Kerwin still acts in minor roles. One of his adult movies was Outbreak, which starred Dustin Hoffman.

Lance Kerwin.

Lance Kerwin.

Lance Kerwin.

Lance Kerwin

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