Lana Lawless: Lana Lawless transgender golf champion (photos)

Lana Lawless, of Palm Springs, Calif., is a transgender. Lana Lawless used to be a man. Lawless was a policeman who became a woman. Lawless discussed about her comeback into the game of golf after her transgender change. Lawless denied that she had an advantage because of her natural birth attributes. Lawless described how she had to re-learn golf from scratch as a woman player. Lawless managed to triumph over setbacks to become the new Women’s World Champion in Golf.

Lana Lawless had worked in various jobs after her transformation. Ms Lawless tried being a bartender too before finding her calling in golf.

Lana Lawless filed a lawsuit to sue the LPGA over their rule that they want all competitors in the Women’s category to be born “female at birth”. Ms Lawless, 57, had her gender reassignment surgery in 2005. Lawless said the policy violated the civil rights laws in California. Lawless has filed her lawsuit in the US District Court, in San Francisco.

Lawless is unhappy she has been banned from participating in the 2010 golf tournament organized by the Long Drivers of America. The Long Drivers recently changed their policy to exclude transgender women. Previously, in 2008, Lawless had won the world golf championship in Long Drive Golf, in 2008.

Lawless is asking for compensation in damages, from the Long Drivers of America, and from two title sponsors. Lawless is asking the judge to ban the LPGA from organizing golf tournaments in California, until they change their policy to allow inclusion of transgender women.

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless standing in the center.

Lana Lawless

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  1. Leia Kelly

    You go girl! You inspire me hun!

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