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Jan 142009

Sep 14 2011 – Stevie Nicks is the stage name of Stephanie Lynn Nicks. She is a singer and songwriter. She was born on May 26, 1948. Nicks was a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1974 to 1980.

Her boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham, was also in the band. Working together created stress and affected their romantic relationship. By 1975, Nicks and Buckingham slowly disentangled from their personal relationship, but continued to work together in their music.

In 1977, Nicks and Mick Fleetwood had a brief affair, while he was married to Jenny Boyd. They ended their brief fling as Nicks was afraid it would break up Fleetwood Mac. Nicks’ noble gesture may have saved the band, but Mick left his wife anyway, for Sara Recor, who happened to be Nicks’ best friend. By 1981, Nicks had started her solo career.

Stevie Nicks has been linked to rumors that she is a witch because she liked black clothes. A writer compared Lady Gaga to Stevie Nicks. Gaga previously showed her style to be influenced by Madonna and Bette Midler. Her latest fashion sense of wearing diaphanous/ chiffon like cloths. While Nicks did not expose her under garments blatantly, Lady Gaga was more forward in her fashion statement.

May 9 2011 – Lady Gaga’s track, “The Edge Of Glory” will be released on Monday, May 9, 2011. The Edge Of Glory will be sold at iTunes from 3 pm May 9, 2011. Lady Gaga has just wrapped up the last of her Monster Ball concerts on Friday night, May 6, 2011. Lady Gag’s Monster Ball brought her a gross earning of $227.4 million, which was paid by 2.4 million people. Gaga was in Mexico City, when she presented her audience with a surprise performance of “Judas”, which was exclusive from her usual program for Monster Ball. Gaga’s fans in Mexico City were really treated to an advance preview of how Judas would be performed in future concerts. Gaga endeared herself to the residents in New Mexico by appearing in public in a blue translucent dress, accessorized by a pair of towering heels. Gaga spoke about Arizona’s immigration laws and slammed the new laws restricting the entry of new immigrants. Gaga had talked about September 11 2001 and how she was worried for her mother, who worked across the street from the Twin Towers. Gaga said she was reminded of the anxious hours when her father and herself waited for her Mom to return home, as they were unsure of her well being.

Gaga is mentoring the 4 finalists of American Idol, on Wed, May 11, 2011.

Updated April 16 2011 – Lady Gaga became a motorcycle for her album cover of “Born This Way”. Gaga has been morphed into a shiny, motorbike for her new album cover. She was photo edited onto a monster looking bike. Gaga’s face wore a snarl, like a mean looking machine. Would you ride the Gaga bike?

Lady Gaga Born This Way album cover art:

Lady Gaga Born This Way album cover

Updated April 13 2011 –

Lady Gaga said she turned her back on a Hollywood lifestyle. She said she remained loyal to her old clique in New York. Gaga did try to assimilate and integrate herself into Hollywood, but felt it was not suitable for her. She returned to her old friends and haunts, in NYC.

Gaga has shown off her body in countless revealing outfits and photography sessions. She stressed she was proud of her God given body and said she never had plastic surgery. Gaga thought that plastic surgery was a form of insecurity as the woman had issues with her body image. Let’s wait and see how an older Gaga would say to cosmetic procedures!

Gaga said she was aware people hated her because she was persistently hanging on to her very public career. Gaga knew that love for artistes was short-lived. Gaga explained the phenomenon on how reality TV stars and others became instant celebrities. She said people would fall in love with a new image, especially when they think the person is a one time celebrity. I would think of some examples like Ted Williams, Antoine Dodson and etc. Once the person clings onto fame and outwears the welcome, people start to criticize and dislike the celebrity.

Do you think Lady Gaga is right? I thought everyone loves her. Do you love or hate Lady Gaga?

Updated April 12 2011 –

Lady Gaga’s March 2011 concert at Madison Square Garden will air on HBO in May 2011

Lady Gaga was suing her piano bench as a prop in her concert in Houston, Texas, when she lost her balance and fell backwards! She continued singing and never missed a beat.

Gaga’s new music video for her song “Judas” has been criticized. People said the creative director stole ideas from Madonna’s old video. Gaga had incurred some wrath by planning to release her Judas video near Easter. Gaga portrays Mary Magdalene in Judas.

Gaga is never too proud and above board to wear a vest made by her fan. Lady Gaga went out sporting a red vest specially made for her by Christopher Roa. He’s a make up artist and painter.

Updates March 26 2011 –

Lady Gaga’s prayer bracelets have raised $1.5 million for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief. Gaga has done a crossover into country music with her Born This Way Country Road Version.

Ever mindful of her tough beginnings, Gaga often has some kind words for young and uprising potential starlets. Rebecca Black, 13, made a debut on the web with her first single, “Friday”. While she was largely bullied and panned for being pushy, Gaga came to her rescue by praising her as a genius. Gaga has also performed with YouTube sensation, Maria Aragon, all of her 10 years old. The young Canadian girl sang a duet with Lady Gaga, at one of her concerts in Canada.

In recognition of her contributions for the LGBT community and the armed forces, Lady Gag has been given the Randy Shilts Visibility SLDN Award. She has broken off with Target, a business associate, after she learned the megastore sponsored political parties who are against equality for same sex marriage and other gay issues.

There has been talk of making a biopic on Lady Gaga. She was asked who she thought best represents her, to portray her in the film. Gaga chose Marisa Tomei. The actress said she felt honored to have been thought as a suitable actress to play the singer.

Lady Gaga has some strange beauty secrets. She does not remove her makeup before she sleeps. She also brushes her teeth the regular way, and not with a bottle of Jack.

When a London ice cream parlor used her name to sell breast milk ice cream, Gaga threatened to sue them. The Icecreamists had called their creation Baby Gaga. They failed to ask permission and were unaffiliated with Gaga. The Gaga name certainly pulls in star power, as she has proven on Twitter. Lady Gaga became the first person to amass 9 million Twitter followers.

Nov 8 2010 – Luc Carl and Alex Stebbins

Alex Stebbins, an actress, said Lady Gaga stole her former boyfriend. Stebbins accused Gaga of getting what she desired because she was (and is) the most powerful woman on earth. Stebbins said she had dated Luc Carl for one year before Lady Gaga met him and decided to keep him for herself.

Stebbins, 21, said she knew she was unable to compete with Lady Gaga and watched her take Luc Carl from under her very own nose.

Gaga and Luc Carl caught the second wind in their romance as they had previously dated before she became a music megastar. Carl, 29, was a barman working in New York when he first dated Gaga, 24.

After Luc Carl and Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta split, he met Stebbins one year later. Stebbins claimed Gaga became interested in Carl again after she learned he was dating Stebbins. According to Stebbins, Carl told her Gaga asked him to reunite and resume their former romance. Their earlier bad romance was patched up.

Stebbins said she lost Carl when they started to quarrel because of Gaga. There were many issues and disputes and they drifted apart.

Stebbins claimed Lady Gaga wore flashy underwear when she visited the baseball team in the summer, to show off to Stebbins. Carl was together with Gaga during that time and Stebbins saw that as a hit at her.

Alex Stebbins

Alex Stebbins

August 9 2010 – Lady Gaga wore fish nets, a panty and star pasties to sing at Lollapalooza. Lady Gaga then dove into the crowd to crowd surf and a fan licked her. Gaga had a fun time being handled by hordes of male and female fans. Gaga gave herself to her fans as she braved herself to crowd surf with her devoted supporters. There were many jokes being written about Gaga surfing the human sea but one must acknowledge her courage.

August 3 2010 – Lady Gaga wore a grey colored hair wig in her photography session with Vanity Fair, September 2010.

Lady Gaga shopping in her black lingerie.

Lady Gaga, Stockholm, Sweden, May 8, 2010.

July 29 2010 – The Lady Gaga having sexual intercourse with a male partner photo is fake, said her publicist, Amanda Silverman. The woman in the sex picture is not Lady Gaga. The picture was circulated with the fake labeling saying the female was Lady Gaga.

May 14 2010: Lady Gaga went to Carnegie Hall in NY dressed as Nanny McPhee, a book and movie character. Lady Gaga wasn’t naked or nude here but she managed to turn heads with her fashionable interpretation of Nanny McPhee.

Lady Gaga not naked nude  but dressed as Nanny McPhee

May: Lady Gaga performs at Sting’s Forest Foundation’s 21st birthday/ anniversary. Gaga was clothed in a white, shredded thread dress. She could have been made nude if the threads unraveled.

Lady Gaga's nudity is covered by a threaded dress

After Sting’s benefit concert, Lady Gaga was almost nude as she stripped down to her underwear and fishnet stockings. Gaga wore a bejeweled face mask that reminded me of Hannibal’s muzzle.

Lady Gaga almost nude but for underwear

Lady Gaga in Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday, May 9, 2010. Lady Gaga wore black, lacey lingerie outdoors.

Lady Gaga in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 8, 2010.

April 20: Lady Gaga strips her roots naked and does a pinkish-purple tinge to her peroxide blonde hair extensions or wig. Gaga usually wears a wig as she knows how damaging the dyes are to her nude hair and scalp.

Lady Gaga naked mop of hair is pink-purple

Lady Gaga, left, and Cyndi Lauper at the Mac Viva Glam launch in London, in February 2010. Lady Gaga was nude beneath the see through lace cat suit. She used a double lace for her knickers.

Lady Gaga, naked beneath her lace, and Cyndi Lauper

Lady Gaga nude on RollingStone cover photo. Lady Gaga is is almost naked save for her bubbles which cover her modesty.


Lady Gaga naked except for words pasted on.


Lady GaGa naked hat.


Lady Gaga not exactly nude but her attire was translucent.



April 17 2010 – Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga Japan bat costume (photos)

Lady Gaga wore a bat costume (photos below) on Japan TV Asahi Music Station variety show. Lady Gaga’s lace catsuit was designed by Somarta. The bat wing shoulders were designed by Yuima Nakazato.

Lady Gaga chose Japanese designers for her Japan tour costumes to pay homage to the country.

Lady Gaga Japan TV Asahi Music Station variety show photo.

Lady Gaga Japan bat costume photo.

Lady Gaga Japan TV Asahi Music Station variety show photo.

April 10 2010 –

Lucause & Lady Gaga in Wollongong Australia (photos)

Lucause is an Australian stage hand who has the scoop on Lady Gaga and a photo is below. Lucause had a short term crew hand stint working for Lady Gaga at her local Aussie venue in Wollongong, Australia.

Lucause helped to set up Lady Gaga’s dressing room. In the process, Lucasue was privy to view her concert wardrobe and also touch them. Lucause said he acted like a sneak, gleefully enjoying his privileges of being to see Lady Gaga’s possessions behind the scenes.

Lucause took his private photos of Lady Gaga’s dressing room. She likes white lounge sofas and a glass table with a guitar encased inside. These make Lady Gaga feel more at home, while away from home.

Lucause “stole” a copy of Lady Gaga’s Australian tour itinerary, with her venues, dates, and commitments typed on it.

Lady Gaga dressing room photo in Wollongong, Australia.

More on Lucause & Lady Gaga in Wollongong Australia.

Lucause photo.

Feb 13 2010 – Rumors said Lady Gaga is dating a British man named Matthew Williams. Williams is a stylist who is a single father of a son. Lady Gaga allegedly dated Williams for about 1 year before she broke into the music business big time. During their temporary separation, Williams had a baby with another woman.

Lady Gaga accepts Williams’ son and is comfortable around the child.

Feb 2 2010 – Lady Gaga wore a glittery green leotard that almost laid bare her groin. Lady Gaga looked feminine without any extra appendage. The photo shows Lady Gaga does not have a male part for a hermaphrodite.

Lady Gaga has nothing hidden.

Jan 23 2010 – Lady Gaga belt

Lady Gaga wore a gem studded costume that was barely a frame to envelope her body. A fan who attended her concert in NYC on Jan 20 took pictures. Lady Gaga’s groin was modestly covered by a studded belt with a giant “crotch” plate. A news site teased readers by referring to the photo as one where you could search for the alleged organ.

Photo link here.

There were so many gems on Lady Gaga’s plate that it reminded me of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s reference to sticking Swarovski crystals on the woman’s private part to make it like a shiny disco ball. Lady Gaga sticks them on her belt’s amored plate outside her body. Clean and classy.

Was the belt another version of the chastity belt? After all, what was the crotch plate for?

Updated Jan 15 2010 –

Lady Gaga was performing at the Oprah Winfrey Show when she had a wardrobe malfunction. Lady Gaga’s dress became unzipped.

Lady Gaga’s stage costume was a short black dress. Her left shoulder had a large accessory that looked like a ball with spikes. The heavy ornament weighed and pulled down her shoulder portion of the dress.

Lady Gaga Oprah wardrobe malfunction

Updated Jan 15 2010 –

Lady Gaga’s concert at Purdue was canceled. Lady Gaga pulled out of a performance at Purdue University. Purdue said Lady Gaga was hit by a sudden mystery illness just before she was due to take the stage at the Elliot Hall of Music.

Lady Gaga’s opening acts were Jason Derulo and the Semi Precious Weapons. They performed before the announcement came on that the main act was too sick to sing.

Purdue University had its own EMT who turned up to offer assistance but Lady Gaga and her team declined. Without further explanations, Lady Gaga returned to her tour bus and they rolled away.

Lady Gaga has postponed her concert at Purdue and promised to return on Jan 26.

There was speculation on why Lady Gaga had to leave Purdue.

Updated Jan 15 2010 –

Dec 19 – Lady Gaga posed for a new series of photos for her album, The Fame Monster. This has all original tracks from The Fame and 8 more new tracks. In one picture, Lady Gaga posed nude with strips of newspaper covering her private parts.

A second nude picture showed Lady Gaga being carried away from an erupting volcano. Kanye West carried the naked Lady Gaga.

Another scintillating shot showed Lady Gaga attached to an electric generator sort of device. Lady Gaga was almost nude and had sparks of electricity shooting from her body.

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster photo link.

November 27 2009 – Lady Gaga was performing in Montreal when she fell on stage. Twenty seconds into the tape, Lady Gaga landed on her behind after a slip. One excuse would be Lady Gaga was wearing spiky heels. It is a feat to dance and prance around on stilettos.

Lady Gaga almost lost her balance a second time at about 2:53 into the tape. Her heel seemed to have suffered a twist. She managed to steady herself and never lost a beat in her song and dance act.

Lady Gaga in Montreal, Nov 27, 2009:

November 10 – Lady GaGa’s nude photo shoots are named and linked below. In the meantime, lets talk about Lady Gaga’s latest music video. Lady GaGa has a new video called “Bad Romance”. Gaga wore sexy lingerie, stripped and danced erotically. GaGa was directed by Francis Lawrence in Bad Romance. There were a few scenes where Gaga disrobed and showed off her sleek back and tattoos.

Lady Gaga Bad Romance video.

August 29 – Lady Ga Ga posed nude for V magazine here. Mario Testino was the celebrity photographer who captured the naked essence of Lady Ga Ga.

August 15 – Lady Ga Ga posed nude for Out magazine. Lady Ga Ga was portrayed in a goth theme with black lipstick, a skeleton and black boots here.

June 5 2009 – Lady Gaga went totally topless for V magazine. Lady Gaga did not shield her chest but exposed herself deliberately in her most daring public photo shoot ever.

Lady Gaga’s numerous tattoos on her back can be seen in V Magazine’s special photo spread.

June 22 2009 – Lady GaGa performed at the Much Music Awards in Canada. Lady Gaga wore a bustier with pyrotechnics that exploded. Lady Gaga’s corset bottom was shockingly tiny and barely covered her essentials. Lady Gaga sang her hits Poker Face and Love Game. Lady Gaga won the Best International Video Artist Award for Poker face.

Lady GaGa at the Much Music Awards.

June 22 2009

What did Lady Gaga wear while she was in Canada? She wore a pink leotard with an inflatable collar. Another outfit was a sweater with an over-sized collar.

Lady GaGa’s attire in Canada – photo link.

May 28 2009 – Lady Gaga Paparazzi video

Lady Gaga Paparazzi video has been leaked ahead of its official release. Lady Gaga acted as a lover betrayed by her boyfriend who sold her out to paparazzi. Lady Gaga was photographed in compromising positions with her male companion. When Lady Gaga objected to his advances, he pushed her off the balcony ledge.

Lady Gaga told the story in scenes about how she made her rehab and comeback. Gaga eventually took revenge on her spiteful former lover by poisoning his drink. There was retribution as Lady Gaga ended her video with mug shots of herself, meaning she was caught for her crime. What a story!

Lady Gaga Paparazzi video link.

May 28 2009 – Lady Gaga posed naked for Rolling Stone magazine. Lady Gaga had a transparent perspex corset and several perspex bubbles over her essential regions. Lady Gaga tried to raise the bar for acceptance of a decent nude pose.

Stepfanie Germanotti, aka Lady Gaga, said she chose her music over her boyfriend “Speedy” because she did not want to wake up to find her guy gone. Germanotti meant her music would always stay with her even when her man could not.

Lady Gaga has attracted the attention of Madonna and Marilyn Manson. Madonna had attended one of Lady Gaga’s concerts. Manson, who is currently dating Evan Rachel Wood, said he wished to be the guy that Lady Gaga kissed in her music video.

Rolling Stone Lady GaGa nude or semi naked photo.

April 17, 2009 –

Lady Gaga, 23, partied at night club Bungalow 8 in a see through chiffon catsuit. Lady Gaga appeared braless and pantyless. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, tried being innovative and attracting attention simultaneously. She used black duct tape as nipple shields. Photos of Lady Gaga’s transparent clubbing suit are at the link.

April 15, 2009.

Lady Gaga’s new makeover is a new hair style. Lady Gaga changed her hair from a short bob to a long hair style with light pink extensions. Lady Gaga had her hairdresser work on her new hairstyle in midflight. Lady Gaga was flying from LA to London when she effected the change.

April 14, 2009.

On Tuesday night, Lady Gaga had a makeover with a new hairstyle. Lady Gaga wore a tall tower of plaits. Some of the Gaga accessories included spiked bracelets and pitch black shades. Lady Gaga’s hair style looked like a Conehead, the character from the 1993 comedy series. Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin starred as characters with pointed cone heads. The occasion for Lay Gaga’s bold hair makeover was for her dinner date with a new male friend. Photos are here.

April 1,2009:

Lady Ga Ga was on American Idol April 1 2009. Lady Ga Ga played her piano on her guest appearance on American Idol. Lady Ga Ga was dressed like a superhero in her Wonder Woman like costume. Lady Ga Ga sang Poker Face – video here.

Jan 14, 2009:

Lady GaGa nude of winter clothing.

Lady GaGa is in London on work. Lady GaGa has shocked many with her skimpy wardrobe in freezing weather. Lady GaGa was photographed outdoors in fishnets over bare legs, a bikini like knickers bottom, a cropped tube top and unbuttoned ladies jacket.

Lady GaGa was on her way to the studio T4 to film their music show. Bravo! Here is someone who enjoys English weather.

Lady GaGa, 22, a performer and songwriter, dances and sings her current hit song, “Just Dance.” Lady GaGa may become the Disco Diva of the Twenty-First Century. Lady GaGa videos are here. Lady GaGa performed “Just Dance” during the Miss Universe 2008 Swimsuit competition.

Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta.

Lady GaGa photos, almost nude of winter clothing photo link.

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