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Apr 152008

Kristen Bell wardrobe malfunctions when she attended a red carpet event to promote the movie, “When In Rome”.

Kristen Bell wardrobe malfunction.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell & Russell Brand could be hilarious together in bed. Here they are in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Russell is one of the top UK comics now. He used to be a self confessed sex addict until after his rehabs.

Kristen Bell & Russell Brand in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

Kristen Bell in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”:
Kristen Bell is hot but she wants to choose her date. She once starred with Russell Brand, before he met and dated Katy Perry. She said she didn’t want to get personally involved with Brand and warned him to lay off his tricks. She told she would not hesitate to kick him if he pulled any fast moves on her. Other than his amorous charms, she said Brand was a great actor to work with.
Kristen said Brand was a kind man. She used to judge the book by its cover, but learned that Brand was not as hip hop as his fashion sense portrayed. Although he wore tight trousers, he was actually a nice gentleman.

Bell stands at 5 feet and used to be one of the shortest girls in class. She said she used to be bullied in school. However, she had her own strategy to protect herself. She made friends with the strongest girl in class, who would then protect her by association.

House of Lies:
Kristen Bell acts in this mini series which runs for 12 episodes. The series airs on Showtime. The plot was based on a book, “How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Tell You the Time” Bell’s co-stars are Don Cheadle, Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson and Dawn Olivieri.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd are engaged. The actors have not announced their wedding date.

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