Kim Kardashian marriage annulment

Updated Sep 20 2014 – Kim Kardashian posed in her bathroom to take hot, sexy, nude selfies. Kim was seen holding a Blackberry phone. This raises the question – are Blackberry photo storages also hacked? A hacke had Kim’s hot, nudes leaked online again in a second wave of released pictures.

Nov 30 2011 – Kim Kardashian marriage annulment
Kris Humphries has filed for an annulment of his marriage to Kim Kardashian. The grounds for the annulment was fraud. Humphries is suggesting his marriage was fake.

Long before this news came public, it was rumored that Humphries was approached to date and marry Kim Kardashian. The goal was to set up a married couple’s life style, for a reality TV show. Kim would have a spin off for her own reality TV show, besides the two family themed reality shows she already stars in.

Besides Humphries, at least one other basketball star was approached for the dating-marriage deal. The athletic declined. Only the marriage partners know the truth on whether they are entitled for marriage annulment or divorce.

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