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Jun 142009

Carla DiBelloWho is Kobe Bryant’s girlfriend? Carla DiBello is allegedly Kobe Bryant’s girlfriend. Carla DiBello has been attending many of the Los Angeles Lakers games. DiBello traveled to the Lakers’ road games. Kobe Bryant is rumored to be her boyfriend as he allegedly bought presents for DiBello.

Carla DiBello*Carla DiBello

Phil Jackson and Dr Buss were allegedly in on this as Bryant asked them permission to bring DiBello.

Carla DiBelloThe gossip said Kobe Bryant and Carla DiBello have been dating since he returned from China’s Beijing Olympics 2008. Girlfriends and wives on the court-side are distractions. The heat is on Kobe Bryant and his alleged girlfriend Carla DiBello.

Some details about Carla DiBello:
Carla DiBello is a good friend of Kim Kardashian. DiBello is a producer for the reality TV show starlet. She produces for “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and “Kourtney & Kim Take New York”. DiBello, 27, and Kobe Bryant, 33, have already been linked by gossip rumors for a long while. DiBello has worked with Steve Wynn, as an assistant helping with the running of his casino in Las Vegas. From Las Vegas to Hollywood, DiBello has worked in the clubs and hotels scene. She used to be the director of strategic relations, of the company SBE Group.

Carla DiBello photo.

Who did Kobe Bryant date? Who were Kobe’s former girlfriends?
Kobe Bryant’s former girlfriends used to be Brandy, Jamelka Williams, Katelyn Faber, and Vanessa Curry.

Katelyn Faber*Katelyn Faber

Vanessa Curry*Vanessa Curry

Vanessa LaineIn 2001, Kobe met Vanessa Laine at a music video shoot. Vanessa was a background dancer. She was still in high school when she won over Kobe’s heart. Kobe proposed to Vanessa and they became engaged. Kobe went ahead to marry Vanessa, even though his parents disapproved of the union.

After his marriage, there were times when his relationship with Vanessa was tested. It was during those periods that Kobe was rumored to have dated other women, from 2003 to 2007.

In 2003, Kobe was known to have dated another woman. Katelyn Faber came into his life as his girlfriend.

In 2007, Kobe allegedly dated Vanessa Curry.

Singer BrandyKobe Bryant’s ex girlfriend Brandy was dating him in 1996.

Sanaa Lathan

Jameika WilliamsKobe dated Jamelka Williams, in 1997. She became an ex girlfriend when their relationship went on the rocks.

Shaunie O'NealWhen Kobe announced he was facing divorce, even Shaunie O’Neal wanted to spend time with him.

Updated July 21 2011 – Kobe Bryant is being considered for an overseas stint to play basketball for Turkey’s team. Will Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant and their 2 daughters accompany him? Kobe needs his family to be with him. Vanessa used to hang around the lockers to keep women at bay. Kobe Bryant’s girlfriend was a persistent rumor that didn’t go away, ever since his previous disclosures that he did have an extra-marital affair. Even when Kobe and Vanessa reconciled, there were often whisperings that there could be a Kobe girlfriend somewhere out there. If Kobe lives overseas alone without his family, the girlfriend rumor will pop up again.

Besiktas could be willing to pay $1 million per month for Kobe. Besiktas has already hired Deron Williams, from the Nets.

Meanwhile, Kobe and Derrick Rose may travel overseas to Philippines, for exhibition games.

Updated Dec 16 2011 –
Vanessa Bryant wants to divorce Kobe Bryant. Vanessa allegedly has filed for divorce after tiring of rumors of Kobe’s alleged affairs. Vanessa and Kobe have no pre-nuptial agreement and she stands to be awarded with half of his $360 million. Vanessa asked the court to award her with custody of their two daughters, Natalia Bryant, 8 years old, and Giana Bryant, 5 years old. She wants to give Kobe visitation rights to the daughters born from their 10 and 1/2 year old marriage. Vanessa and Kobe wanted to divorce during the end of the year in 2011. They began living apart in 2012. However, after about one year of separation, they have changed their minds. In early Jan 2013, Vanessa and Kobe reconciled and dropped their divorce lawsuits.

Selina MillerIn 2009, a woman named Selina Miller filed a lawsuit against Kobe Bryant. She claimed he had defamed her and invaded her privacy. The judge threw out her case, saying her claims were frivolous. That could mean many things. Most probably, there was insufficient evidence to back up her claims. In 2011, Selina Miller again filed a lawsuit against Mr Bryant. This time, she alleged he had breached his promise of giving her a ring, and a proposal of marriage. Ms Miller claimed all of these despite the fact that Bryant was still married to his wife.

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  4. Kobe and carla have been dating for YEARS! Way before china! He took her to the olmpica games to see him in china! This has been going on for a very long time!

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