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Jul 012009

Kidd Kraddick (David Cradick) and his wife Carol Cradick separated one year ago. In April 2009, Kidd was divorced from Carol Kraddick. After one year of legal separation, Carol Kraddick and Kidd Kraddick could finally call it quits to their marriage.

Kidd Kraddick allegedly kept the proceedings of his divorce quiet as he was afraid of the backlash. When the news broke out, the Kraddick fans were angry at being kept in the dark. Some fans felt betrayed that the family guy they loved and supported was undergoing a divorce without forewarning them.

There was a rumor that Kraddick got divorced in April 2008, but kept it a secret. He wanted his daughter to start college in the fall, before he revealed his news, in August 2008. There was little official media coverage on Karddick’s divorce. He gradually talked about it in his radio show. As Kraddick was known for his comic genius on air, some radio fans doubted he was talking about the real thing. Fans started googling and searching for news related to his divorce. They eventually discovered the truth. Other unconfirmed gossip said David Kraddick wanted to re-marry again, sometime in the future.

It seemed Kidd Kraddick, aka David Cradick, placed his show, “Kidd Kraddick In The Morning” above everything else in his life. Kraddick/ Cradick broadcasts from Las Colinas, Dallas, Texas. The fans wondered about Cradick’s two daughters and who would get custody.

Updated July 27 2013.
David Kraddick, 53, was known for his popular morning radio show. It was syndicated to around 100 cities all across the US. Kraddick died on Saturday, July 27, 2013. Kidd Kraddick set up a charity organization, named Kidd’s Kids Charity, to raise money to send sick children, to Walt Disney World. Kids with serious illnesses or fatal illnesses had a chance to be in happiest place on earth.

Kraddick was known to have suffered from high blood pressure. He had an enlarged heart, which was a symptom of the disease. In addition to a diseased heart, he suffered from complications like blocked blood vessels.

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