Kibb Howard, Carla Howard, Michael Sifrit: Howard, Sifrit arrested

Kibb Patrick Howard & Carla Kay Howard are a husband and wife burglary team who robbed 60 houses in eastern Missouri. Sheriff deputies found 100 guns in the house of Kibb Patrick Howard. Carla Kay Howard and Kibb Patrick Howard have confessed to robbing houses. The motive of the Howards was to get valuables to sell to buy drugs and satisfy their craving for heroin. Kibb Howard and Crala Howard passed the stolen goods to Michael Carl Sifrit, who sold the goods online. Sifrit was aware that the goods were stolen.

Kibb Howard, Carla Howard and Michael Sifrit face multiple state charges and may be federal charges too. Police discovered the stolen loot in Sifrit’s home in Fenton. Sifrit had a store called S & S Jewelers, in Warrenton. Police said the store was a front for the illegal sale of stolen property.

Eye witnesses told police they saw a woman with a tattoo on her neck and she was with a man in a maroon colored Jeep Cherokee, in the areas where burglaries had occurred. Police said the couple operated by having Carla Howard knock on the door of the home. If someone answered the door, Carla Howard would give some excuse for being there. If no one was home, Kibb Howard would break into the house and steal guns, jewelry, TV sets and other valuables. In their confession, Kibb Howard and Carla Howard admitted stealing around 150 firearms.

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