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Oct 222008

July 2014 – George Kay displayed a different personality. He has been taken into custody after running around, weaving in and out of traffic. Kay was quoted as saying someone was trying to kill him. A motorist in Chinnor, Oxon, was concerned after witnessing this weird personality. Local police used the S136 mental health act to detain Kay at a hospital, on Wed., July 30, 2014. He was released later the same evening. Police said they did not test Kay for substance abuse.

June 26 2010 – Mark Croft, the estranged husband of Kerry Katona, is threatening to sell their sex tape because he felt slighted over some references to him.

Mark Croft was angry about some film footage shown on Chanel 4’s show, “Kerry and Me”. The film showed Croft getting angry over Heidi and he was shouting at the three year old girl.

Croft was unhappy when the clip aired on Thur, June 24. He has threatened to sell their sex tapes to the highest bidder, or publish the sextapes himself online.

July 25 2010 – Kerry Katona broke up with Adam Waldron

Kerry Katona broke up with Adam Waldron, a decorator, for several reasons. Katona said she never loved him, couldn’t afford paying petrol to travel out to visit him and he drank. Katona said she felt independent enough to stand on her own, turn her life around and care for her four kids.

Last Sunday, on July 18, Katona, 29, allegedly had a fight with Adam Waldron, 33. Katona sought solace at her mother’s home after she had some sort of altercation with Waldron.

Katona’s children are presently with their fathers, on visitation. Molly and Lilly-Sue were visiting their father Brian McFadden in the US, while Max and Heidi are visiting their dad in Warrington, in the UK, where Katona used to stay. On Saturday, Molly and Lilly-Sue returned to Katona.

Kerry Katona brushed off rumors and gossip that Adam Waldron was only after her money. Katona reminded us that she was still a bankrupt and couldn’t afford to splash on Waldron. On the contrary, he had to pay his own money and spend on her too.

Kerry Katona naked Zoo magazine: Kerry Katona nude
Kerry Katona said she could she use size 10 tops in her post surgery figure. Katona said she would need some time getting used to her new figure as she had liked her old one quite well.

Kerry Katona had some plastic surgery and she was so happy with herself that she posed nude for Zoo magazine here. The pictures are NSFW.

Feb 20 2010 – Kerry Katona & Mark Croft: Katona & Croft split after cheating claims

Kerry Katona and her husband Mark Croft have split. Rumors said Croft accused Katona of cheating on him while she was away attending boot camp for weight loss. Katona asked Croft to move out after he allegedly made claims she was cheating on him.

Aug 28 2009 – Kerry Katona David McHugh: Kerry Katona arrested for assaulting David McHugh (photos)
Kerry Katona was arrested for assault. Kerry Katona has been accused of committing criminal damage and offending the public order. Katona had a quarrel with her accountant, David McHugh, at his office in Hawthorne Business Park.

Katona was upset with the accounts and blamed McHugh for her lack of money.

Katona was released on bail on Thursday, Aug 27. Katona will be due back n court on Oct 12.

Katona was accused of making a scene at David McHugh’s office. Katona allegedly punched McHugh and threw a cup of tea over him.

Kerry Katona arrested for assaulting David McHugh – photo link.

Mar 14 2009 – Kerry Katona & Mark Croft divorce: Katona Croft divorce (photos)

Kerry Katona and Mark Croft are getting a divorce. Katona appeared on MTV to announce Croft and herself are divorcing.

Katona, the former singer in Atomic Kitten, showed her upset face for the cameras in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Finally, after months of tabloid speculation, Kerry Katona is finally admitting her marriage woes. Katona has appointed a separate accountant to take charge of her money. Frank Cochran, Katona’s new accountant, said he will be working to free Katona from her bankruptcy order.

Kerry Katona has a reality TV series with MTV called ‘What’s The Problem?’

At 1:30 am Wednesday morning, March 11, Kerry Katona changed her Facebook status to single.

Kerry Katona & Mark Croft divorce link with photos.

Oct 22 2008 – Kerry Katona this morning: Kerry Katona on “This Morning” video
Kerry Katona had an interview on the show, “This Morning”, which was done in the UK, in the morning. Katona looked pretty. Her voice sounded different. When the interviewers mentioned about her drinking before her photo shoot for a magazine, Kery Katona asked them a question.

Katona said she was on holiday, and wasn’t she allowed to drink while on a holiday. Then the interveiwers rephrased the questions about four times but Katona did not get the hints and answered in the same way each time. May be Katona knew they were trying to get her to comment on her drinking habit so she was aware and evaded the questions. Kerry Katona’s video on This Morning is here.

Apr 20 2008 – Brian McFadden called Kerry Katona names – photos
Brian McFadden called Kerry Katona disgusting. They had a feud because his Mom took the daughters for a few days more than scheduled. Kerry blamed them for causing her labor 5 weeks early. Brian said it was because of her boozing, drugs and smoking.

They can’t see eye to eye.

Brian McFadden Kerry Katona

Apr 13 2008 – First picture of Maxwell Croft, Kerry Katona’s son
Max Croft’s birth was recorded and will be shown on MTV show’s, Crazy In Love, on April 28, 2008. Kerry Katona went into labor when her waters broke. She was in bed at home. She called out to her husband Mark and he coolly continued his X box game.

Congratulations to Kerry Katona and Mark Croft.

Maxwell Croft, Kerry Katona’s son

Please click on thumbnail to expand it.

Apr 12 2008 – Kerry Katona’s new baby, Maxwell Croft, is born
Let’s welcome Maxwell Croft, born at 5.42pm Friday, at Macclesfield District General Hospital. He arrived five weeks early. He weighed 5lbs 4oz. He is Kerry’s 4th child and very welcome after 3 girls.

Macclesfield District General Hospital in Cheshire

Apr 11 2008 – Kerry Katona waits for childbirth in hospital
Kerry Katona’s 4th child is due to pop soon. Her water bag broke or leaked. She thought she would not be due for another 5 weeks. This is rather early. Her doctors had to decide when to induce birth. Kerry sends her love and thanks to her fans.

Kerry Katona & Mark Croft

Mar 27 2008 – Kerry Katona health scare

Kerry Katona, Mark Croft

Kerry Katona is unwell in hospital. She is only due in May but has water retention in her legs and feet. Her husband, Mark Croft has accompanied her. Kerry was expecting a boy. She has even chosen the name, Maxwell. That was the first name of her publicist. His full name is Maxwell Clifford. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Mar 25 2008 – Kerry Katona wants Mark Croft to take lie detector test

Kerry Ketona, Mark Croft

Kerry Katona, the ex-singer of Atomic Kitten, told her husband of 13 months, Mark Croft, that he has to take a lie detector test. This came in the wake of her discovery of a mysterious text on his cell phone that read,”I love you.”

Mark’s ex, Clare Bonello, 24, claimed that he had a fling with her after he proposed to Kerry. Samantha Riaz, 29, also claimed that she had an affair with Mark.

Mark defended himself by saying that the women lied. He expressed his desire to stay for the sake of the kids and his lifestyle.

The polygraph test results can not be recognized by the British law.

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