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Jul 012010

July 5 2010 – The cop who arrested Damon Evans noted that a pair of ladies’ red panties was found between the legs of Damon Evans when the officer first approached him in his car. Evans told the cop of his job title and asked if he could do anything for him. He asked the officer if he could be taken to a motel instead of getting arrested. It could be conceived as attempted bribery.

Courtney Fuhrmann told the officer that she had been seeing Evans for about a week. That may have contradicted Evans’ independent statement that he was “just friends” with Fuhrmann.

Damon Evans resigned from his post as the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia. Evans apologized again for his serious mistake and said he was taking time to rebuild his reputation and career. Meanwhile, embarrassing details have been released about Evans’ arrest.

July 1 2010 –
It didn’t look good when the married family man and university athletic director Damon Evans was caught eating his own words on alcohol abuse, while in the company of another woman, Courtney Fuhrmann. Evans quickly denied there was anything between Fuhrmann and himself. Damon Evans said sorry for drink driving, being a hypocritical leader and bad example to youth, and being in the company of a woman other than his spouse.

Evans is apologizing to keep his job as he said he would like to return to his post. Mrs Damon Evans, aka Kerri Evans, was faithfully at his side when he held his press conference to give his statements.

Damon tried to give credit to Kerri by directly mentioning her in his speech and pointedly saying she was also suffering after this latest incident. Everyone is wondering about their state of marriage  and about Courtney Fuhrmann.

Damon Evans and Courtney Fuhrmann were arrested on Wednesday, June 30. Damon Evans, the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia, was arrested for driving under the influence. His female passenger, Courtney Fuhrmann, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Evans failed his field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer test. He smelled of alcohol, said the cop.

Evans had a new contract starting July 1 2010. Evans’ new term gave him a salary increment of $110,000 p.a. Presently, Evans’ contract with the University of Georgia gives him $550,000 yearly, with $20,000 raise per year from 2010 to 2015.

Damon Evans was a wide receiver at the University of Georgia, from 1988 to 1992. In 2004, Evans became the youngest athletic director at the age of 34.

Evans, 40, has apologized for his behavior. Evans is married to Kerri Evans and he explained that Fuhrmann was just a friend. Evans was driving in an erratic manner when a cop saw him and pulled him over.

Evans took a hard stance against his University’s players who have been caught with alcohol abuse. Some students have the opinion that Evans does not do as he preaches and called him a hypocrite.

Who is Courtney Fuhrmann?
Courtney Fuhrmann, 28, lives in Buckhead, Atlanta. She works as an asset manager at a real estate firm in Atlanta. Fuhrmann studied journalism at the Georgian Southern University and graduated in 2005.

Fuhrmann was ordered to stay inside the car when the cop was busy with Evans. She violated his order several times and was arrested for disorderly conduct. Some people were guessing that the woman didn’t want to be seen with Evans and was getting out of the car when the officer ordered her to remain inside the vehicle.

Fuhrmann has refused to talk about the incident, leading to more speculation.

Courtney Fuhrmann

Courtney Fuhrmann

Damon Evans

Damon Evans

Damon Evans.

Damon Evans

In 2004, Evans’ son Cameron Evans was 5 years old and his daughter Kennedy Evans was 2 years old. Cameron would be about 11 and Kennedy would be around 8 years old.

Damon Evans with wife Kerri, and children Cameron and Kennedy, 2004.

Damon Evans with wife Kerri, and children Cameron and Kennedy.

Apparently Kerri Budd was indicted for shoplifting on Dec 20 1990.

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  17 Responses to “Kerri Evans husband Damon Evans & Courtney Fuhrmann: Evans Fuhrmann updates (photos)”

  1. All I want to know is where are the red panties? Are they in evidence or what?

  2. No, I really want to know where is he working now. People make choices everyday in their lives. Some choose to dwell on the past and gnash on the bones of “the enemy”. Some look toward the future in hopes that a lesson has really been learned. While others still harp on the one that got away. Remember that Kerri has to live with the choices she has made and will make in the future. For a lot of people this whole incident is PERSONAL, some are taking it a lot more personally than others. That’s quite a sad commentary, especially for folks whose last name is not Evans. If Kerri likes it, then I love it and you all should feel the same. I just want to know if the charm and intellect of Mr. Evans allowed him to land on his feet. He is sure to end up with another job, but I’m just wondering if that’s sooner rather than later…

  3. VIA Truthertz- Damon has been this way for many, many years, so it’s weird to hear everyone’s surprise about his low-down habits and vices. His innate ability to come across as Mr. Clean was exactly the thing, you see — just one of his tools to get what he wants, by any means necessary.

    And, be careful to not portray his wife, Kerri Budd Evans, as “…his poor wife…” because she is, at least, as greedy and ruthless as her husband. She has been hanging around during Damon’s known cheating years, due to the cash, cars and perks of her position as “first lady.” Not only is she NOT even a stay-at-home-mom, she is simply a lazy, gold-digging “stay-at-home!” Period! Not working and shrugging off any childcare or household duties to their live-in nanny. Hopefully, these days, she is actually BUYING during her retail-therapy trips, instead of using her 5-finger-discount methods, of old.

    And it’s not personal….yes, it is.

  4. I just have one last comment,and then I am done; cause I am not going to get into an internet debate with you. However, it’s pretty clear what you are doing and in the workds of Charles Barkley (re: Labron James; Truthertz, what you are doing via the internet is a \punk move.\

  5. @Truth – Wow…I came across this reading up on the new AD at Georgia…so you came back and responded. And, it’s not personal? LOL- anyone believe that?? So why is Kerri accountable for the acts of Damon? You putting up all of her business on the web, why? My point silly one was that, she was about 19/20 years old – I never broke the law, but how many dumb things have folks (who are not grown parents)done in their 20’s that they wouldn’t do in their forties, LOTS of stuff! You must be a youngster because you are missing the point: It’s not accountablity on your part, it’s revenge. Be big enough and admit it. You are the one talking about the chickens coming home for the roost, and I have been waiting to see that….wrong again.Hell hath no fury like a women’s (or man’s) scorn. However, you have proved my point. See, I wasn’t searching blogs, when I saw your response on two news posts, and because it was SOOOOO personal; I did a Google search: Truthertz and Damon Evans…and there you were. Hmmmm, not that serious? It was serious enough for you to visit and comment on all the blogs/paper sources you could find….and respond to me, how many weeks later. Ahhhh, paging Dr. Phil, for real. No sweetie, you have the problem. YOu are invested in this sad debacle, so willing to talk about it. If it’s the TRUTH as you say, what is your real name? You as a legal eagle would know that TRUTH is always a defense to slander/libel… So, to tag onto Heyuguys post, where are they now? What are they doing now?

  6. Hey Truth, you seem to have pretty intimate knowledge of the lives of Damon and Keri…where’s he working now?

  7. Hi, NORDSTROMS! So sorry — wrong on all counts, and even more sorry that the entire point of this was lost on you. It’s called \accountability,\ and even though you happen to be on the wrong side of 40, as you say, that’s still no excuse for criminal and/or immoral behavior during any part of your life. It seems you are totally obsessed with this scandal, if what you say is true — you’re on 10 related blogs?? Oh, my! And, all of the people, here, who read your post agree you would benefit from a little anger management therapy, btw… (mentioning prayer, Karma, chickens & counselors all in one cyber-screaming, all-caps breath?) Take a deep breath… it’s not that serious, babe.

  8. @Truthertz..oh there is Definitely something personal going on or you wouldn’t be on EVERY SINGLE BLOG (and I mean every one that I have seen, which would be over ten blogs!) typing this foolishness! Everybody: do a Google search with Truthertz and Damon and WOW! I can’t figure out if you are a man or a woman, because some of your statements make me think: A man doesn’t say that in front of women…hmmmmmm SO you are either a woman who got brushed off for his wife or you are a man who got brushed off her the guy she really wanted. Maybe you went to college with them or worked in the Athletics department, but your info is too Intimate not to be personal. To that I say, GET OVER IT and MOVE ON!!! My goodness, don’t you have a job? Don’t you have a family to care for? WHY are you exhorting SOOOOO much energy in bad mouthing this couple? The criminal record – Kerri was about 20 years old. To ALL of us who are in the 40 Club, there are LOTS of things we may have done that we really don’t know what we were thinking. I just think it’s terrible that you are using this incident to stick it to Kerri, when she is the one person in this incident that didn’t do anything wrong. Where are the chickens that have come home? Hmmm Truthertz, you need to move on; YOU NEED PRAYER; YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE. YOU Reap what you sow and if you don’t believe in that principle, then KARMA is a ….. What you put out always returns…and you have been putting out for about 2 weeks nothing but evil – regardless of the fact that it may be true, WHY would post on all these blogs if it wasn’t personal. You’re someone who was always jealous of their success. Why don’t you do the right thing and take the moral high ground and GO SEE A COUNSELOR!!!!!!!

  9. HEADLINES: the ajc reports Evans + Fuhrmann made >250 text/cell exchanges, including some made the morning of AND the evening the press conference…


    um, hullllo??

    except for one call and one text secretly made by Damon in a feudal attempt to salvage + hush everything, those final texts + calls sent from Damon’s (UGA provided) cellphone following the arrest are made by KERRI, not Damon, of course.

    Kerri was simply doing “an Elin”, going through Damon’s cell while in full-fury mode, following the humiliating crack-of-dawn bail-out on July 1st.

    She was trying to go to the horse’s mouth for her dirt, while simultaneously keeping track of every cent within ALL of Damon’s fortune, investments, severance pay, and even the minimal proceeds from the Bogart home sale abruptly listed* on Tuesday, July 13th, The very depreciated asking price ($850k) is virtually the same as what The Evans paid to have it custom built in 2005.

    either way, those nearly 250 exchanges will certainly be mentioned in any upcoming civil filings made by the scorn (shoplifiting)** wife, Kerri, once any divorce proceedings are officially in play.

    ** http://www.cobbsuperiorcourtclerk.org/scripts/courtscr.dll/CriminalDetail?caseno=90903267&source=/CriminalByName

    * http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1110-Hammond-Creek-Trail_Bogart_GA_30622_1120407351

    what a TANGLED web you have woven, D & K!

    The truth hurts.

  10. He didn’t make any mistake, he GOT CAUGHT…and thats the mistake. This is normal behaviour with these men in power, black or white, race is not the issue. We no longer have morals and no longer place value on the sacred vows taken when we stand before a priest on our wedding day. Even if the wife wasn’t “giving it up or doiong what he wanted”, a proper honourable man would talk to his wife and seek help, not around with the first available woman in town. as women WE NEED TO SAY NO…its only encouraged because we allow it, otherwise we can bring them up on rape charges…

  11. LOL, cant leave em alone huh? Wife a shoplifter too?

    Nice. Not surprising.

  12. Does this mean that his wife Kerri is now on the market?

  13. Tell it is a FOOL! He had it all and got arrogant, broke the law, lost his job. No, his wife wont leave – but he got caught and hte law is the law. You sounds like a a racist=give him what he wants cuz he’s black=nomatter what the crime….Shame on you. YOU ARE A RACIST!! HATER!!

  14. Wow is this where we are right down. Bashing a man when he is down? Yes he made a mistake like the rest of do or have done. Let him deal with this and move on.

  15. Ohh do continue. I am fascinated. Here I thought he was Mr. Clean Cut; only to find out he has a thing for blonds. Rich upper middle class black man – FORGOT. FORGOT where he was at, forgot who he was – and was quickly shown the door. They will let you work in the Big House til yu start fooling with their women.

  16. Wow. So THIS is what a spurned gurlfriend sounds like! LOL

    Gett over it, babygurl. Let them work it out on their own and learn to live w/ the fact that he just ain’t that into you!

  17. Perhaps you are hearing it here, first… but, don’t be surprised when Wednesday night’s UGA dui / adultery scandal hits the fan, hard, and morphs into a new Tiger’s tale… as, in, “a la Tiger Woods” scandal.

    The new buzzphrase in this story will soon be, “… coming out of the woodwork.” ( Even I didn’t know about this newest potential homewrecker, Ms. Fuhrmann, so, apparently, Damon has been quite busy… once again.)

    Expect new admissions from various scorn women who believed that they were actually Damon Evans’ special, secret “…dimepiece.” (Damon is quite famous for privately boasting to male buddies/golf partners, family members and ex UGA football players of, in Damon’s words, his numerous “…white girl conquests…,” as well as bragging about taking advantage of the 24/7 attention he gets from his vast number of female NCAA/SEC groupies, on and off campus.)

    As everyone (including wife, KERRI) can now believe what they were warned even years, prior — Damon uses his UGA position to get OUT of trouble, yes, but just as often to intentionally get INTO a little “trouble,” if you catch my drift. His ongoing, controlling and macho behavior within the privacy of their Bogart, GA home virtually dares KERRI to leave the comfy lifestyle and prestige she enjoys and likewise flaunts around Athens and throughout Georgia. I have personally witnessed this, often, and could only sit and listen to him spew his old-school, man-of-the-house type statements to his wife and the kids. Damon knows exactly how to turn on the squeaky-clean switch, as needed — but, those clean-cut red ties and black blazers which he sports for his AD appearances could never fully camouflage his true womanizing spirit which dates back years, even past when he “multi-timed” then-girlfriend KERRI while playing for the UGA football team.

    Trouble often runs silent + deep within this (in)famous Georgia/New England family — but, money, denial and arrogance usually keep their biggest secrets, secret, in sticky issues ranging from chronic philandering (which shall likely be fully exposed within the very near future, as well as in a prolonged fashion after the UGA president’s decision on July 6th), all the way to attempting to slickly make room for and lure Michelle Obama’s coaching brother + potential Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation crony / boarder*, CRAIG ROBINSON, to UGA Basketball — of course, all at the career expense of easy target, MICHAEL FELTON… but, I digress.

    * ( The Obamas were expected and wooed to stay in the EVANS / BUDD Martha’s Vineyard compound, during their much-hyped 2009 New England holiday stint in Massachusetts)


    Attending the news conference, was “apparently-supportive” spouse, KERRI (BUDD) EVANS… but, in reality, Kerri’s real persona is as an unusually jealous and pouty wife who has on her own, now, suddenly updated interests of quietly preparing for her exit / custody grab, and in using smoke and mirrors to get past today and yesterday’s humiliating and eye-opening headlines… not to mention, avoiding the potential broadcast of some embarrassing Cobb County, GA mugshots of her own, lurking about. (please see public record link below)


    There’s much more, but perhaps this nugget is enough to answer a few questions which have been raised about the TRUE character of these (mistakenly) beloved Georgian figures, as well as to help complete earlier puzzles and discrepancies about what everyone else thought was UGA’s own, Clark Kent.

    For now, expect Damon to try to go underground (per Kerri’s super-lawyer dad’s sage advice), so that Damon is not even available to deny subsequent descriptions of indiscretions or to answer to the press. (Did you see Kerri staring THROUGH Damon at the Thursday evening’s presser, or catch her best friend using an iPhone to record the event??)

    And, driving around Atlanta with the mistress’ RED PANTIES between his legs??? Really, Damon? He is really slippin’ and trippin.’ The “old Damon” would have a slick comeback on-the-ready, something like, “… these are a surprise gift for KERRI, custom designed by my new friend, here, lingerie artist, Courtney F.”

    Frankly, “The Courtney Problem” is simply the tip of the iceberg and the AD post is only HALF of Damon’s nightmare.

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