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Dec 182008

Kenneth John Freeman, 46, raped his daughter and posted videos of abuse on the internet. Kenneth  left the US in 2006 and lived in China. Freeman was arrested in Hong Kong in May, 2007.

Kenneth Freeman pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and interstate transportation of a minor for sexual activity. Freeman pleaded guilty in exchange for a deal, which would give him 50 years in prison. Freeman is required to serve 42 years before he would be eligible to be considered for parole. Sentencing will be held on March 25, 2009.

Kenneth Freeman’s daughter, Kylie Freeman, agreed to testify against her father. Kylie was not required to do so as Kenneth Freeman had pleaded guilty.

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  4 Responses to “Kenneth Freeman & Kylie Freeman”

  1. Kylie appeared to enjoy the attention in the beginning but soon became tired of it. Kenneth continued to suffer delusions that Kylie was a ‘willing participant’ and used her for sex (sexual abuse). His prison sentence was ridiculous. Jail time wasn’t the answer here.

  2. A. Children are human beings and can enjoy physical pleasures. Have you noticed that babies all love to guzzle beer? Pleasure is part of being human.

    B. That said the job of children is to grow up and learn how to be adults. The job of parents is to protect their children, and the other children of the community, The point is that those parents, by being responsible parents, allow those children to also grow up into responsible parents.

    C. It is not the job, not is it permitted for adults to treat children as adults and share with them alcohol, nor sexual love, nor any of the things that are reserved for adults. Confusion might result because we are human, but each has her or his responsibility. I do. You also do.

    The expression of those who embrace pedophilia, that watching a happy child having sex with her father seemed “good” is no more than a delusion, a sinking into physicality, a “drunk” if you will. WE ARE NOT CANNIBALS! We do not consume the future of our children and grandchildren by consuming our children physically and spiritually. That is not the role given to us by God, or Nature, or Evolution. We have a role. We have a requirement to be decent. That is to be decent human beings who nurture our offspring and those of our neighbors. We are not cannibals.

  3. He didn’t \rape\ her but he did use her for sex. I think she enjoyed herself and so did dad.

  4. i mean, he RAPED her? SRSLY? Have u seen them videos?

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