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Mar 042009

Kelly Tinyes was killed on March 3, 1989. Kelly Tinyes, 13, was stabbed, strangled, kicked and mutilated. Tinyes’ nude body was found in the basement of a house in Long Island.

A man, Robert Golub, then 21, was convicted and sentenced for the murder of Kelly Tinyes. There were suspicions that he may have had accomplices who participated in the brutal murder of Tinyes.

Twenty years later, on Monday, March 2, on the eve of the anniversary of the death of Kelly Tinyes, the Nassau County D.A. Kathleen Rice revealed that she had more information on the murder case of Kelly Tinyes.

Robert Golub did not testify during his trial. After his sentence, Golub broke his silence to deny any involvement in killing Kelly Tinyes.

The Tinyes family and Golub family knew one another in the neighbourhood as they lived across the street from one another. The children of both families mixed and mingled. Kelly Tinyes’ brother, Richard Tinyes Jr, then 8, said someone on the phone named John asked to speak to Kelly. John could have been Robert Golub’s younger brother, John J Golub. John Golub was not charged.

Robert Golub is expected to be freed in 2015.

People are waiting in anticipation for the evidence the DA will reveal.

Photo of Kelly Tinyes -link.

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  8 Responses to “Kelly Tinyes & Robert Golub: Tinyes & Golub case renewed (photo)”

  1. It is my belief that Ms. Rice came actoss this info somehow and wanted to make a name for herself and reopened the case. Nothing else has come about from the reopening of the case because there was another person in the basement and it was another inderage girl. The story about Kelly’s brother saying that a guy named John called the house and ultimately led the police to the murderer’s house was not true. It was an interview with the girl that led police to the house. In return, i assume she received preferential attention in return for the truth.

  2. There was another girl in the house who witnessed and ultimately led the police to the body. She was about the same age as Kelly. This knowledge is common among Hewlett High School students who knew the young teenager’s sister. Her identity has never been revealed nor has she ever been officially named or even mentioned in relation to this case to protect her. She went through extensive counciling to get over what she saw and went through. I don’t have any info as to what she saw but it was a demonic sacrifice. I remember hearing about this and it changed everything i think about the courts. All the info is never revealed if it doesnt fit into the prosecutions case.

  3. The DNA process is a good deal more intricate than it was 20 years ago; they never tested the brother although I think that if they had, they would have HAD to consider him a suspect if only because he shared that same marker that delineated them as 1 out of a 1000 who would share this anomaly.

    I’m not sure who did it, but the Golubs KNOW.

  4. Kelly is still waiting, after nearly 22 years, for some justice.

    Why were the others in that house never charged? Why was Robert’s brother, John Jay Golub, gotten out of town two days after the murder, rarely, if ever to return to Horton Road? This after sitting in his upstairs window, smiling and waving at the media gathered below – strange behavior for someone who had learned that afternoon that a neighbor, someone he’d known since childhood, who was close to his own age had just been found in his basement, murdered and brutally mutilated. Odd way to act, wouldn’t you say?

    There are people who know very well what happened in the Golub house that afternoon. And there are also those who know how and why decisions about how to prosecute that case were made. I’ll be kind – maybe the ‘powers that be’ thought that those were the proper decisions at the time, but our law enforcement system and our court system are NOT supposed to be in the business of hiding the truth – even when that truth might adversely affect the DA’s conviction rate!

    If you have information about Kelly’s death that you wish to keep hidden, how do you sleep at night?? God forbid any of you ever have to go through what the Tinyes family has had to bear.


  5. yeah asshole your going to kill him….if you look deeper into the case with no morality and remorse for the girl and you look at with an open mind you will see that he couldnt have done it he had time to but it doesnt factually make sense….his brother john however may have gotten away with the capital crime of killing kelly…. i dont beliveve robert is 100% innocent but i think he covered for his brother.. his brother MADE that call that lured her over… he also is the one with the bulliness and although they say they werent away from john for that long i smoke pot and sometimes in the heat of a mometnt under questionoing you may forget how much time actually passed john is you man not robert idc what anyone tells me i have a gift for being able to profile people robert may have known about it but he didnt do it just because he was bigger built than his brother doesnt mean in the heat of the momnet johns adrenaline could have skyrocketed causing him to beat her like that

  6. first of all all i wanna say is that this Guy Robert Golub should not be getting out of prison and should stay in there until he dies or until some other prisoner kills him in there. Kelly Tinyes was a very young and very sweet good girl and she should of not been put through this. this was a very very sad story and Robert and his younger brother should both be killed. Anyways he should not get the right to be out free on 2015. all i can say is that if he does get out he better be watching his back bc its like the saying says you can run but you cant hide and THATS ONE THING THAT HE GONNA START WORRYING ABOUT CAUSE HE IS ALL MINE I WILL FIND HIM AND KILL HIM MY SELF. ROBERT GOLUB YOUR TIME IS UP AND YOU HAVE LESS THAN A COUPLE OF YEARS TO LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE YOU SICK BASTARED.

  7. Kelly will get the justice she deserves, its been 20 years people, come forward and tell what you know, there are plenty of websites blogs an forums dedicated to her, please get involved!

  8. The prosecutors and investigator in this case seriously missed a lot. The AGE of John Golub and his friends who were in the house seem to have clouded peoples minds on who could have committed such a crime. DNA does not tell the whole story. Covering for a brother might have created a monster.

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