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Nov 122008

Keith Lewis Hill, 26, was suspected to have murdered his wife, Janice Leigh Hill, 24, and his mother-in-law, Jeanne Carroll, 52, by shooting them. Hill then committed suicide. Jeanne Carroll’s mother, aged 85, found her daughter, granddaughter Janice Leigh Hill, and Keith Lewis Hill dead at around 1 pm, Tue., Nov. 11. The house was in Michael Lane, near Eastfield College.

Janice Leigh Hill was estranged from her husband. Ms. Hill alleged her husband assaulted her. She took out a protective order around Oct 28 and went to live with her mother and grandmother. Keith Lewis Hill was barred from approaching his wife, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. A relative had stood guard outside the house one night because there was some worry about security. It seemed they were very worried that something was going to happen before the murders took place.

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  3 Responses to “Keith Lewis Hill: Hill killed Janice Leigh Hill & Jeanne Carroll”

  1. I really miss them all and hope we can all heal even though there are horrible feelings they cant replace our loved ones. May God Bless all of us involved or touched by this tragic event. Sincerely,
    Sherrie Bonilla

  2. Hi this is Jan’s sister in law. I really don’t know if you will get this but please know that we appreciate you and want you to continue school and become an educated young lady like Jan would of like to have seen you become I can’t offer much but if you ever need to talk or need something that I might be able to help you with please let me know. I really miss Jan and Mom. I know that the kids Jan worked with were her passion and that is all she ever talked about.



  3. I knew janice leigh hill and im one of her kids that she worked with in fact im the first case that was given to her when she worked with cps i know her a lot and i have a lot to say about her if you want more information you can email me and ill talk to you one on one.

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