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Feb 282009

Remember Keisha Castle-Hughes of Whale Rider in 2002? Caste-Hughes was 11 back then. Castle Hughes is now 18.

Keisha Castle-Hughes got pregnant at 16 and gave birth to Felicity-Amore Hull. Now,Castle-Hughes is almost 19, has a toddler daughter, and a fiance. Castle-Hughes’ fiance is Hull, a plasterer.

Keisha Castle-Hughes is shopping around for a break that will help her move from New Zealand, her homeland, to L.A.

Keisha Castle-Hughes latest gossip link.

Keisha Castle-Hughes and Felicity-Amore Hull when she was a baby -photo link.

Keisha  Castle-Hughes photo link.

Read about Keisha Castle-Hughes here.

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  One Response to “Keisha Castle-Hughes engaged to Felicity-Amore Hull’s father Hull”

  1. Hi, I’m LeAnn Neely Aka Anna Hi, Keisha castle Hughes How are you doing?

    I like your Baby girl Felicity-Amore and I hope she’s doing great and I love your curly wavy hair and I know we don’t know each other and I like you keisha c. Hughes and it’s okay if your mad of what I’ve written since september ’02 and I hope you will read the forgivness message I wrote to you and I hope we will be friends one day.

    I’m sick Keisha and it can’t be forgiven and I hope you read this in the future and I hope you forgive me. pray for me to get well I will love that.

    I have an disorder/disease that can’t be cured I can’t tell you what I have. forgive me.


    LeAnn aka Anna

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