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Oct 312009

Who killed Kathy Gloddy? Kathy Gloddy, 13, was kidnapped, assaulted, raped and murdered in 1971 in New Hampshire. Gloddy suffered head injuries, strangulation and was run over by a car about 4 times.

Kathy Gloddy was found dumped in the woods. Gloddy was stripped nude save for her socks.

In 1971, Karen Gloddy, then 13, said she was attacked by Ed Dukette. Dukette tried to sexually molest her but she was able to run away. Karen said she kept mum on the sex attack because of the conservative society back then in 1971. In 1983, Kathy Gloddy’s investigation was reopened and Karen Gloddy was asked about Dukette, since he was the tenant in the apartment above the Gloddy home.

Ed Dukette went into a police station in Florida in March, 2006. Dukette confessed he killed someone but his memory was failing and his story did not quite add up the facts in the Gloddy case. Dukette later retracted his story and said he was confused because he received medication for his spinal tap.

Police discovered Earl Dukette, Ed Dukette’s father, was convicted of statutory rape and Kathy’s father, Earl Gloddy, was on the jury. Mr Gloddy evicted the Dukettes from his apartment which he had earlier rented out to them. This happened in 1971, the same year Kathy was killed.

Ed Dukette died on August 13, 2009. Dukette was 66.

Police said they are still keeping their eyes open on 15 more suspects. Police think Dukette may not have acted alone in the brutalities against Kathy Gloddy.

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