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Mar 282010

Sep 28 2010: Kat Stacks has hepatitis and Media has got hold of her medical reports.

Aug 24 2010 – Kat Stacks, the groupie, recorded a video on a singer who was allegedly Soulja Boy. The man has tattoos similar to what Soulja Boy has but his face wasn’t seen on camera so Kat Stacks and the filmed are protected from claims.

Kat Stacks showed her hotel room table with white lines that could be anything like coke, Bolivian marching powder, White Girl, Ilello, booger sugar, snow etc.

Stacks gave a monologue that claimed Soulja liked a certain stuff but that’s about it. The hotel room was set up. You either believe Kat Stacks, or you don’t.

Kat Stacks video on Soulja Boy or some man – video link.

April 30 2010: Kat Stacks has at least one sextape online. Kat Stacks, the tough talking groupie, has her sex tape. Kat Stacks made a sex tape allegedly with Chopper, a rapper in New Orleans.

Kat Stacks had an enemy who searched for her address and published her street address online.

March 28 2010
Kat Stacks: Young Money Kat Stacks groupie (video)

Kat Stacks is a woman who claims to have met and had intimate relations with musicians. Kat Stacks is a model and that may be why she chose to expose herself and get some publicity. Stacks is a groupie who kisses and tells. However, she said she won’t tell about those who watch her back.

Stacks maintains an account where she talks about her close encounters with rappers like Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Lil Chuckee, Jae Millz etc. Stacks claimed she met and had sexy times with the Young Money group of rappers.

Stacks said most of the rappers aren’t very rich and share accommodations together. Stacks has met Lil Wayne, who paid her $1200 for a night.

Stacks said she was telling her groupie stories because she was treated badly by some of the rappers.

There is no one to confirm Kat Stacks’ stories and claims. She did say she welcomed her fan mail and to keep sending them.

Kat Stacks youtube.com. Warning – strong, explicit language.

Kat Stacks photo.

Kat Stacks

Kat Stacks picture.

Chopper photo.


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  1. Kat Stacks is suck a hoe! I HATE HER!

  2. Government curre

  3. yung kat stacks if funny lyke a mug she act lyke she nt puttin herself out der bt she is yung cnt wait tew ghet her book in december

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