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Mar 122009

September 10 2010: Kari Byron was given her own new TV show, “Head Rush”, on the Science Channel. Byron hosts the 1 hour Head Rush, which does not contain commercials.

Head Rush aims to encourage girls to be interested in Science. Byron will conduct experiments, explore and make discoveries, and interview special guests.

Byron has a busy year ahead as she has to attend to her new baby, film Mythbusters, and shoot Head Rush.

Updated October 7 2009 – Kari Byron has gone on maternity leave. Byron took a break from Mythbusters. Byron has been relieved by Jessi Combs. Combs is a temporary stand-in. Byron is expected back when she is ready to rejoin Mythbusters.

Kari Byron is married to Paul Urich. Their daughter, Stella Ruby Urich, was born on June 28, 2009.

Posted Mar 21 2009.

Kari Byron, of Mythbusters, is pregnant. She did not say when her baby was conceived. Byron said she faced challenges while pregnant on Mythbusters. Byron related how her baby bump got in the way and she could not see where she was stepping.

Byron hungers for food like the way many expectant mothers do. Her sense of smell makes her feel repelled by bad smells. Disadvantages aside, Byron is elated to become a first time mother. Byron is married to Paul Urich.

Kari Byron – gossip/photo link.

Kari Byron FHM: Kari Byron FHM (video)

Kari Byron, the female star in Mythbusters, wants to bust some myths about boring geeks in the lab. Kari Byron appeared in a photo shoot by FHM magazine.

Kari Byron FHM photo shoot – video link.

Kari Byron exposes sex red bra photo. Byron’s short lab coat barely covers her groin!

Kari Byron and her husband Paul Urich photo.

Some people like to see baby bumps. Their imagination gets fired up by pictures of pregnant women. Sexy!

Kari Byron pregnant with baby bump photo.

Kari Byron in bikini top, out in a boat, photo.

Kari Byron in bikini top.

Paul Urich is an artist based in San Francisco. Urich has held exhibitions of his works. One of the exhibitions was “The Continuing Existence of Things I Do Not Understand”, by Paul Urich. The art exhibition was from April 13th 2007 -May 11th 2007.

Urich has worked with Nike to design a special edition pair of sneakers, called the SB Dunk Hi Paul Urich.

Kari Byron original drawing picture

Paul Urich.

Paul Urich original drawing picture

August 2014 – Kari Byron is leaving Mythbusters after working on the show for 10 years. The producers want to take the show to a new direction so the cast will be changed.

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  14 Responses to “Kari Byron & Paul Urich (photos)”

  1. This chick was ok on tv when still in her thirties but now that she has had a kid and over forty she should be put out to pasture. As we all know all women over forty and with kids are just not attractive, now it might be different if she actually was willing to do any work on the show but if you have ever watched the show its always tory and grant that actually do any of the work or “stunts” while she just sits there and maybe drives a car or writes things down and occasionally makes a model, which was fine when she was good looking but shes not anymore. Fire the old bag and get some new eye candy in there esp one willing to work!


  3. That Paul guy is probably the luckiest guy on Earth 😀

  4. i think she is beutiful:)

  5. some people need to understand what they read , yes maybe the pic is touched up but she’s still hot and on t.v. making lots of $$$ , people shouldn’t comment if they only have negative junk to say .

  6. I still think that she shoulda gotten together with Tory on mythbusters. he clearly likes her. They would be so cute together!

  7. She is a funny looking dweeb. She was airbrushed on FHM, and we are glad to get rid of her.

  8. i’d like to see her naked!

  9. You guys wanna know what happened? SHE SLEPED WITH THE GUY! She a celebrity. It happens. I don’t blame the guy either.

  10. Who cares when she got pregant as long as shes happy

  11. she could not have gotten pregnant in febuary if her baby was born in June, It takes 9 months and her baby was full term when it was born. I got pregnant in january 09′ and had my baby in september 09′ she announced her pregnancy in feb because you don’t really start to show until 5 months in.

  12. she got pregnant in febuary

  13. She was already several months with child when she revealed her condition.

  14. How could she have a baby in June, 2009 when she became pregnant in March, 2009?!

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