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Apr 192009

Updated Feb 18 2011 – Karen Cunagin Sypher has been convicted of extortion on Rick Pitino. The judge sentenced Sypher to 7 years in prison.

August 8 2010 – Karen Cunagin Sypher has been convicted guilty of extortion on the ex Knicks coach Rick Pitino.

Updated August 11 2009 – Rick Pitino told police he had sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher on August 1, 2003. Pitino and Cunagin Sypher had sex in Porcini restaurant in Louisville. Vinnie Tatum, an aide of Pitino, was at the restaurant, and he said he heard what went on.

About a fortnight later, Cunagin Sypher contacted Pitino to claim she was pregnant. Pitino said he gave Sypher $3000 to get an abortion.

Karen Sypher photo.

Updated May 12 2009 – Karen Cunagin Sypher did not enter a plea in court on April 24 2009. Her mother, Judy Cunagin, said people were unfair to Karen. Mrs Cunagin insisted Karen was not able to tell the truth about what happened. Karen Cunagin Sypher claimed she was scared and misunderstood. It certainly was so when a plan to get money from her estranged husband went awry.

Updated April 24 – Rick Pitino said his estranged wife Karen Sypher was trying to extort money from him based on her knowledge of an incident in 2003.

FBI agent Steven J. Wight has filed a complaint to accuse Sypher of lying to him. Karen Sypher had told the FBI that she was unaware of the identity of the person who was making threatening phone calls to Rick Pitino.

Karen Sypher had originally asked Pitino for a list of material goods but later changed her mind and asked for $10 million.

Karen Sypher had given interviews to some press and media about the nature of her accusations against Rick Pitino but the publications decided against publishing her claims. Sypher’s allegations could not be collaborated and she did not make any police reports. There was no evidence of Sypher’s claims.

Karen Sypher’s photo.

FBI and Karen Sypher.

Posted on April 19, 2009

Karen Sypher extorting Rick Pitino: Pitino Sypher extortion claim

Rick Pitino is the head basketball coach for men at the University of Louisville. Pitino claimed he was the victim of an attempted extortion. Pitino asked the FBI to investigate. Pitino claimed his reputation and his family’s reputation were threatened in a criminal scheme to extort money.

The local Louisville TV station, WDRB, reported that the cuprit involved in the attempted extortion against Pitino was Karen Sypher. She is the wife of the University’s equipment manager, Tim Sypher. The University of Louisville’s president, Dr James Ramsey, and their athletic director, Tom Jurich, are supporting Rick Pitino and his family.

Tim Sypher and Karen Sypher are in the process of divorcing. Mr Sypher said he was disappointed by the outrageous allegations his estranged wife Karen made against Coach Pitino and himself. Mr Sypher said he would be defending the allegations.

Tim Sypher had worked for Rick Pitino for 12 years. Sypher was Pitino’s personal assistant before Pitino gave him the job of equipment manager at Louisville. The allegations have not been made known officially.

Karen Sypher has four sons. After her marriage to Tom Sypher, they had a daughter.

Updated April 20, 2009.

Karen Sypher made personal allegations against her estranged husband that were unrelated to his work. Some reports said vaguely that the allegations were about sexual misconduct. Sypher was given a lie detector test. The results of Sypher’s polygraph were inconclusive.

Rick Pitino’s son, Richard Pitino, has a new job with Florida’s Billy Donovan. Richard Pitino will work as an assistant coach. Richard Pitino denied that he was moving away because of the criminal investigation into the extortion threats made against his father.

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