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Aug 052010

Junior Capsula, a drug lord originally born in Puerto Rica, has a sex tape. Jose Figueroa Agosto, filmed his own sex tape where he did it with several women.

Police in the Dominican Republic, who arrested Junior Capsula Agosto, had his sex tape after they apprehended him. The sextape was then leaked by several people. Actually 17 have been arrested over the leak of Agosto’s sex tape.

Junior Capsula tape link. (Slightly NSFW topic)

The images of Junior Capsula, aka Jose David Figueroa Agosto, showed that his face changed over time. The topmost photo is his latest, taken at the time of his recent arrest.

Junior Capsula aka Jose Figueroa Agosto

Junior Capsula aka Jose Figueroa Agosto.

Junior Capsula Jose Figueroa Agosto

A short story on Jose Agosto.
Jose David Figueroa Agosto was born on June 28, 1964. Agosto’s hometown is in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Agosto has been accused of being a drug lord.

Agosto was arrested, charged and tried for illegal possession of weapons and murder. Agosto was convicted and sentenced to 209 years in prison. In 1999, Agosto escaped from his prison in Puerto Rico and went to the Dominican Republic.

Agosto masqueraded as several different men under fake identities. Agosto allegedly started drug trafficking in the Dominican Republic. Agosto managed to elude police as he used several alias and identities.

In 2009, after 10 years on the lam, Agosto was finally fingered and one of his apartments was raided in a police search. Cops found $4 million and alerted them to the extent of Agosto’s operation in the Dominican Republic.

Agosto decided to return to Puerto Rico and hide out there from around August 2009, to July 2010. Officers from the DEA, FBI, US Marshals, and Puerto Rico police managed to catch Agosto, in Santurce, in San Juan.

Agosto was said to have undergone several plastic surgeries to change his appearance. The US law enforcement have charged Agosto for passport fraud and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

The Dominican Republic law enforcement officers have charged Agosto for kidnapping, money laundering, drug trafficking, and murder. Agosto may have committed some illegal activity in Columbia and Venezuela. Agosto is detained in a federal prison in Puerto Rico. He awaits trial.

Police in Puerto Rico searched Agosto’s possessions and found his sex tape.

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