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Apr 122009

Julianne Phillips SpringsteenWhat happened to Julianne Phillips after she divorced Bruce Springsteen? Phillips and Springsteen were divorced in 1988, after being married for around 3 years. Phillips and Springsteen had a confidential and private divorce settlement.

Phillips moved on in her life after her divorce. She took acting classes.

After she completed her course in acting, Phillips auditioned for roles and won a good TV role in “Sisters”. The pivotal role gave much credit to Phillips and she later obtained more acting work. Her last known TV work was in 1997, when she appeared in ABC’s 1997 TV movie Tidal Wave: No Escape.

Phillips has been under the radar since 1997. Phillips has not acted or appeared in the public.

What happened to Julianne Phillips after her last known TV show in 1997? Ms Phillips may be still living in Los Angeles. She could be living off her divorce settlement, her TV shows’ residuals and maybe, a pension.

Arthur Kelly claimed his estranged wife, Ann Kelly, had an affair with Bruce Springsteen. Mr Kelly filed for divorce from his wife, alleging she had cheated on their marriage with Springsteen. The singer and Ann Kelly refused to comment on the claims.

Julianne Phillips was born in 1960. She started her entertainment career by being a model and actress. Phillips was born in Illinois but raised in Oregon.

How did Phillips start her modeling career? She became a model with Elite Modeling Agency.
Later on, she did a crossover to acting and that was when she met Bruce Springsteen. Phillips appeared in the rocker’s music video named as “Glory Days”.

There were stories about Springsteen falling for Patti Scialfa, his then back up singer in his band. Springsteen was accused of being unfaithful in his marriage. Phillips and the singer were headed towards a divorce less than 3 years after their wedding.

After Springsteen and Phillips divorced, he openly dated Scialfa. In 1991, Springsteen married Scialfa. They have been together ever since and had three children together.

Updated Julianne Phillips now today

Julianne Phillips nowJulianne Phillips was born Julianne Smith. Her date of birth is in 1960. She’s 54 years old in 2014. She was once married to singer Bruce Springsteen. They had a whirlwind courtship from Oct 1984 to April 1985. Springsteen married Phillips on May 13 1985. It was an unlucky 13 for both of them. She didn’t tour with him and lost him to one of his entourage. Patti Scialfa. Phillips was not entirely blindsided by the breakdown of her marriage. She knew their constant quarrels would lead to discord. Phillips was 11 years younger than Springsteen. After his divorce on March 1 1989, Springsteen courted Scialfa in earnest. Scialfa married Springsteen in 1991. Phillips had always continued her acting career, even during her marriage. Her last role was in 1997. Julianne Phillips read TV scripts and waits to be cast in a role.

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