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Jul 272010

Feb 10 2011 – Julian Assange has allegedly fathered at least 4 children, and three of them live in Australia. The eldest child is Daniel Assange, now 20. The youngest child is 6 months old, at this day and time of writing. Donald Bostrom and Daniel Domscheit-Berg have revealed this about Assange.

Dec 15 2010 – Michael Moore the film maker, contributed $20,000 of his personal cash to help raise funds for Julian Assange’s bail of $315,000. The judge reduced the bail amount from 240,000 British Pounds, or USD378,288. If he is bailed, Assange has to surrender his passport, obey a curfew and wear an electronic monitoring tag. The Swedish court plans to appeal against his bail.

Dec 12 2010 – Some people have unearthed Julian Assange’s dating life online before he got really busy with Wikileaks. Julian Assange allegedly used the online dating website OkCupid.com, maintaining a profile under the pseudonym Harry Harrison at this link.

Dec 7 2010 – Julian Assange has been arrested after he walked into a London police station. British police had contacted Assange’s lawyer to ask him to come for an interview to answer some questions. Assange agreed, after threatening to release his “insurance” file of thousands of damaging documents that could hurt US interests.

It was like a trap. When Assange surrendered himself, he was arrested on a Swedish warrant, based on charges of sexual assault, rape and coercion. Assange will appear before a judge on Tuesday, Dec 7, 2010, to hear about his extradition to Sweden.

Julian Assange has been denied bail conditions. He remains in British custody, while fighting extradition ton Sweden or the USA. Famous British celebrities like Jemima Khan, Ken Loach and others have offered to post £180,000 bail money.

Dec 2 2010 – Julian Assange appealed against a detention order that was issued over charges of his alleged sex assaults on at least 2 women. The detention order was issued in Sweden. Assange’s appeal was rejected.

Meanwhile, Assange is safely out of Sweden’s grasp, hiding out in plain view, in Britain. British Interpol have not arrested Assange although they know he is a wanted man as they claim there was a mistake in the filing of the warrant.

Nov 30 2010 – Julian Assange had a son, born 20 years ago, when he was a teen at 19. Daniel Assange has written a post on how much he respected his father and his actions. Daniel was asked to join his father in 2006, when Julian first started his website, WikiLeaks. Daniel, then 16, declined. He soon became estranged from his father, in 2007.

What is Daniel Assange like? Daniel Assange described himself as:

” …an avowed atheist, bisexual, transhumanist, appreciator of Pokémon and a host of other self-identifications that lead elderly conservatives to slowly shake their heads and mutter incoherently about the mounting degradation of moral fortitude in modern society.”

Daniel Assange has followed in the footsteps of his father, in terms of his career, as he is currently working as a software developer for Noble Samurai.

Daniel Assange said he believed his father did not commit sexual assault as he said there was no evidence of non-consensual sex.

Daniel Assange

Daniel Assange

Daniel Assange

Daniel Assange

Nov 30 2010 – Interpol has issued a warrant of arrest for Julian Assange, on charges of sex assaults. Hillary Clinton allegedly wants Assange charged for Espionage Act crimes.

Aug 23 2010 – Sweden’s Anna Ardin is the alleged woman who accused Julian Assange of rape or assault. Anna Ardin is the secretary and press spokeswoman for Brotherhood Movement, a group in Sweden.

Ardin’s group had invited Assange to Stockholm, Sweden to give a talk earlier in August. Ardin was a travel co-ordinater for Assange, as she tried to get places for Assange to stay, as he had to remain secretive, while on the run from the authorities who wish to apprehend him.

Anna Ardin has gone into hiding since she was identified by the Swedish press as a possible plaintiff in the police report. Ardin was a former university research assistant.

What is the story behind Anna Ardin, “Jessica” and Julian Assange?

Ardin was described as a pretty blond with radical feminist opinions. Ardin was a seasoned traveler and activist in some causes.

Ardin worked at the University as a research assistant. She enjoyed a high post and power as the protégée of a militant feminist academic. Ardin was also a fervent fighter against male discrimination, specializing in sexual harassment.

Ardin allegedly told Assange he could stay at her apartment in Stockholm, as she would be away, until the day of the seminar, when Assange was scheduled to give a talk. Assange arrived in Stockholm on August 11, 2010.

Ardin returned home to Stockholm 24 hours ealier than she had told Assange. She met him at her apartment, and allowed him to continue staying there.

Ardin and Assange went out for dinner. Later that night, they shared intimacy. Ardin allegedly claimed his condom broke. The following day was Saturday.

Assange went to his seminar at the Swedish trade union headquarters. He met a woman in a pink sweater. She was a council employee from Enkoping. She is nicknamed Jessica.

Assange and Jessica shared lunch with a group of his friends. Later, he returned to Ardin’s flat.

Assange and Jessica arranged to meet on Monday. They went to her apartment in Enkoping and slept together. Monday night, he used a condom for protection. On Tuesday morning, he allegedly refused to wear a rubber.

Jessica called up Ardin on the phone and disclosed to her she ahd sex with Assange. Ardin shared some details with her and confided in her that she had also had sex with Assange.

Ardin and Jessica mulled over for some time until they decided to file a police complaint against Assange on Friday, Aug 20, 2010. The female police officer thought that a sabotaged condom that broke and another incident of a refusal to wear a condom was suspicious. There were some doubts as to whether a sexual assault and a rape had taken place.

Anna Ardin used to share her writings on her website online but after her name was mentioned in the initial press reports, she went “underground”. She removed and restricted access to her writings.

It seemed the women were afraid of contacting HIV and wanted Assange to submit himself for a test.

Both women were friendly with Assange even after their sexual intimacies. Would a woman be on good terms with her rapist after the fact? That was when people shot holes in the story of rape and sex assault.

Some media suggested the women had regrets after they learned Assange had been double dating and two timing them in close proximity. Then they had fears Assange could be promiscuous. They associated promiscuity with unsafe sex and the HIV virus. They wanted Assange to get tested for Aids to set their fears free. So they hatched up the plan to report a rape.

Some media suggested the condom was sabotaged, which was why it leaked.

In Sweden, unprotected sex may be subjected to persecution under the law, as it can be classified as rape. In the case of the second woman, who claimed Assange refused to wear a condom, it may constitute as rape under Swedish law.

Assange has defended himself, saying he had consensual sex with the women.

Some reports have identified the second woman as Sofia Wilen.

Sofia Wilen with a man named Seth.

Sofia Wilen & Seth

What is the story with the second woman called Woman B or Jessica or whatever?

Woman B met Julian Assange at his seminar at the trade union headquarters. She knew about Assange from some TV news. She volunteered to help out at the seminar by contacting the Brotherhood Movement, but they didn’t accept her offer. Woman B went to attend the seminar and took many pictures of Assange.

During the seminar, Woman B met Ann Ardin. After the seminar concluded, Woman B got herself invited to Assange’s entourage who went out for lunch together.

At the restaurant, Assange placed his arm around her, according to a statement she gave to police. After the meal the entourage broke up, leaving Assange and Woman B alone. The couple went to watch a movie called “Deep Sea”. She said Assange started to share intimacy with her. They went to a park but didn’t stay there blong because Assange had to return to Ardin’s apartment in Stockholm, where a “crayfish” party was being held in his honor. The crayfish was a Swedish traditional party with plenty of drinks flowing.

On Monday, August 16, Assange arranged to see Woman B in Stockholm. He had no cash but refused to use his credit card for fear he would be tracked. So Woman B paid for his train ticket to Enkoping, where her apartment was.
On Monday, Woman B claimed she had protected sex with Assange. The following day was Tuesday, August 17, when he refused to wear a rubber. They went out for breakfast.

Later, Woman B bought a return train ticket for Assange to take a train back to Stockholm. She began to have misgivings on Assange and called up Ardin. She confided in Ardin. The latter realized she had been cheated. Ardin called up Assange and asked him to leave her apartment. He refused, saying he would leave on Friday, August 20.

Wednesday and Thursday passed. On Friday, Aug 20, Ardin accompanied Woman B to a police station to make a report. The police officer called the duty prosecuting attorney, Maria Kjellstrand. Kjellstrand wanted to level a rape charge on Assange.

On Sat, Aug 21, the allegations of rape were published by the newspapers. The chief prosecutor dismissed

On Sun, Aug 22, Ardin spoke up saying the consensual sex became abuse when her wish was not respected.

Ardin and Woman B consulted Claes Borgstrom, who worked to reopen the case. By September 2010, Sweden had forwarded to Interpol, a request for an arrest warrant on Assange.

Where is the evidence of a sabotaged condom? How was it sabotaged? If a woman was raped, wouldn’t she save the evidence?

Did any of the women submit for a medical examination to prove signs of abuse or sex assault or rape? Did anyone else, say independent witnesses, see signs of physical injury, psychological trauma or symptoms of sex abuse in the days immediately after the claimed attacks?

Ardin even hosted a crayfish party for Assange on Aug 14, 2010. She could have told her friends if such an incident had happened. Did any of those present at the party see anything at odds between Assange and Ardin?

Anna Ardin

Anna Ardin

Aug 22 2010 – The Swedish prosecutor has withdrawn the arrest warrant for Julian Assange, saying the accusation was unfounded. Less than 24 hours after the warrant was issued, the police rescinded their order of arrest, or rescinded a charge, for Assange, saying the accusation was unfounded. However, there remains a charge of molest or assault, which may require further action.

August 21 2010 – The Swedes have a warrant of arrest for Julian Assange. The Swedish authorities said Assange is accused of molestation and rape. There was also an unconfirmed charge pf possible assault on a woman. Swedish police are on a manhunt for Assange. He was in Sweden last week but his exact whereabouts have often been clouded in mystery.

Wikileaks’ twitter had a tweet saying they were warned to expect dirty tricks. The poster claimed those in Assange’s camp were not contacted by the police.

Jul 27 2010:
Julian Assange, the boss behind Wikileaks, had his own personal tragedy which turned his brown hair white. Julian Assange was born in 1971, in Australia. When Assange’s girlfriend gave birth to a child, he wanted to get custody of the kid.

Assange fought a long and futile battle in the courts for custody and lost. The sum total of Assange’s experiences may have embittered him to all forms of authority. That could have been the premises for his desire to expose information.

Julian Assange was once so concerned for his mental health that he checked himself into hospital for treatment.

Assange may not be motivated by greed as he reportedly traveled light with only a backpack containing some hard drives, cell phones and his personal essentials like clean socks. Assange depended on the generosity of his friends and like minded social activists to offer him shelter and protection.

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, July 2010.

Julian Assange

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  1. free-AssAnge!

  2. @martin perez- Oh fu*k off you women hater!
    So now you probably think all women are lezbonazis.
    Ya know, hell hath no fury like a scorned women!
    So what your really saying is you were a fu*k to your wife so she fu*ked you back?
    And as for Assange – only those women & Assange know the truth & does anyone really really trust any of them totally? Though, i’m attracted to assanges ideals of transparency & those beautiful eyes do melt my heart & … So, i can’t help but side more towards him & i’m not alone, but, who really knows(?) only time will tell.

  3. Not a hero, just a man? So, are heroes supposed to be semi-gods or what? I guess they should’ve let the titanic mission of exposing all powerful and gangster entities to Hercules, but a simple man turned out to be good enough. Well, this must’ve been a real surprise for today’s feminists who are becoming worse and worse, plain claiming superiority of women over men. And this was the big benefit from arresting this great Hero, Julian Assange, exposing not only typical; gangsters like the Western invasion in Muslim nations, but also other movements that have taken over the Western media, mostly the feminists.

    The feminists have gotten very abusive laws in benefit of women all over the world, just like this case shows for Sweden. Here in Texas where I live -a place supposed to be conservative and backward- we live under the same rules. Here, any woman can send man to jail at her total will, without being requested any evidence whatsoever and the police will twist reality in quite nasty ways because “assault” and “wound” can mean anything in legal terms. I know this firsthand because it happened to me and this also why I don’t give my real name. I did nothing to my ex-wife, yet the police was entitled to legally and fully lie, describing me as a dangerous criminal. This record will be permanent on me and blocks from accessing to good careers in health care and more.

    This same problem is happening to millions of men world wide, becoming doomed out this libel laws. No wonder some people correctly call feminist “feminazis”. They have succeeded in getting women on top of men in all fields. What’d happen when they finally take the top positions in the whole world? Voting for conservative parties will not help much because women have been smart enough to start taking over those groups as well, just look as Christine O’Donnell amongst the primitive tea partiers in the USA.

    We, men, need a Martin Luther King!

  4. Assange is not a hero he is only an man!

  5. …..Herr Assange brachte sich selbst zum fallen mit seinen Sex-Vergnügungen……..Schade….es zeigt das dass wissen von Physik und Mathematik nichts Wert ist ohne das Weise Handeln des HErrn!

    Translated from German:

    Mr Assange taught himself to fall Too bad his sex pleasures … … .. …. It shows that the knowledge of physics and mathematics is no value without action the way of the Lord!

  6. This girl is corrupt and probably a CIA bitch !!!

  7. she probably was paid to lie. she is lucky that Assnage doinked her, she is gross and a lair.

  8. Yesterday on Fox Networks: Shoot that son of a bitch.. Unbelievable

  9. I think that Dave Rohosky was in on the leaks, because I keep reading “Dubert, Dubert!!!”

  10. For anyone living through the 80s, a radical feminist backlash attack on Assange is enough of an explanation for his troubles. Interesting that having “issues with women” is grounds for character assassination, but as we know, these are tactics of radical feminists.

    You need not pull in Cuba and the CIA to account for this attack to find credible motivation for it, although the near fascistic coordination of disinformation against Assange in the USA by major media does seem to imply higher order coordination. The willingness to say and print half truths and lies is truly extraordinary. Disinformation is being used like drone aircraft. Assange has got someone’s number, maybe it’s the banksters, which would imply the banksters have got Obama’s number.

    Behind the alleged sex scandal which attempts to discredit the Wikileaks web site owner whose revelations are scaring the State Department, is a Cuban “collaborator” and CIA agent linked to Carlos Alberto Montaner, who became known in the past for his activism “anti-Castro”
    After leaving Cuba, Anna Ardin became known for his vitriolic literature web sites funded by USAID and managed by the CIA, such as Misceleanas of Cuba, Cuban-owned by Alexis Gainza Solenzal.
    From Gainza’s help and U.S. intelligence agent, Ardin morphed into “expert” media such as Dagens Nyheter Swedish and SVT. Then she got involved in the ruling Social-Democratic Party.
    In 2007, she founded the “gay” club Queer-klubb Feber of Gotland, a Swedish island situated 60 kilometers from the coast.
    Born in Havana, Alexis Gainza, Ardin’s mentor, is living in Sweden since 1991 (in Stockholm, since 1993) and found a lucrative market in the Scandinavian world of disinformation.
    He has the franchise for this territory of the Cuban Liberal Union of the old agent Carlos Alberto Montaner, a terrorist fugitive from Cuban justice.
    Gainza is also linked to the German International Society for Human Rights, “better known by its German acronym IGFM – Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte (IGFM). With known ties to German and American intelligence, the IGFM kept in their ranks former Nazis, as the jurist Martin Ludwig and former military Dieter von Glahn.
    The current spokesman and president of the IGFM, Martin Lessenthin, works closely with the Venezuelan party “Primero Justicia” was involved in the 2002 coup attempt and is currently owned by the terrorist Alejandro Pena Esclusa.
    “Primero Justicia” is the main partner in Venezuela, of the International Republican Institute, a right-wing organization subsidized by the National Endowment for Democracy.

  12. Gee! She’s not even attractive.

  13. I will rather preffer to have sex with a goat then with Anna Ardin. This woman is cheap.Decadents are those rich.

  14. No No No — Yes Yes Yes — go and buy a condom first ?
    At what point did No actually mean No ?
    Anna and Julian should have signed a pre sex agreement

  15. Anna is a member of the Christian Democrat Brotherhood Movement- her charge is not exactly christian is it!

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