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Aug 162009

Judy Tyler, 24, was an actress in “Jailhouse Rock”, released in 1957. Tyler was Elvis Presley’s leading lady in Jailhouse Rock. After filming wrapped up, Tyler and her husband, Gregory LaFayette, were in their car to drive from California to NYC. Tyler had an appointment to appear as a guest in a TV show in NYC.

Judy Tyler, aka Judith Mae Hess, was a new actress. Tyler broke out in “Bop Girl Goes Calypso”. Tyler’s father was a trumpeter and her mother was a dancer.

Tyler and LaFayette were driving near Billy the Kid, Wyoming, when they had an accident. LaFayette swerved to avoid a truck but he went into the path of another vehicle. LaFayette died on the day of the crash while Tyler died the following day after her husband.

Elvis Presley was saddened by Tyler’s passing. Presley refused to watch Jailhouse Rock because of Tyler’s death.

Elvis Presley (1935 – 1977) and Judy Tyler (1933 – 1957) star in the musical film ‘Jailhouse Rock’, 1957.

Jailhouse Rock

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  1. Greg Lafayette did NOT die the day of the crash; his wife Judy Tyler was killed instantly @ 5:50 PM on July 3rd, 1957. Greg Lafayette died late the next day in Ivinson Memorial Hospital of a broken back and other severe injuries suffered in the crash.

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