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May 012011

Judith Exner’s picture showed she had a resemblance to Jackie. Judith Campbell Exner was married to William Campbell, the actor. William died during the last week of April, 2011. Will Campbell passed away at the ripe old age of 87.

Judith Exner was married to William Campbell from 1952 to 1958. They divorced and Judith was a single woman for a long time. Judith Campbell married Dan Exner in 1975 and their marriage lasted until 1988. Judith and Dan Exner separated that year.

Judith Exner dated John F Kennedy in the 1950s. JFK and Judith Exner became linked together in a relationship that was talked about as an affair.

Judith Exner lived from Jan 11 1934 to Sep 24 1999. Campbell Exner claimed she was the girlfriend and mistress of several prominent men. Besides the then US President JFK, she said she was linked to Sam Giancana and John Roselli.

Judith was born Judith Immoor. Her father was a German architect and the Immoor family lived in New York for some time. Mr Immoor relocated his family to Los Angeles and Judith spent her childhood there.

Why did Judith Campbell divorce William Campbell? It was over an alleged involvement with Frank Sinatra. The singer introduced Judith to John Kennedy. Frank Sinatra also introduced Judith to Sam Flood/ Sam Giancana.

The alleged connections between Judith, Kennedy, Giancana were never clear.

Judith Exner lived in Newport Beach, California, after her separation from her golfer husband Dan Exner. Judith became a painter. She died in 1999, allegedly from breast cancer.

The story of Judith Campbell Exner was made into a movie called “Power and Beauty”, released in 2002. The actress Natasha Henstridge played the role of Judith.

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Judith Exner self-written book:

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