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Aug 032013

Joyce Giraud has been tipped to become the newest member of the reality TV show, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Joyce Giraud is no stranger to TV. She had been crowned Miss Puerto Rico, not once, but twice. Ms Giraud went on to marry into fame and money. Her husband is Michael Ohoven, a film producer.

Joyce Marie Giraud Mojica started modeling as a student, to earn money for her college education. One thing led to another, and her modeling took off big time. Giraud was encouraged to enter beauty contests, where her modeling background stood her in good stead. She was a real star, making it into the international modeling scene, as well as representing Puerto Rico in the Miss Universe contest, in 1994 and 1998.

Ms Giraud could have been chosen for many reasons. She is a former beauty queen winner and has maintained her beautiful looks. We all know how we love to look at beautiful housewives who seem to have it all.

Joyce Giraud and Michael Ohoven have two sons, named Leonardo Ohoven and Valentino Ohoven.

Giraud knows the walk of fame. She struts her stuff well. When the producers of TRHBH selected Giraud, they were glad to make use of her Puerto Rico roots. The show could be filming in Puerto Rico, as now, they have a valid excuse for traveling and filming in the exotic location. Giraud will be again doing her hometown and country proud. She will again be an tourism ambassador, to promote her country.

Will the jinx of the reality TV show strike at Giraud and Ohoven? It is rumored that married couples split after the intensity of the cameras cause cracks and strain to marriages.

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