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Oct 152009

Josie Romero was born a boy but he decided he was a girl and told his parents so. Romero started telling his parents he was really a girl when he was 4 years old. When Romero was 6 years old, he refused to get a haircut and wanted to keep his hair long. Romero’s parents are Venessia and Joseph, both 42.

When Romero’s parents adopted a girl, Jade, from China, Josie was very happy to have a fellow playmate.

Romero’s parents thought Josie was gay but their doctor told them Josie could be a transgender. They began to accept and see Josie as a female.

Josie is now 8 years old. Once her parents decided to help her change her sex, they have mapped out the pathway for Josie to slowly begin her transition. Romero will be given puberty blockers to prevent the body from starting the male puberty adolescence phase. When she reaches 12, she will be given female hormones containing oestrogen.

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  1. I think these parent support of there daughter is what real love is about. There courage and understanding should be an example to all parents. I wish them and Josie all the best

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