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May 042008

This story started on April 26 and moved beyond as investigators spoke to more people. Elizabeth Fritzl was rescued at the hospital on April 26 when the medical staff and police assured Elizabeth Fritzl that she would not ever have to return to her father’s, Josef Fritzl’s, house again.

Josef Fritzl’s lodger, Joseph Leitner, suspected somethings were wrong when he switched off his electricity and yet his power bill kept running up.

Joseph Leitner moved into Josef Fritzl’s house in 1990. Joseph Leitner is now 42 in 2008. Joseph Leitner’s dog barked at the door to the cellar. Joseph Leitner’s friend knew Elizabeth Fritzl at school. Elizabeth Fritzl had told the girl friend that she was raped by her father. Then Elizabeth Fritzl disappeared from school and everywhere else. Joseph Leitner said he was afraid of being evicted if he got involved so he kept mum about his suspicions. One day, when Josef Fritzl saw his tenant’s dog Sam barking at the cellar’s door, he evicted him. Josef Fritzl changed the locks and locked him out.

Elizabeth Fritzl had ran away to Vienna in 1983. Elizabeth Fritzl was 17 then. Elizabeth Fritzl was found by police and brought back home. Within 12 months, Elizabeth Fritzl had disappeared. Elizabeth Fritzl was known by her close friends as Sissi, her nickname.

Photo taken seven years ago at Joseph Fritzl’s favourite restaurant Bratwurstglöckerl in Linz, Austria. Around 2000 – 2001.

Elizabeth Fritzl was lured into the cellar. Elizabeth Fritzl was drugged, chained and kept captive in the basement by Josef Fritzl, her very own biological father.

Elizabeth Fritzl was raped and made pregnant 7 times by Josef Fritzl. Elizabeth Fritzl’s mother, Rosemarie Fritzl claimed that she did not know thatElizabeth Fritzl was raped by her husband Josef Fritzl. Rosemarie Fritzl also bore her husband, Josef Fritzl, 7 children.

Josef Fritzl’s house had several tenants. The tenants had seen Josef Fritzl ferrying a wheelbarrow of food into the cellar. Josef Fritzl was usually seen pushing the wheel barrow many times. Josef Fritzl usually fetched food at 10 or 11 pm at night. Where did all the food disappear to? Nobody dared to question Josef Fritzl. Josef Fritzl was free to do as he wished.

Josef Fritzl did not sleep in his own bed in the house. Josef Fritzl often spent his nights downstairs. Josef Fritzl told his wife, Rosemarie Fritzl, that he was busy designing or building his machines. Rosemarie Fritzl alleged that she never suspecetd anything was amiss.

Josef Fritzl told her that Elizabeth Fritzl had run away. He brought back into the main house a few of Elizabeth Fritzl’s babies that he fathered with his own daughter. He lied to everyone. He said that Elizabeth Fritzl had left them at his doorstep. It was unknown how he selected the babies to be brought up in the normal way upstairs.

A neighbor said that Josef Fritzl showed that he was afraid of the police.

Josef Fritzl ‘s 6 children grew up and left Josef Fritzl’s house. Police interviewed the Fritzl kids and discovered that Josef Fritzl was a tyrant who was very strict with all his kids. Only one son out of the 7 children remained with Josef Fritzl. That was because Alexander Fritzl was slow in the head. Josef Fritzl kept Alexander Fritzl as his errand boy. Alexander Fritzl was forced to work for his Dad Josef Fritzl like a slave. Alexander Fritzl was powerless to know better or do anything about his situation because he was mentally challenged.

Josef Fritzl is 78 now in 2008 and his wife Rosemarie Fritzl is 68 in 2008. Elizabeth Fritzl is 42 now in 2008.

In 24 years, Josef Fritzl fathered Kersten, 19, Stefan, 18, Lisa, 16, Monika, 15, Alexander, 12 (whose twin died soon after birth) and Felix, five. The baby who died at birth had his body incinerated in the garden.

Over the years, Josef Fritzl extended the cellar by excavating out more rooms. Josef Fritzl’s cellar rooms had no sunlight nor fresh air. All rooms had locked doors that were remote controlled.

It was funny that although people saw Josef Fritzl pushing his wheel barrows of dirt out of the cellar, nobody questioned him. It seemed Josef Fritzl was so unfriendly that people left him alone.

Austrian police reopened the inquiry into the murder of 17-year-old Anna Neumayr in 1966. Police want to test DNA for links to the crime.Elisabeth Fritzl has visited daughter Kerstin, 19, who is seriously ill in hospital. Kerstin Fritzl suffered from oxygen deprivation illness.

Elisabeth Fritzl as a young teen.

Elizabeth Fritzl and her children were cared for in a psychiatric hospital. They are in rehab to adapt to modern life.
Josef Fritzl was arrested and imprisoned. Josef Fritzl spent his time in his cell watching TV. Josef Fritzl watches himself, Josef Fritzl, on TV news and other programs.

Josef Fritzl was arrested last weekend around the 26-27 April 2008 and his news on TV started around then.

Josef Fritzl’s Austria cellar bathroom.

Josef Fritzl’s mug shot after his arrest.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s 3 children who were imprisoned in the cellar were afraid of the blue color, rustling leaves and the ringing tones of the cell phones of the hospital staff. One boy, Felix, was awe struck when he saw the moon for the first time in his life.

The cellar rooms had a maximum height of 5 ft 6 in. One boy, Stefan, had problems learning coordination and balancing.

Kerstin Fritzl, 19, and her brothers Stefan, 18, and Felix, five, have been alone in the cellar for so long that they developed their own type of communication via growls, grunts and animal like sounds. Elizabeth Fritzl had treid to teach them and let them have a normal life in the cellar.

The Fritzl children love to play and mix with others in the hospital. The Fritzls love the hospital food.

Elizabeth Fritzl at 42. This is the artist’s impression of what Elizabeth Fritzl looks like at 42.

Josef Fritzl has been investigated since his arrest. Josef Fritzl & his family faced financial ruin because of Josef Fritzl’s failed businesses. Josef Fritzl borrowed using bank loans. Officials said he owed more than $3 million. Josef Fritzl’s family needs health care and education care. The Josef Fritzl family needs are estimated to be around $1.4 million.

In Austria, a fund was set up for the Josef Fritzl children. Natasha Kampusch, a fellow Austrian, was also a victim of a kidnap and captive case for 8 years. She has donated money. Natasha Kampusch donated 25,000 euros. Dr Udo Jesionek, a spokesman for the victim support agency White Ring, predicted that Elizabeth Fritzl and her children would need therapy for about 8 years. Elisabeth Fritzl, Stefan Fritzl and Felix Fritzl are treated at the Amstetten-Mauer clinic.

Josef Fritzl on holiday in Thailand.

Elizabeth Fritzel told the story of how she was sexually abused by her father since she was 11 years old. That was why she ran away once. When she wanted to run away again, Josef Fritzl planned ahead of her and imprisoned her in the cellar.

Elizabeth Fritzl used all her might to scream, bang on the door, walls and made as much noise as she could but no one came to rescue her. After some time, she resigned herself to her fate. Indeed some tenants of the hosue recalled hearing strange sounds from the cellar but no one could investigate.

Josef Fritzl had banned every one from entering the cellar.

They dragged a heavy 600 lb stone and steel block to block the cellar’s door to turn it into a dungeon. For the first 9 years, she was kept in a box like room that was 15 ft by 15 ft. It had a toilet in a corner.

Elizabeth Fritzl was forced to dig through the cellar by hand. That was how Josef Fritzl managed to expand his cellar by the work of his prisoner. After two children were born, Josef Fritzl agreed to expand the cellar.

Some areas looked like they were under construction. Josef Fritzl was planning to extend the dungeon. This was contrary to some rumors that said Josef Fritzl was planning to release Elizabeth Fritzl before he was arrested.

The air inside the cellar was very bad. Investigators could not breathe. They had to drill holes for ventilation. Indeed the eldest child, Kerstin Fritzl, was suffering from oxygen deprivation and subsequent diseases like multiple organ failure. Kerstin Fritzl has remained in the intensive care ward of the hospital since the day she arrived there.

Elizabeth Fritzl had to carry Kerstin Fritzl upstairs into the car for Josef Fritzl to send her to hospital. Kerstin was so light that she weighed only 50 kg or 100 pounds. It was the first time in 24 years that Elizabeth Fritzl had seen sunlight. Elizabeth Fritzl said her eyes were blinded by sunlight. She had to adjust her eyes.

When Elizabeth Fritzl watched TV. She saw that the hospital appealed for Kerstin Fritzl’s mother to trun up at the hospital, she argued her case with her father Josef Fritzl. Elizabeth Fritzl managed to win against Josef Fritzl after so many years of quiet servitude. Elizabeth Fritzl was allowed to visit Kerstin Fritzl and speak to the staff.

Elizabeth Fritzl ‘s first interview with the police took 2 hours. The police wrote 8 pages of notes on A4 sized paper. Elizabeth Fritzl had difficulties expressing herself after 24 years in captivity. She had to think before her verbal expressions. Trauma and stress showed on Elizabeth Fritzl’s face.

Josef Fritzl’s lawyer said that his client, Josef Fritzl, would plead insanity. That could mean that Josef Fritzl would escape from severe punishment. The maximum term of imprisonment in Austria is 15 years. If the prisoner showed good behavior, that could mean only 10 years of jail.

When Rosemarie Fritzl went away on vacations, she left left Elizabeth Fritzl at home with her father, Josef Fritzl. Rosemarie Fritzl took her teen daughters Rosemarie Jnr and Ulrike for a vacation toItaly in the mid-1970s. Elizabeth Fritzl was about 10 years old then.

Rosemarie Jnr Fritzl and Ulrike Fritzl:

Elizabeth Fritzl’s sisters, Rosemarie Jnr Fritzl and Ulrike Fritzl, enjoyed shopping while on holiday in the Mediterranean. Elizabeth Fritzl had abuse from Josef Fritzl at the age of 11. It was a strak contrast in the Fritzl sisters’ lives.

Elisabeth’s 2nd oldest sister Ulrike Fritzl and mother Rosemarie Fritzl.

Paul Hoera, an old family friend of the Fritzls, told German newspaper Bild that Elizabeth Fritzl was shown strict discipline by Josef Fritzl. Elizabeth Fritz used to get a slap for every small mistake. He said that he felt sick thinking about how Elizabeth Frizl was imprisoned down below the garden when he and the others laughed and joked around unknowingly. Paul Hoera was told by Josef Fritzl that Elizabeth Fritzl had joined a sect or cult and left home.

Rosemarie Jnr Fritzl (standing) and Ulrike Fritzl (sitting):

Ulrike Fritzl sunbathed:

Elisabeth Fritzl had two other sisters Gabriele Frtzl and Doris Fritzl and two brothers Josef Jnr Fritzl and Harald Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl’s lawyer, Rudolf Maye, said that experts will examine Josef Fritzl and determine if he is mentally fit and psychologically sound to stand trial. Rudolf Maye would fight to say that Josef Fritzl was insane and can not be held responsible for the offences. Then, Josef Fritzl might get into a psychiatric institution instead of the prison.

Elizabeth Fritzl & Josef Fritzl during younger days.

This news, updated on May 5, said that Kerstin Fritzl’s condition has stabilized. Kerstin Fritzl was kept in an artificial coma to aid her breathing process.

The police found out more details about Josef Fritzl’s cellar. Josef Friztl installed 8 doors between the dungeon and the outside world. All doors had conventional locks. Three doors had electronic locks.

After Elizabeth Fritzl had Kerstin, Stefan, Lisa and Monika, her prison was expanded.

Police suspect that Josef ritzl might have abused sexually Kerstin Fritzl too. However, Kerstin Fritzl is too ill to be examined.

Elizabeth Fritzl, her mother Rosemarie Fritzl and her 5 children are mixing together.

Rosemarie Fritzl’s sister, named only as Christine R, said that they all believed Josef Fritzl when he said that Elizabeth Fritzl had run away.

Police believe that Rosemarie Fritzl was innocent and had not participated in her husband’s acts against daughter, Elizabeth Fritzl.

Cases against Josef Fritzl:

Christine R said Josef Fritzl was jailed in 1967 for one year and half year for a rape offence.

On Saturday Ma y3 2008, the Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten daily printed a news excerpt. It was a 1967 court record found in the state archives in Linz. It said a Josef F. was accused of breaking into the apartment of a 24-year-old nurse and raping her. Police would be digging up the old court records on this.

Kerstin Fritzl could be suffering from some form of auto-immune failure believed to result from her inbreeding. She had multiple organ failure.

A woman came forward to tell police that she was sure she was raped by Josef Fritzl in September 1967. She was 20 years old then. She was then too humiliated to report her rape.

Police are reviewing 64 old missing person cases. Martina Posch, 17 was killed in Mondsee, a scenic lakeside resort where Fritzl then owned a holiday lodge. Josef Fritzl had an alibi for the day in November 1986 when Martina Posch was found dead in the lake. Josef Fritzl’s close friend Andrea Schmitt said that her husband (Schmitt?) was staying there at the time – Josef Fritzl was there too.

The Fritzls’ neighbour, Alfred Dubanovsky, said he saw Rosemarie Fritzl helping her husband to stash wheelbarrows laden with food inside the cellar.

Christa Woldrich, Elizabeth Fritzl’s friend at school, saw how Elizabeth changed. She thought Josef Fritzl was responsible. Elizabeth Fritzl was withdrawn at school.

It was thought that Josef Fritzl was attracted to his daughter Elizabeth Fritzl because she was the prettiest daughter in the Fritzl family. The other children escaped by marriage and coming of age but Elizabeth Fritzl had to work at her father’s holiday chalet and restaurant.

When Josef Fritzl went on holiday, he bought skimpy attire and sex lingerie which were clearly sizes too small for his wife, Rosemarie Fritzl. He told someone that he had a young bit on the side.

Elizabeth Fritzl had aged and her father lost his attraction for her. Josef Fritzl could have planned for her dramatic return to the normal world so he allowed her to go to the hospital to visit Kerstin Fritzl for the first time.

This was Elizabeth Fritzl at the age of 15, 3 years befroe her father Josef Fritzl imprisoned her.

Police now suspect that Josef Fritzl may have used his eldest grandchild and child he fathered with daughter Elizabeth, to become his newest sex slave. Police would have to wait for the signal from Kerstin’s doctor to determine if she was strong enough for questioning. Currently, she is in a state of induced coma because her lung infection made it hard for her to breathe. The coma would assist her breathing.

Police suspected that since Elizabeh Fritzl had aged prematurely with white hair and in other physical ways, she was no longer attractive to her father Josef Fritzl so he made plans to release her. The police said that Josef Fritzl could have meant to hold on to Kerstin to use as his sex slave.

Josef Fritzl has been cautioned by his lawyer not to speak any farther. The lawyer insisted that his client Josef Fritzl had a mental disorder because he would not have done such extreme things like kidnap, incest, rape, imprisonment and serious crimes against his own flesh and blood.

The Fritzl children fund has hundreds of thousand of pounds from donations. The Austrian government has agreed to give £47,000 in back-dated child maintenance payments.

None of Elizabeth Fritzl’s children had education. The money would go towards medical, therapy, health and other needs. Austrian celebrities and politicians have set examples by donating to the fund.

The Clinic head, Berthold Kepplinger, said that all the Fritzl children have problems that need to be resolved by experts slowly. Last Monday, May 5, it was Alex’s birthday and he was given presents.

Two days later, it was Felix’s birthday and he had a cake with 6 candles.

Among the famous donors to the fund for Elizabeth Fritzl and her 6 children were:

teenage kidnap victim Natasha Kampusch,

far right politician Joerg Haider,

Austrian football team boss Josef Hickersberger.

When Elizabeth Fritzl needed sanitary items or when one child needed toiletries, Josef Fritzl did not buy them at his local shops because he was afraid of tongue wagging and gossip. Why is an old man like him buying sanitary items? People who knew Josef Fritzl would also know that his wife Rosemarie Fritzl was old and would no longer need sanitary items.

Josef Fritzl was meticulous and thought of everything. He would order Elizabeth to write letters so that he would mail them to himself at his house address. He mailed them to his wife to allay suspicions that Elizabeth had some troubles. Since Elizabeth was sending mail, nobody suspected that she was dead or kidnapped.

Christoph Flugel worked for six years at theVilla Ostende in Linz, 40 miles from Amstetten, where Josef Fritzl lived. It was a nightclub and brothel. Christoph Flugel remembered Josef Fritzl. Christoph Flugel said Josef Fritzl was a stingy man. Josef Fritzl paid and expected change in return, without leaving anything for tipping. The call girls did not like Josef Fritzl. Some who had experienced Josef Fritzl, refused to service him. The hookers were changed once every 10 weeks so Josef Fritzl would always return to look at the new hookers.

Josef Fritzl was neat in appearance and courteous in behavior. However, when he was alone with a call girl, his behavior changed. He was demanding. He either gave pain or wanted the hooker to play dead.

Christoph Flugel said that 95% of a hen house customers were normal, 3% were weird and 2% were mentally ill. Christoph Flugel classified Josef Fritzl as the remaining 2%. Prostitution is legal in Austria.

Villa Ostende brothel in the city of Linz, 40 miles from Amstetten.

A room inside the Villa Ostende brothel in the city of Linz, 40 miles from Amstetten.

Josef Fritzl may have used one of these rooms or even this room during his numerous occasions there.

Josef Fritzl has asked his lawyer to leak to the press about his side of the story. Josef Fritzl wants sympathy. Josef Fritzl said that he was not a monster. Josef Fritzl said that he could have killed them (meaning Elizabeth Fritzl and her children) but he did not.

Josef Fritzl is afraid to leave his prison cell because the other inmates have zero tolerance for sexual predators. Josef Fritzl is a marked man as the others seek vengeance upon him. Josef Fritzl has instructed his lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, to build up his reputation. Presently, Rudolf Mayer, the police and prison officials were the only ones with access to Josef Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl shares his jail cell with a violent robber who is awaiting trial.

Germany’s Bild newspaper quoted prison sources. Josef Fritzl felt that the reporting of his case has been unfair. Bild said that Josef Fritzl had no regrets about what he had done. Instead of feeling remorseful, Josef Fritzl felt that he had saved Kerstin’s life by calling for the emergency service and bringing her to hospital. Kerstin Fritzl was in hospital since April 19 2008.

Josef Fritzl tried to justify his actions. Josef Fritzl said that he could nhave killed all of them and nobody would have known. Instead, he is now suffering because he let Kerstin go to the hospital and then all his secrets became unravelled.

Paul Stocker, 65, an ex-builder, said he saw Josef Fritzl in the Caribik Club on Amstetten’s outskirts. Caribik Club is a swingers’ club where the couples exchanged partners and do other varieties of sex. Paul Stocker said that one day, he recognized Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie Fritzl, as they walked into the club.

Josef Fritzl was comfortable around there and spoke to another couple. Rosemarie Fritzl was uncomfortable and stood alone awkwardly. After Josef Fritzl was satisfied, he took Rosemarie home.

This is the hospital where Elizabeth Fritzl and her children are staying to rehabilitate. It is the Landesklinikum clinic in Mauer.

The doctors predict 3-4 weeks of indoor therapy before introducing Elizabeth Fritzl, Stefan Fritzl and Feliz Fritzl to the outdoors. The medical team said the ex-prisoners have responded well to treatment. Initially, Elizabeth Fritzl had to wear sunglasses because her eyes could not get used to the natural light of day.

Now, doctors have said that the Fritzls’ skin have slowly turned darker. When the Fritzls were in the dark cellar, they had innsufficient light to make Vitamin D in their skins. Elizabeth Fritzl had asked her Dad Josef Fritzl for Vitamin D tablets and a tube of UV light. That was insufficient.

Stefan Fritzl walks with a stoop after years of walking around under the low ceiling of the dungeon. Feliz Fritzl can walk upright but sometimes, he prefers to crawl on all fours.

Sometimes, Stefan Fritzl and Felix Fritzl communicate in animal like sounds like grunts, growls, and noises when they are alone.

The doctors has re-constructed a prisoner like cell for the Fritzls to retreat into when they feel they need to. After years of captivity, they had strong attachments to their prison. They actually crave for it.

Feliz Fritzl spends his time holding onto the small soft toy his father and grandfather, Josef Fritzl gave him. Stefan Fritzl has been given a small aquarium to care for and aid his rehab into normal life. Josef Fritzl had given him an aquarium when he was underground. letting Stefan Fritzl and Feliz Fritzl have something familiar from their old cellar days was said to help them in the transition process to recovery.

Lisa Fritzl, 16, Monika Fritzl, 14, Alex Fritzl, 12, were removed from Elizabeth Fritzl after birth and Josef Fritzl brought them upstairs. Josef Fritzl raised them and adopted them formally. The authorities did not suspect anything. Rosemarie Fritzl believed Josef Fritzl when he said that Elizabeth Fritzl had abandoned the babies at the doorstep. Alex Fritzl’s twin brother, Michael Fritzl, died soon after birth.

This narrow passage had a few steps that led down to the dungeon.

Franz Polzer, the chief investigator of the Fritzl dungeaon, said that the walls would be broken down because they suspected that there were more rooms in the dungeon.

Austrian law minister, Maria Berger, expressed regret that they did not investigate Elizabeth Fritzl’s disappearance thoroughly 24 years ago. Many people took Josef Fritzl’s word at face value. People believed in Josef Fritzl and did not question him.

Since Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie Fritzl adopted Elizabeth’s kids, the social workers made 21 documented visits to them between 1993 – 2007. The report said that Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie Fritzl were loving and warm towards their children.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s letters:

Elizabeth Fritzl wrote some letters about a month before she was kidnapped and imprisoned by her father Josef Fritzl. The letters showed several aspects of the then 18 year old Elizabeth Fritzl. She wrote about clubbing, a boyfriend, socializing and everything typical of a teenaged girl.

The letters were addressed to a male friend. He kept them for the past 24 years and revealed them to a newspaper after her re-appearance into the world.

Elizabeth Fritzl wrote that she was looking for a job in a town nearby. She planned to relocate away from her family home. She asked her receiver to visit her as soon as she had a new place.

Elizabeth Fritzl described her new haircut.

Elizabeth Fritzl revealed her plan to leave home and move in with a sister but that never happened.

Josef Fritzl’s confessions while in jail:

Josef Fritzl wrote some notes for his lawyer. He desired the world to know that he was not a monster. Initially, he built the special cell for Elizabeth Fritzl to hold her there because he loved her. Then, after some months, he could not control his desire to have sex with Elizabeth.

Josef Fritzl revealed that he had incestuous desires for his mother after his mother left his father. Josef Fritzl described his own father as being irresponsible. He said his mother threw his father out of the house when he was 4 years old. He became the only man in the house. He said his mother was the best. She was the boss in the house. In short, she was the head of the household.

Josef Fritzl was asked by his lawyer if he had incestuous thoughts about his mother. Josef Fritzl thought long and hard before answering. Yes, he did but he was strong then and controlled his sexual urges.

Josef Fritzl was asked if his wife Rosemarie Fritzl resembled his mother. Josef Fritzl nitially answered no. Then he took back his answer and said maybe Rosemarie did have some similarities with his mother. Josef Fritzl said that Rosemarie Fritzl was a wonderful woman but she was weaker and more shy than his mother.

Josef Fritzl chose Rosemarie because he thought she was the kind that would mother many children for him. He desired his children to have company and not be the lonely child he was when he was a child.

Josef Fritzl desired to have a large family. Rosemarie Fritzl was loved by her husband Josef Fritzl all the while. Josef Fritzl maintained that he loved Rosemarie then and now. Josef Fritzl never lost his love for his wife.

Josef Fritzl refuted the claim that he was very strict to the point of being a tyrant at home. He said he emphaszed good behavior and respect. Josef Fritzl said that he belonged to the old school of thinking that respect and decorum were very important. Indeed, observers who knew the Fritzls said that the children were very obedient and more polite than other children.

Josef Fritzl denied that he had sex with his daughter Elizabeth Fritzl before she reached the age of puberty. He said that he only started having sexual intercourse with Elizabeth Fritzl after she reached puberty. He said that he was not the type to violate a girl before her puberty. He said he was not the type of pedophile to have sex with little children.

The door was very heavy with steel and concrete. It was opened by a motor and remote controlled device.

Josef Fritzl described how he furnished the cellar. There was a fridge, lights, electricity, bed, cooking ring, sink, toilet and everything that resembled a mini home.

Josef Fritzl kept out his wife, children and tenants because he told them that he had his files, documents and other work material there. Everybody listened to Josef Fritzl. Even when they knew that he was doing something inside the cellar, nobody would bother him.

Josef Fritzl explained that the cellar under the house belonged to him and nobody could ask him or interfere with this cellar.

Josef Fritzl justifies his decision to imprison Elizabeth Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl said that Elizabeth Fritzl hung out in bars. Elizabeth Fritzl became disobedient and stopped obeying her father. Josef Fritzl found a job for her as a trainee waitress but there were some days when Elizabeth Fritzl refused to check in for work.

Josef Fritzl said that when Elizabeth Fritzl ran away from home, he had to find her and bring her back. He created the dungeon to keep Elizabeth Fritzl away from bad influences.

On August 28, 1984, Josef Fritzl imprisoned Elizabeth Fritzl in the custom built dungeon. She stayed down for 8,516 days. Josef Fritzl denied Elizabeth Fritzl’s allegation that she was handcuffed and chained like a dog in the early days of her incarceration. Josef Fritzl said that the restraints were un-necessary as Elizabeth had no means of escaping anyway.

Josef Fritzl acknowledged that he got caught himself in a vicious circle. As time passed, he realized how tough it was to release Elizbeth Fritz. Josef Fritzl knew that his entire world would be changed because as people came to know about his crime against Elizabeth, he would face repercussions.

Josef Fritzl feared reprisals so much hat he delayed bringing Elizabeth up from the cellar. There came a time when he realized that it was too late to retrace his steps and reintroduce Elizabeth back into her old surroundings.

Josef Fritzl’s house in Anstetten in Austria:

Josef Fritzl said that his first concern upon Elizabeth Fritzl’s imprisonment was not to have sex with her. It ws to protect her from bad influences. Josef Fritzl said that he first started having sexual relations with Elizabeth Fritzl in the Spring of the following year, 1985.

Josef Fritzl admitted that Elizabeth Fritzl did not share his desire to have sex together. She cried but only for the first time. Josef Fritzl said that he felt pressurized to commit the forbidden sexual intimacy. Josef Fritzl gave in to the pressure of illicit sex with his daughter.

Josef Fritzl visited the cellar every second or third day to replenish the basic necessities like food, clean clothes, blankets and essentials. Josef Fritzl admitted taking advantage of the helpless Elizabeth Fritzl and repeatedly penetrated her.

Elizabeth Fritzl first became pregnant in 1988. Josef Fritzl said that Elizabeth Fritzl was very worried about her future. Josef Fritzl solved the problem by bringing Elizabeth Fritzl medical books to educate herself. When the time came to give birth, Elizabeth Fritzl performed her own delivery. Josef Fritzl had arranged the clean towels, disinfectants and nappies in the room.

Josef Fritzl said that he was delighted to have a proper second family in the cellar, with a wife and children. Thses were the chilling words he used to justify his actions.

Josef Fritzl was asked what would happen in the event of his sudden death. How would Elizabeth and her children get out? Josef Fritzl answered this smoothly. Josef Fritzl said that he had prepared a timer each time he left the cellar. The door would open after a fixed time, should he be incapable of visiting the cellar again in the nearest possible time. After his death, he was prepared to have Elizabeth Fritzl and her children go free.

Lisa was born in 1992, but Fritzl decided to bring her upstairs after she fell ill. On May 18, 1993, Josef Fritzl asked Elizabeth Fritzl to write a letter about Lisa Fritzl to introduce her to Rosemarie and the rest of the family living upstairs normally.

Monika, born in 1994, and Alexander born in 1996, were weak babies and children. This was the reason why Josef Fritzl brought them upstairs. Josef Friztl made it seem that he and Elizabeth Fritzl made joint decisions on this.

Josef Fritzl confessed that he realized his mistakes but he lived his second life to the full in the cellar. Elizabeth Fritzl toiled away taking care of Kerstin, Stefan, and Felix. In the world upstairs, Rosemarie Fritzl would care for the other 3 children – Lisa Fritzl, Monika Fritzl and Alexander Fritzl.

After Alex was born in 2002, Josef Fritzl gave a washing machine to Elizabeth Fritzl as a present. Before that, she used to toil to wash 4 persons’ clothes by hand.

The children upstairs addressed him as Daddy as Josef Fritzl had adopted them officially. The children supposedly knew that he was their grandfather but called him Daddy anyway.

The Fritzl kids downstairs called him grandfather.

Josef Fritzl declared that he tried to the best of his ability to take care of his second family in the cellar. Josef Fritzl did everything possible to give them a normal life. Josef Fritzl celebrated their birthdays, festivals like Christmas and had family days where everybody ate around the table. Josef Fritzl said he acted like a normal husband and father. Josefd Fritzl spent time with his twilight family in the cellar.

Josef Fritzl authorized his lawyer to pass his notes to the Austrian magazine called News.

Update on May 9.

Josef Fritzl, 73, has been informed that he would face charges for the murder of Michael Fritzl, his own son, who was born 12 years ago. Michael Fritzl was sickly after birth and he died 3 days into his new life. Josef Fritzl knew about his suffreing infant son but failed to seek medical help for the baby. The muder through negligence charge would likely bring imprisonment and Josef Fritzl could be jailed for the rest of his life.

The spokesman for the prosecutor’s office, Gerhard Sedlacek, said that all the Fritzl children would be interviewed before decisions would be made.

On Monday, May 12 2008, Josef Fritzl would be assessed by a psychiatrist to determine if he is mentally sound. Josef Fritzl’s lawyer wished to use the debate that Josef Fritzl was mentally unfit to argue his case out of a long prison sentence.

Police will enlist the help of archaelogists with sonar equipment to probe the grounds of Josef Fritzl’s house. They intend to check for buried corpses and more underground rooms.

Bloodhounds will be used to check for buried bodies in the garden of Josef Fritzl’s house.

Police spokesman Franz Polzer said that they have discovered 2 sealed off rooms in the cellar. These rooms were packed with building materials and rubbish.

Josef Fritzl’s lawyer, Rudolph Mayer, arranged for all new facts to be delivered to the media.

Josef Fritzl said that he grew up under the Hitler influence. Austria was keen on Hitler at that time. Josef Fritzl said that respect and obedience were two virtues that were taught to him.

Kerstin Fritzl became sick and screamed uncontrollably. Felix Fritzl’s body was shaking too sometimes. Josef Fritzl said he then decided to return the rest of the family in the cellar to the upstairs world. Josef Fritzl planned to tell the story that Elizabeth Fritzl had decided to return from the cult she had joined when she ran away. Josef Fritzl said that he hoped that the children would not betray him and tell anybody the truths of what he had done.

Josef Fritzl had warned Elizabeth Fritzl, Felix Fritzl and Stefan Fritzl that if they tried to escape from the electronic door, they would die from electrocution.

Josef Fritzl blamed Rosemarie Fritzl for his addiction to lust. Josef Fritzl blamed Elizabeth for making him lock her away. Josef Fritzl blamed his mother for his lonely and twisted childhood. Josef Fritzl blamed Adolf Hitler for influencing the Austrians and himself.

Updated on May 10 2008.

Peter Stolz, a brothel owner, said that Josef Fritzl was his customer. Peter Stolz said that Josef Fritzl hired vice girls and played deadly games with them. Josef Fritzl wanted the hooker inside a sack. Josef Fritzl would seal the sack and wait for the call girl to suffocate. Josef Fritzl wanted them to beg to be released. Josef Fritzl enjoyed the feeling of power over the vice girl.

Peter Stolz said that Josef Fritzl was perverse. Josef Fritzl acted like he needed to exert torture to satisfy his sexual gratification. Josef Fritzlhad said that he was not a monster before but others whon knew him described as having perverse addictions.

Peter Stolz said Josef Fritzl visited the brothel up to 3 times each week to get sado masochistic sex. Josef Fritzl preferred his call girls to wear heavy, scarlett lipstick. Josef Fritzl liked to play the rapist and his hooker had to be the terrified victim. This was the odd power play role again. Josef Fritzl wanted to inflict beatings on the women and occassionally, he requested to be beaten in return too.

Peter Stolz said that Josef Fritzl was his best customer and also his worst customer with all his demands. Josef Fritzl paid the bare minimum amount.

Josef Fritzl complained in his prison cell that he felt isolated and claustrophobic. Josef Fritzl desired that his wife Rosemaries Fritzl visit him in jail. He declared that he still loved Roasemarie Fritzl. Josef Fritzl had asked for her repeatedly. Josef Fritzl believed that Rosemarie Fritzl would visit him.

The whole world watches if that is to happen on this special weekend, whose Sunday is Mother’s Day 2008.

Updated on May 12 2008 – There was no news on any of the Fritzls visiting Josef Fritzl in prison.

Updated May 12 2008:

Josef Fritzl’s lawyer argued that his client’s mind was mentally unsound and Josef Fritzl should not be held responsible for his actions.

Josef Fritzl confessed that his mind was affected.

Josef Fritzl’s voluntary confessions show that he was lucid but had his own opinions.

Dr Adelheid Kastner, head of the forensic psychiatry department of the Linz Psychiatric Clinic, leads a team of psychologists who will conduct tests on Josef Fritzl.

German psychiatrist Dr Christian Ludke, 48, said he believed Josef Fritzl was suffering from Frankenstein Syndrome. This is a disorder which is characterised by the desire to be master of life and death. Josef Fritzl could have suffered some form of abuse from his mother or others. The victim became the abuser later on in his life.

The police who were involved in the Josef Fritzl case were traumatized after seeing the shocking details. They had to receive psychological counseling.

Franz Polzer, the chief police detective in charge of the Josef Fritzl case, said that the interior of the cellar was like an old submarine.

Josef Fritzl’s dungeon was cold, dark, stifling and wet. The kitchen cum bathroom was horrible with mould everywhere. Mould was usually caused by damp in the air. There were no curtains or doors separating the rooms. If Josef Fritzl had sex with his daughter Elizabeth Fritzl, everyone in the dungeon could see what went on.

Updated May 13 2008.

Police’s forensic science team brought sniffer dogs to Josef Fritzl’s house in Amstetten, Austria.

Josef Fritzl excavated a staggering amount of soil – 197 tonnes. That would occupy 17 lorries/ trucks. How did he manage to dig so much and how did he remove the earth without raising suspicions or questions? The neighbots and family have said that he intimidated people into silence.

It sounds incredible and riculous. Josef FRitzl managed to carry cellar tiles, bricks, wooden wall panels, a washing machine, a kitchen sink, beds and pipework of all shapes and sizes into the cellar without rousing suspicions.

Police have brought in sniffer dogs to locate the entrances of sealed rooms. They believed there were more rooms in the underground cellar.

Elizabeth Fritzl and the rest of the Fritzl family were under “therapeutic isolation” without access to any newspapers, internet or TV since the case was revealed on April 26. Today, on May 13, she would face the truth and be told about the media and its coverage of her case.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s lawyer will consult her on taking legal action against the media for breach of privacy in reporting the Josef Fritzl-Elizabeth Fritzl case.

Josef Fritzl had bought his house site at 40 Ybstrasse in Amstetten. He razed the old house to the ground and constructed a new one at a location that was pushed farther in front; nearer to the road. That meant that Josef Fritzl had plenty of space behind his present house to extend his building plans.

Josef Fritzl used a portion of the old house’s cellar to house Elizabeth Fritzl when she was first imprisoned. Police did not know why a portion of the original cellar was sealed up. The walled portion of the remainder of the cellar has been detected. Police forensic experts plan to open that up to discover and investigate what was inside.

Police will investigate thoroughly the organisation of the electric work, plumbing, security doors and the gas lines. Did Josef Fritzl do all of the cell building alone? If he had help, than he had accomplices and they would be brought for questioning and face possible charges.

Police will scan the entire 1,000 metres of ground of the property to detect any other rooms or other objects that were buried in the garden. They will use a ground radar scanner machine to probe the grounds.

In Austria, the strict privacy laws that protected offenders meant that convictions were erased later. There was a law encouraging the rehabilitation of offenders. Social workers had no knowledge of his sex crimes when they examined his request to adopt Elizabeth Fritzl’s children in 1993.

In 1959, Josef Fritzl was already recorded as an exhibitionist by his local police when he was living in Linz at that time. Josef Fritzl was only 24 in 1959.

Andreas dated Elizabeth Fritzl when she was young and sent her love letters. He came forward to say that he feared that his love letters caused Josef Fritzl to imprison her. Andreas is an Austrian and refused to reveal his full name for fear of reprisals. Andreas described Josef Fritzl as a control freak.

Andreas told a newspaper that he wrote 2 love letters to Sissi. Sissi was his nickname for Elizabeth Fritzl. Andreas said that he told Sissi that he loved her in the letters. Andreas said he had made plans with Elizabeth Fritzl to elope and get married.

Andreas told how heartbroken he felt when he did not receive a reply from Sissi. Andreas suspected that Josef Fritzl discovered their plans and that was the cause of getting Elizabeth Fritzl kidnapped for life.

Andreas lived in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Andreas met Elizabeth Fritzl while they were studying for a catering course together. Andreas and Elizabeth had planned to sleep together on the night that her dad Josef Fritzl came to fetch her home.

Andreas told that Elizabeth Fritzl seemed worried about something. She had failed her theory part of the exam. She was also depressed. She was in love with Andreas but had told him that she could not sleep with him.

Looking back, Andreas now said that he would interpret her behavior as being traumatized. It was published that Elizabeth Fritzl had been abused in some ways since she was 11 years old.

When Elizabeh Fritzl first set eyes on her mother Rosemarie Fritzl, she said that she could not believe she was freed at last. Elizabeth Fritzl had not seen her mother for 24 years. She asked if Rosemarie Fritzl was really her mother. Elizabeh Fritzl said that she never wanted to set eyes on her father again.

Elizabeth Fritzl was re-united with her children who were taken away from her by Josef Fritzl, her father. She hugged each of them and told them that they were beautiful.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s sister, Gabriele Hel, said that she could not believe how normal Elizabeth was. Elizabeth Fritzl was chatty, healthy, doing well and normal. Gabriele Hel was also attending some therapy to handle the stress and traumatization at being re-united with Elizabeth Fritzl.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s lawyer, Christoph Herbst, said that Elizabeth was re-discovering the world. She wanted the fresh air and feel the rain. Christoph Herbst said that she had to take it slowly for the sake of her well being. Elizabeth Fritzl now has no concept of time and of the future. After years of being in the dark and timeless tunnel, she had to slowly re-adjust to normal living. She made her request to live a normal life. Presently, she was overwhelmed and had no ther desires.

Felix Fritzl, the youngest child, had to be taught how to run. In his 6 years in the cellar, there was no space for him to run. He was the laughter in the family as he provided the mirth and happiness to cheer up the rest of the Fritzl family.

Elizabeth Fritzl seemed like a cardboard character from a horror movie for thsoe who don’t know her personally. Christoph Herbst said that she was normal and when a person talked to her, they would never know what she had been through.

The people have said that they were impressed by Elizabeth Fritzl’s strength.

The prosecutors hoped to gather enough evidence to charge Josef Fritzl with the murder of a baby that was incinerated after he died from neglect of medical treatment.

Josef Fritzl’s sister-in-law, Christine, 56, spoke to the press. She said that Josef Fritzl had not shared sexual intimacy with Rosemarie Fritzl, 60, for years. Josef Fritzl often spent entire nights in the cellar. Josef Fritzl told everyone that he was making machine plans in the cellar and he did not wish to be disturbed.

Can anyone believe it when officials said they discovered that Josef Fritzl had faked a telephone call to Rosemarie Fritzl while masquerading as Elizabeth Fritzl? How did he control his voice to become a falsetto?

What was the judgment of Rosemarie Fritzl? Could Josef Fritzl pull wool over her ears? This happened in 1994, about 10 years after Josef Fritzl locked up Elizabeth Fritzl in the cellar. Josef Fritzl pretended to be Elizabeth Fritzl as he asked Rosemarie to promise to take in and care for Elizabeth’s child. Josef Fritzl later then placed the babe at their doorstep of their home.

Reinhard Nosofsky, regional police department official, said that Rosemarie Fritzl had made a report to seek help from the police to trace the call and location but that turned up nothing.

Rosemarie’s sister, Christine, said that Josef Fritzl, now 73, ruled over his family like a military dictator. They called him by his nickname, Sepp. Christine said that if Josef Fritzl were free, she would never have dared to give an interview to discuss about Josef Fritzl.

Christine said that she had always hated Josef Fritzl. Christine recalled that she was 16 when Josef Fritzl was imprisoned on rape charges. By then, Josef Fritzl already had 4 children by Rosemarie Fritzl. Christine said that she was disgusted.

Josef Fritzl was working in another town, Linz, at that time. He stayed with his parents, Franz and Rosa in Linz. It was at that time that he would go traveling around on his bike. One night, he climbed into a woman’s flat on the ground level. Christine gave the eerie prediction that Josef Fritzl was born a criminal and would die as one.

Rosemarie Fritzl married Josef Fritzl when she was 17 years old. She did not learn any professional skills and was totally dependent on Josef Fritzl for her survival. Christine even counted the years – 51 years in total, when Rosemarie Fritzl had to serve Josef Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl treated his children as though they were in the Army. The Fritzl kids soon escaped from the family home by marrying and moving away.

When Josef Fritzl had imprisoned Elizabeth Fritzl underground, he began a routine like clockwork that would allow him to spend time with his secret family. Christine knew that every night at 9 pm, he would descend to the cellar. Josef Fritzl told everyone that he was working on plans for machinery and did not want any disturbance. Josef Fritzl would refuse Rosemarie to bring him coffee or disturb him in any way.

Christine said she would meet Josef Fritzl at least once a year on a family reunion. They went after each other and exchanged banter like cat and dog. For instance, Josef Fritzl would say that overweight women were below his standard. Christine knew that he was making fun of her because of her weight. She would poke fun at his bald head by saying that it was better to be chubby than bald.

Josef Fritzl was imprisoned St. Poelten police station.

Christine revealed that Josef Fritzl was deeply affected by her taunts and he went to Vienna to get a hair transplant.

Christine said that Josef Fritzl painted himself to be a different man to the outside world. Josef Fritzl wanted others to think that he was easy to get along with and convivial. Actually, the truth was he was the exact opposite.

Josef Fritzl always humiliated Rosemarie by speaking out that Rosemarie was too chubby for him. Josef Fritzl would laugh at dirty sex jokes and often enough, Josef Fritzl was the one who laughed the loudest. It was embarrassing for the rest of the people who knnew the Fritzl as they were aware that Josef Fritzl and Rosemarie Fritzl were not sharing sexual intimacy for several years.

Rosemarie Fritzl.

Austria’s police were determined to investigate Josef Fritzl thoroughly to defend themselves against claims that they had bungled or fouled up in the csase of the missing teen Elizabeth Fritzl.

Some people raised doubts that Josef Fritzl could have done all that he was accused of doing alone. Police were unable to answer questions on how Josef fritzl managed to get a 300 kg door into the cellar independantly.

Josef Fritzl had the nerve to go for a three week holiday to Thailand in 1994. The cellar had a tiny pantry and even if it was stocked with food, it was hard to imagine that the food would last for 3 weeks for a family of Elizabeth Fritzl, Kerstin Fritzl, Stefan Fritzl and whoever else who was born and around in the cellar. How did the Fritzl get rid of rubbish from the 3 weeks alone?

Due to the staggering amount of questions, the police said that they had asked Rosemarie Fritzl if she knew about Elizabeth Fritzl being imprisoned and Rosemarie said no.

The police/ Colonel Polzer said that their investigation of Josef Fritzl began when they had a tip off from an informer.

Austrian psychiatrist Reinhard Haller said that Fritzl might have pronounced narcissism. That was shown by his need to exercise power over others. Josef Fritzl exercised his power to silence others. When others were silent, he could get away with doing whatever he desired. Mr. Haller said that Josef Fritzl must have been insane and felt that he was far superior to others.

Updated: May 14 2008. Franz and Rosa

Last week in Austria, the locals staged demonstrations to support the Fritzl family. There was a candlelight vigil on one night. The Fritzl family have retuned thanks by creating a poster / posters to express their gratitude for the public’s show of sympathy. These were displayed in the town square.

Elizabeth Fritzl wrote inside her pair of hands in the drawing that she wishes for Kerstin to recover. Elizabeth Fritzl’s other wishes were for the protection of the family and for people to understand and love the Fritzls.

Felix Fritzl wrote that he liked riding in the car, playing, swimming, socializing, running and friendship.

Alexander Fritzl wrote that he missed school, the fire brigade and the eldest sister Kerstin Fritzl.

Monika Fritzl, one of the Elizabeth Fritzl children who lived above ground, wrote that she missed her school friends and wished Kerstin a speedy recovery.

Lisa Fritzl, 16, who was brought up upstairs with her grandmother Rosemarie Fritzl and Dad Josef Friztl, wished for all good things for her family. Lisa Fritzl said that she missed the sister Kerstin, who she has never known.

Rosemarie Fritzl wished that she could live with her children peacefully.

Stefan Fritzl wrote that he loved fresh air, freedom and nature.

A prayer and wish for Kerstin Fritzl to recover. Kerstin Fritzl’s condition has stabilized but she remained in an artificial comatose state to enable her to breathe easily.

Here is the detailed transcript that was translated from German:

Lisa, Monika and Alexander were trying to bond with their mother. Josef Fritzl had told them that their mother, Elizabeth Fritzl, had abandoned them when they were babies. The children believed that their mother did not want them. They need therapy to help the healing and bonding process.

Rosemarie Fritzl called herself Oma. That was the German term for grandmother, the language the Fritzls used.

Berthold Kepplinger, the Head of the clinic, said that he observed that the Fritzls needed time. It could several months for them to acclimatize and return to normal life. Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy were two types of treatment to help Elizabeth Fritzl, Stephan Fritzl and Felix Fritzl to get used to the extra space above ground. There was another treatment for getting accustomed to the natural light.

Josef Fritzl’s best friend Paul Hoerer, 69, accompanied Josef Fritzl on his holiday to Thailand. Paul Hoerer said that Josef Fritzl was annoyed when he realized that Paul Hoerer had seen him buy the erotic lingerie. The sizes did not add up to Rosemarie Fritzl’s size. Paul Hoerer and Josef Fritzl both knew that the lingerie was not purchased for Rosemarie Fritzl. Paul Hoerer said that Josef Fritzl made him say that he would not reveal the secret to Rosemarie Fritzl.

Rainer Wieczorak, 62, went to Pattaya, Thailand, in 1998. Rainer Wieczorak was with Josef Fritzl and Paul Hoerer and his girlfriend, Andrea Schmitt. Rainer Wieczorak sad that he went to Thailand to enjoy the warm climate. While Rainer Wieczorak, Paul Hoerer and Andrea Schmitt spent time together as a group, Josef Fritzl wandered off on his own. Josef Fritzl slept in late, had a massage on the beach and had a late breakfast.

Paul Hoerer said that Josef Fritzl took holidays alone. Paul Hoerer said that Josef Fritzl told him that Rosemarie had to stay home to look after the children.

Mr Paul Hoerer was Josef Fritzl’s best friend for 30 years. Paul Hoerer said he saw Josef Fritzl buy toys, gifts for children and a dress. Thoses things were unsuitable for Rosemarie Fritzl and Josef Fritzl’s grown children.

Josef Fritzl and his friends in Thailand. His pals’ faces have been blanked out by the news agency to ensure their privacy. Please click on thumbnail if you wish to enlarge.

Some people were appalled to think how could Josef Fritzl leave Elizabeth Fritzl and 3 other Fritzl children in the dungeon while he was away. It would take a ton of food to feed 4 living humans for 21 days. Imagine the smell from the decmposing rubbish that was enclosed with the small dingy cellar.

Paul Hoerer had visited the Fritzl family at least 3 times. Paul Hoerer could see nothing extra-ordinary in the house. paul Hoerer said that it sickened him presently to think that he was above Elizabeth Fritzl and her family in the dungeon while he walked about in the Fritzl house.

Updated on May 17 2008.

Alfred Dubanovsky, a lodger at the Fritzl house, told his story below.

Alfred Dubanovsky, a lodger in Josef Fritzl’s house, said that he lived there for 12 years but was unable to help Elizabeth Fritzl. Alfred Dubanovsky said that he saw Josef Fritzl load his wheel barrow with plenty of food and he took it down to the cellar. The amount of food was simply too much for the 5 people who were living in the Fritzl house. Alfred Dubanovsky said he saw Rosemarie Fritzl help Josef Fritzl take the food down into the cellar. Rosemarie Fritzl had told police that she did not know what went on in the cellar.

Alfred Dubanovsky said that his friend who lived in the Friztl house had also commented on the huge amounts of food that was being delivered doown stairs. Alfred Dubanovsky said that he was waiting for police to interview him.

The Austrian police had 300 officers working on the case of Josef Fritzl. They would be interviewing the 100 tenants that have lived in the Fritzl flats.

Dubanovsky, 42, was a garage worker in Amstetten. Alfred Dubanovsky said he had moved out of the house in 2007. Previously, he occupied a flat only a few feet above the cellar.

Alfred Dubanovsky, the car garage / petrol pump attendent claimed he saw a plumber – go to the cellar. Josef Fritzl could have needed help installing a toilet in his cellar. He could have locked his captives away in one of its tiny bedrooms while the plumbing was carried out.

Mr Alfred Dubanovsky said his landlord, Josef Fritzl, refused to talk about the basement. Josef Fritzl had once made a premonition type of admission. Josef Fritzl said that one day, his house would go down in history. Josef Fritzl predicted that he would get caught one day.

Updated on May 18 2008.

Review of Elizabeth Fritzl’s proposed TV interview.

Elizabeth Fritzl has agreed to discuss her imprisonment on Austria’s TV. Elizabeth Fritzl was rumored to have selected the same interviewer who did the interview for Natascha Kampusch.

Natascha Kampusch suffered a similar fate of Elizabeth Fritzl as she was kidnapped at the age of 10/11 and imprisoned for the next 8 years by Wolfgang. Elizabeth Fritzl could earn millions of pounds/euros/USD as her interview was expected to be sold via syndication. More than 300 TV stations were interested in it.

Elizabeth Fritzl might be talking about her experiences being raped by her father Josef Fritzl, her childbirth deliveries alone and etc. She would be asked on the home made cremation of her baby who died through neglect immediately after childbirth.

Elizabeth Fritzl was said to be extremely hateful towards her Dad, Josef Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl would be subjected to DNA testing to determine if he was the killer of 3 murdered women in Austria.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s children will be protected from the TV media. None of the young Fritzl kids were asked to appear on TV.

So far, there had been no adult photographs of Elizabeth Fritzl that were released to the press. One such picture of the adult Elizabeth Fritzl would be worth thousands. The authorities have kept the press at bay. The officials said it was to protect Elizabeth Fritzl.

The worst case of injury happened to a security guard at Amstetten Mauer hospital. The guard fell from a balconey while trying to shoo away a cameraman. Seventeen photographers have been caught with illegal trespassing or were guilty on other fake and cheating masquerades. They wanted to take Elizabeth Fritzl’s pictures. They wanted photos of the Fritzl children.

Josef Fritzl is now under investigation for:

1986 murder of 17-year-old Martina Posch,

in 1966 – one murder

and 2007 – one murder.

Updated on Wednesday, May 21, 2008.

The Secrets of the Austrian Cellar is broadcast on Channel 4 tomorrow, UK May 22, at 9pm.

Elizabeth Fritzl taught her kids language, grammar and maths while they were all imprisoned in the dungeon. Elizabeth Fritzl’s lawyer, Christoph Herbst, was recorded in a Channel 4 TV documentary. Christoph Herbst said that Elizabeth Fritzl has yet to decide if she wanted to seek compensation from her father, Josef Fritzl, for the years of abuse. Elizabeth Fritzl and the rest of the Fritzls were unsure if they needed to change their identities to protect themselves.

The Fritzls live a normal life at the hospital. They rise up, eat breakfast together, do their activities and try to live life normally. The Fritzl children raised by Elizabeth were well behaved. Felix Fritzl saw his first thunder storm for the first time in his life.

The dungeon children had less problems adapting than the normal children who lived above the cellar. They had to adjuct to the sudden intrusion of the media.

Updated on Thursday, May 29, 2008.

The Fritzl family would accept the authorities’ help. They would assume new identities. They would re-locate to a new residence that is away from their old town but not too far away.

The Fritzl children who have schooling while they were living above ground would continue to study at their schools when the new term starts.

Updated May 27 2008.

Kerstin Fritzl is awake from her coma. She opened her eyes. Her health is still very fragile.

Updated Thursday, May 29, 2008.

Elizabeth Fritzl has refused lucrative deals worth £10 million to relate her story. Her family is in the process of getting new identities and disappearing from the glare of the media.

Updated Tuesday June 3 2008.

The Sun reported that Josef Fritzl received 200 letters from women who offered their love. Some women wrote that they believed he was good hearted and mis-understood. Some letter writers wrote that they agreed with his efforts for keeping Elizabeth Fritzl locked up and away.

Josef Fritzl is now imprisoned in Sankt Poelten prison in Austria. Josef Fritzl also received a mountain of hate mail. Josef Fritzl’s next court appearance is on Friday June 6.

Updated On June 6 2008.

Josef Friztl would be examined by doctors for a heart problem and tested for a suspected blood disorder. He seemed to have lost weight in prison.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s doctors have said that she was still frail and might not be able to take the stand in a trial against her father. They anticpiated a wait of 2 years before she could face the issues of the past again.

In the meantime, the police were worried that Josef Fritzl might die before he stands trial. The police had said that the legalities, paper work and red tape could mean that they would have to wait 2 years before Josef Fritzl stands trial.

A former convict who had been released from prison said that the other prisoners taunt and tease Josef Fritzl. They called him Satan and said that they would kill him if he ever came out of his cell to socialize.

Kerstin’s health is improving. Her doctors are optimistic about her condition.

Photographers are still trying to sneak in to get shots of the Fritzls.

Updated on Sat. June 7 2008.

Police said that they will hold Josef Fritzl in custody for another 2 months while he awaits trial.

Updated on Monday June 9 2008.

Josef Fritzl might stand trial in court in July. Elizabeth Fritzl will also be questioned formerly and this session will be beamed via satellite or videolink and shown to her father. The authorities will first determine if both Josef and Elizabeth Fritzl are fit to go through these sessions. There will be a psychiatrist present to monitor Elizabeth Fritzl. In Josef Fritzl’s room, he will have his own psychiatrist to assess his mental capacity.

Updated Wednesday June 11 2008.

Kerstin Fritzl has woken up after 7 weeks in her coma. She has asked to attend a concert by Robbie Williams. After her first awakening since April 19, Kerstin smiled at her doctors and they were so relieved that they smiled back at her.

Kerstin has expressed her wish to go on a boat trip. She may have seen a boat on the TV in the cellar.

Kerstin started walking and she was deemed fit enough to be transferred to the same clinic as her mother and other siblings were staying.

Dr Albert Reiter, Kerstin Fritzl’s doctor, at a news conference in Zeillern, Austria.

The doctor said that Kerstin became sick after biting her tongue. Blood flowed into her lungs. Slowly an infection spread in her body. That was how she became seriously ill. It was a slow process and her recovery was encouraged by her mother, Elizabeth Fritzl, who visited her daily and talked to her to stimulate her. It seemed that Kerstin Fritzl has recovered.

Praise The Lord.

Updated Mon. June 16 2008.

Rosemarie Fritzl and a relative accompanied her back to the old Fritzl house. They went past the police guard and saw hordes of tourists posing outside the House of Horrors.

Rosemarie Fritzl came out with a few suitcases. They were filled with clothes, toys and favorite things of the Fritzl children. Felix Fritzl missed his toys. Elizabeth Fritzl wanted some of her old clothes.

Updated Sat. June 21 2008.

The Fritzl children are engrossed with football Euro 2008. Elizabeth Fritzl and her mother, Rosemarie Fritzl normally handle the basic chores like preparing food. The Fritzl kids are schooled by private tutors who come into the clinic where they are all staying. The youngest Fritzl is Felix and Rosemarie entertains him by playing board games with him. Stefan Fritzl enjoys playing computer games.

The clinic staff ensure that they only watch football and that the TV is switched off immediately afterwards. They wish to ensure that the Fritzls do not watch news about themselves as they might be affected by the media’s coverage of their ordeal.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s sister visits tem often and brings her children to come along too. The Fritzl cousins play together happily. Christoph Herbst, the family’s lawyer, said that the Fritzl family are slowly progressing towards living life on the outside.

Updated on Tues. June 24 2008.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s trial and testimony has been delayed by 3 weeks as her doctors had their opinions that she was not ready for that task. Elizabeth herself has expressed her anxiety and eagerness to get on with her testimony as she did not wish for her father, Josef Fritzl, to escape on a technicality. She was anxious that he should be punished for his misdeeds.

When Elizabeth gives her testimony and stands trial for answering questions, it would be done via video conferencing.

The Fritzl children who lived underground in the cellar would be questioned at a later date. The trial would bank heavily on the evidence of Rosemarie Fritzl and Elizabeth Fritzl.

Updated Sun July 6 2008.

Elizabeth Fritzl has learnt, for the first time, how the police and doctors have passed information to the media. She wants an immediate censorship of all information that related to her time spent in the dungeon of her father’s house. She has threatened to use legal action against the media. She said that she wants to live in freedom. Austria’s Draconian personal privacy laws bans the propagation of confidential information.

Josef Fritzl spends his tims in prison writing his memoirs. He intends to sell his story to the highest bidder. When his daughter Elizabeth Fritzl learnt of his goal, she was horrified. Elizabeth Fritzl had told that she would not sell her story.

Updated Tues. July 8 2008.

The authorities said that a medical doctor will question Josef Fritzl on the condition of the baby who died after childbirth. The doctor will try to determine or speculate the cause of death. After this interview is done, the authorities will prepare to start the trial.

Updated Friday July 11 2008.

Elisabeth Fritzl’s formal questioning session has started. She was in one room with the judge and her lawyer Eva Plaz, and state prosecutor Christiane Burkheiser and defence lawyer Mayer were in the other room.

The investigative judge is Christoph Bauer. The trial judge is Andrea Humer.

Josef Fritzl declined to attend the investigative questioning. Thus, under Austrian law, Elizabeth Fritzl may also be allowed not to attend the trial. Her lawyer will ask for her opinion on that matter.

Updated Sat. July 12 2008.

One fifteen year old girl from Elizabeth Fritzl’s children went to attend summer camp. She was given a fake identity so that she would not be recognized.

Updated Friday July 18.

Josef Fritzl has demanded to be given anti-ageing face cream during his confinement in remand.

The Bild, Germany’s biggest newspaper, RTL; the television channel and Switzerland’s leading newspaper Blick have reported that Elizabeth Fritzl has accused her father of murdering her 3 day old baby (Michael) who was born in 1997.

Updated July 22.

There were some speculations that Josef Fritzl may receive a 15 year sentence. The doctor will try to determine if Josef Fritzl could be held accountable for Michael’s death. If he were responsible, Josef Fritzl would get a heavier sentence.

Updated July 25.

Elizabeth Fritzl has asked her mother, Rosemarie Fritzl, to leave their secret home because Lisa, 16, Monika, 14, and Alexander,12, still call Rosemarie, mum.

Updated July 27.

There is a documentary on Elizabeth Fritzl being aired. The details are at –


Updated July 29 2008.
After Rosemarie Fritzl was booted from her daughter Elizabeth’s flat, she made a surprise announcement. Rosemarie Fritzl has decided to divorce her husband, Josef Fritzl. The Fritzls were married for the past 52 years. Rosemarie Fritzl has moved into a rented flat, costing $540 monthly, in Linz.

Updated July 29
Police read Josef Fritzl’s prison diaries and told Austrian newspapers that he confessed to raping Rosemarie’s sister.

Updated August 3.
The authorities will try to add slavery charges on Josef Fritzl in the attempt to add a longer prison sentence for him.

Updated August 10.
Elizabeth Fritzl has met a man who befriended her and they were seen taking walks and talking within the grounds of the hospital. Elisabeth’s new friend is about 5ft 10in tall and of medium build. He appears to be in his late 30s and has long, dark hair.

Updated August 14.

Elizabeth Fritzl was taken to her father’s house as the Austrian police wanted to show her the place where she was imprisoned for the past 25 years. The police also gathered evidence from the house.

It had emerged that Josef Fritzl lied about the automatic timer which would open the electronic door had he been away for more than a few days. The investigators found no such device and Elizabeth Fritzl and her children would have died slowly if they were indeed left alone in their dungeon. Josef Fritzl has revealed from prison that he wants to sell away his house after the trial. The Austrians have dubbed it The House Of Horrors.

Elizabeth Fritzl and her children created a special poster to thank the Austrian police for all their help rendered to the Fritzl family. The police have been a constant force of protection since Elizabeth Fritzl and her children were freed from their underground cellar. They live in an apartment within the grounds of the Austrian clinic/ hospital. Police screen their visitors.

Police chief Karl Gschoepf said that they had dramatic experiences handling such a high profile case where the victims were highly sensitive to the world and society since they had no contact with other human beings during their captivity.

Josef Fritzl may not get much punishment because charges of rape and manslaughter are difficult to prove as the amount of time that has lapsed is great. Presently, the amount of jail he could get was 15 years. 15 years is less than the 24 years he has imprisoned Elizabeth.

Austrian officials will do a new psychiatric test on Elizabeth Fritzl to see if she has suffered permanent damage as a result of her ordeal. If Elizabeth Fritzl gives evidence of injury, Josef Fritzl will receive a longer jail sentence.

Updated August 15 2008.
Elizabeth Fritzl has started teaching her children how to play outdoors. After spending their entire lives underground, the children are discovering the joys of running, swimming and roller blading.

Stefan Fritzl deeply appreciated nature as he had never seen tall trees. He was confined in a low ceiling cellar and had no idea how trees could grow to such great heights. He said he wanted to become a gardener.

The psychiatric hospital staff has seen Elizabeth and the Fritzl children rollerblading and playing in the grounds. They said they were overjoyed that Elizabeth was instrumental in teaching her children to adapt to the real world. Prankl, one the bodyguards assigned to the Fritzl family said that the Fritzls showed courage.

Updated August 18.
Elizabeth Fritzl has rejected the Austrian authorities to give her family new identities. She said that she would change her surname. Elizabeth said that people would be able to piece together profiles and guess who the Fritzls are even if they were given entirely new identities. After her father’s trial in December, Elizabeth will move out of the flat at the psychiatric clinic grounds and into a new home. Elizabeth wants to live in a new location about 1 hour away from her old home in Amstetten.

Updated August 23.
Joseph Fritzl’s trial will be closed to the public and held in secret.

It was revealed that Elizabeth Fritzl exhibited signs of stress and torture during her long imprisonment. She had torn out her hair and also tore at her clothes to protest at being locked up. She also blocked the dungeon’s only toilet in her efforts to try to be released by her captor. The Fritzl’s 6 children will not be asked to testify at the trial of Josef Fritzl. Rosemarie Fritzl will not be required to testify. The secret trial will be held in Sankt Poelten, Austria.

Books about Elizabeth Fritzl:

House of Horrors – The horrific true story of the father from hell, by Nigel Cawthorne, is on sale in Britain. It is published by John Blake.

Monster – A rapist father, a captive daughter, a dungeon, by Allan Hall is due for release in November.

Updated Oct 30.

Josef Fritzl admitted in court that he had locked up his mother until her death in 1980. Fritzl said he craved his mother’s love but he was unrequited. Consequently, he desired to punish his mother for all his sufferings.

Dr Kastner, 46, of the Wagner-Jauregg mental asylum in Linz was employed by the court to perform a psychiatric examination of Josef Fritzl. Dr Kastner concluded that Josef Fritzl is sane and competent to answer for his actions. Dr Kastner recommended that Josef Fritzl should not be free. She thinks he will be a danger to the public.

Updated March 16:

Josef Fritzl has gone to trial. Fritzl pleaded guilty to incest, rape and deprivation of liberty.Fritzl pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and enslavement.


Updated March 17:  Josef Fritzl changed his mind and decided to plead guilty to all the charges. Fritzl insisted Michael’s death was accidental. Fritzl said he was moved to pleade guilty after watching Elizabeth’s testimony on video tapes. Source.

Updated March 19:

Josef Friztl has been convicted for the murder of the baby, Michael Fritzl. This conviction carries a life sentence in prison. Fritzl has not been formally sentenced.

Updated: Josef Fritzl has been sentenced to life in prison. Fritzl will be imprisoned in a psychiatric prison and receive treatment.

Updated March 21:

Josef Fritzl is still being investigated for four women’s murders or disappearances. Read here.


A reader, David, has done all the homework to obtain the information on the donation fund account for Elizabeth Fritzl. The details are in the comments. I would like to express my thanks to David.

The following is an email from

He works at the bank. You can email him at the official bank’s email address or telephone the bank to confirm for yourself. This is the website of the bank – http://www.notar.at/en/portal/einrichtungen/notartreuhandbank/

This is their email – stadtamt@amstetten.at

Account Information:

Paypal-payment to office@notar-zillinger.at.

for donations:
Notartreuhandbank AG
Account spelled: “ZUVERSICHT”
account with (Konto bei): Notartreuhandbank AG, Landesgerichtsstraße 20, A-1010 Wien
account number: 485-01.242.403
bank code: 31.500
IBAN: AT453150048501242403

Kind regards

Mag. Hermann Gruber

Leiter Stabstelle

Stadtamt der Stadtgemeinde Amstetten

Rathausstraße 1, A-3300 Amstetten

Tel. 07472/601-470, Fax 07472/601-464





Please visit this link for the collection of videos on Josef Fritzl.

Joseph Fritzl

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  1. i hope elizabeth and her children can live in peace so they can rebuild as a family. god bless you all.
    as for the thing he should live the rest of his life in a a cellar.
    then rot in hell

  2. Was her mother blind. She was already married with children when he raped a 26 year old woman.. I understand if she forgave him but I would have never trusted him with any of my children let a lone have more by him. Even if she believed his cult story she never wanted to know what he was building in the cellar or why nobody was allowed to enter. Bull**** I do not believe it. How could she not know, all them years and she never went down to the cellar. He had to buy food, diapers, toys and anything else they needed and bring it to them she never wonder where the bags where going. She never wonder where the money was going, taking care of two families ain’t cheap. Women are natural investigator ain’t no way you can build something under my house and me not wanna know what you doing, you would have to show me. If you don’t I would want to know why. If he started when she was around 11 where was her mother then while her husband was sleeping with the daughter, she was a stay at home mom. Children love to get into things they are told not to do, I’m sure she heard the question “mom what’s down their?”. “Why is it locked?” Or something along them lines. I just find it hard to believe her story. I believe she didn’t want to know what was going on and ignored it or she legally blind. I’m not saying she was in on it but damn did he put her brain in the cellar along with his daughter. No reason why it took 24years for this to come to light a mother always knows. Why why why…..

  3. hayley…how insensitive can you be that you would think that you have the right to write her. Do you think that because she has gone through hell that somehow you have the right to engage in her life?

  4. he shouldn’t be called human. he is a monster and he diserves everything that comes to him. what kind of father would do that do his own daughter?? he should be tortured and sent to death.


  6. can anyone tell me how to contact her….??

  7. i wanna be able to write her is there anyway that thats possible..??
    plz let meh know!!!

  8. Searching for answers… I have just read the book “Secrets in the Cellar” by John Glatt, which details this story. The book is not a very well written book; however, the story is simply atonishing. Frankly speaking it is both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Heartbreaking for the obvious reasons. Heartwarming in what we learn of Elisabeth. The amazing strength to live for her children in circumstances which most of us could not even begin to conceive is beyond my ability to fully appreciate. I am not a deeply religious man, but this woman is personification of my understanding of a saint. The press, medical, family and friend reports since this story has broken have revealed a woman of amazing strength and grace. It seems that many of us in the world want to give of our thoughts, prayers and simply our energy to “will” this family to normalcy and happiness. It is fitting and good that many of us wish this. Perhaps it is all that we can do beyond physical manifestations such as donations to assist in recovery.
    For those who seek to blame society, neighbors, the Austrian Criminal Justice system, Nazi upbringing, and on and on and on…. Probably there are many points to be had. In the end, bad people do bad things. When they do, it is THEIR personal responsibility. I don’t ultimately subscribe to the theory that this monster is a victim himself from his upbrining and dark ideas on his mother. Few of us had a perfect childhood, fewer still become monsters. Simply speaking the man did a bad thing, he is personally responsible and should pay the highest price for this. I choose to celebrate Elisabeth and her strength and grace in addition to giving my own personal well wishes for her children to be able to move beyond this horrible tragedy and somehow find a meaningful and happy life. No one is guaranteed those simple things (meaningful and happy life), and this family may well not find it. However, if Elisabeth is the measure of the opportunity, I say that they WILL find this good life. And, she should be remembered as the hero of this story while her father should be remanded to the dark corner of a cell and forgotten forever.
    Best wishes to Elisabeth and her children.

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