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Oct 192009

Jose Lima, 37, a former major league pitcher, died suddenly at home in LA. Jose Lima’s cause of death was due to a massive heart attack.

Lima’s wife, Dorca Astacio, said her husband was uncomfortable during the night / early Sunday morning of May 23. Ms Astacio called paramedics but Lima died before they could help him. Jose Lima did not appear to have any health problems. Lima had been active after his retirement from major league baseball.

Jose Lima, RIP.

Oct 19 2009: Melissa Lima is the ex-wife of Jose Lima. Melissa and Jose Lima were separated or divorced in 2007.

Mr Lima pitches for Kia Tigers. Melissa is a blond and has a beautiful figure.

Jose Lima & Melissa Lima.

Jose Lima & Melissa Lima

Jose Lima & Melissa Lima

Jose Lima & Melissa Lima

Jose Lima and Melissa Lima.

Melissa Lima, Jose Lima and family

This looks like Melissa Lima and Hugh Hefner. Unconfirmed identities.


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  3 Responses to “Jose Lima wife Dorca Astacio & ex-wife Melissa Lima (photos)”

  1. Actually my boyfriend is Jose Lima jr. And I am quite sure that his mother Melissa was married to Jose Lima at a point in time and they got divorced in 2007.

  2. Actually Lima was only married once and it was to a girl from Florida…they didnt have any kids and the marriage was short lived…he NEVER married Melissa (no marriage license…nada) she just took his last name and had his first son (Jose Lima Jr.)At the time of his death he had 5 kids..if not more…dorca was not his wife, she was just one of MANY ladies he was with, she just happen to be with him the night he passed away…nothing more nothing less..

  3. dorca astacio wasnt limas wife he was divorce and he have a relationship with a dominican girl named rose mary kingsley ex wife of a nba player this girl is pregnant

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