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Feb 212009

Updated March 30 2010 – Jordan Brown will be charged as an adult for the murder of Kenzie Houk. Debbie Houk, the mother of the murdered woman, said she was pleased with the decision to charge Jordan Brown and put him on trial in an adult court.

Updated May 7 2009 – Jordan Brown has been charged with the murder of Kenzie Houk in an adult court. Brown pleaded not guilty. Brown’s lawyers are trying to move his case to a juvenile court. If convicted in the adult court, Jordan Brown will face life in prison.

Kenzie Houk, (photo below) 26, was allegedly killed by her fiance’s son, Jordan Anthony Brown, who is 11 years old. Houk is the mother of 2 daughters, who are 8 and 4 years old. Houk was 8 months pregnant and due to give birth in 2 weeks. Houk lived in Pennsylvania in her fiance Chris Brown’s home. Chris Brown was at work. This is not the same Chris Brown as the singer/ actor.

Houk’s fiancé’s son, Jordan Anthony Brown, who was 11, was said to be jealous of Houk and the unborn baby. Jordan Anthony Brown allegedly shot his soon to be stepmother in her bed, in Wampum, Pa.

Jordan Anthony Brown, 11, was charged with murder of Kenzie Houk and her baby. The Brown boy allegedly shot Houk at 8 am, using his own shotgun. Brown then accompanied Houk’s daughter, 8, to school.

Kenzie Houk’s death was discovered by her younger daughter, who is 4 years old. She ran out of the house, flagged down tree trimmers working in the area, and they called emergency services.

Relatives of Chris Brown’s family said Chris paid more attention to Houk and their new baby. They thought the boy, Jordan Anthony Brown, was upset because of his jealousy.

Jordan Anthony Brown will be charged as an adult.

Kenzie Houk’s death – photo/ news link.

Jordan Brown.

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  1. For information about Jordan please try;

    For those that care and want to show it please sign one of these petitions;
    Theses are forwarded to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office.

  2. “No child should be tried as an adult”- to that I say, no 8 month pregnant women should be shot to death while she sleeps in her own home. Unfortuntely, that is the world we live in and being navie doesn’t change that. The punishment needs to fit the crime not the offender. Being lienient on the kid just because of his age is as bad as sentencing someone based on thier gender, race or beliefs.

  3. You are right. The dad is guilty. He is guilty of failing as a father. He is guilty of failing to disipline his child before he got so lost. He is guilty of being a too much of a coward to accept that maybe his kid isn’t perfect. He is guilty of overlooking his sons issues and turning a blind eye, denying him help, instead of facing the truth and dealing with the issues. His inability to face the truth and see what his child was turning into lead to his son growing up with the idea that there are no concequences to anything. Kids don’t just go around murdering people. This kid had serious issues, murdering his fathers fiancee was the culmination of years of living with this wrapped mentality that his father failed to see and even more importantly, failed to address. So while the kid is guilty of murder and should pay the maxium sentence, the father failed him in so many ways by refusing to see his son for what he was becoming and being an enabler. A truly tragic story for everyone involved.

  4. OMG the cousin has no idea what happened, she was not there. as for him being the father of the baby that is the stupidest thing i have heard so far. the pregnant woman’s ex did it after he saw the kids leave. the law inforcement there is corrupt and covered for him. since the dad had work to prove he wasn’t there, they picked the only other person that could have been there and not her child. he was already gone when it happened. you people that are judging a little boy and saying he should get life and he is a fat ugly little boy is the most immature thing on here. he is an adorable little boy and he is husky not fat. did anyone stop to notice the gun from his house wasn’t the same gauge as the one that killed the lady? no because you are playing God, no God wouldn’t act like this. You think you know it all and condemn a little boy. You know it will come back on you. The cousin is the one that said he was jealous. no one else thought that till she made it up. so why don’t you ignorant people find somewhere to get an education and the people that are adult about this I salute you. God Bless Jordan Anthony Brown!!! I love you baby.

  5. You were tempted? Why be given a gun at all. You could have accidently killed another human being Patricia. Guns are made for killing.

  6. MY Dad gave me a 410 at the tender age of 8. Then a 22 at the age of 10, at 12 it was a 20 gauge, at 14 a 16 gauge and I was taught to dismantle, clean and target shoot. I never killed anyone no matter how much I disliked them and there were a few that were tempting (G). The boy should be treated as an adult. He knew that he was ending a life, make that two lives.

  7. for all of you saying that he is a psychopath or a sociopath are ignorant. I actually went through and read the court documents from when the defense was trying to transfer this case to juvenile court, and all of the counselors and psychologists said he was a well adjusted twelve year old. The workers at the juvenile home he is at said he is very respectful and some of them don’t even feel that he needs to be in there. So go and learn what a sociopath and psychopath really are. As for those of you that already lay the guilt on him before the facts have been presented, you are what is wrong with our judicial system in America. We have this thing in our courts that says one is innocent until proven guilty, and until the facts are laid to rest this boy is innocent.

    No child should be tried as an adult. Especially one of that age. Psychology has shown that the brain of a child is not yet capable of comprehending that of an adult, and while a child does know that killing is wrong they are not able to fully understand the ramifications. A child is not an adult and should not be tried as an adult, and this whole thing makes me sick. I live in a country where ignorance prevails, and innocence is always lost because of that ignorance. I truly hope the defense is able to clear this child’s name of these murders.

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