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Mar 072009

Updated September 15 2014 – This is Jonathan Bennett as he appears on Dancing with the Stars 2014.
Jonathan Bennett gay?Did you watch Bennett on DWTS 2014? Jon Bennett allegedly still lives in the closet because his publicist advised so. Jonathan has many fans but is still in the cloud of the Z-list actors. He was clean shaven and smiled with lope sided charm. Bennett displayed a hint of double chin as his face thickened with age. Some fans might prefer his six o’clock shadow face. Stubble adds masculinity.

Bennett used to be linked with Lance Bass and Matt Dallas. Bennett also had a beard named Elizabeth Hendrickson. A rumor said it was arranged to appear he was dating her.

Jonathan Bennet  hot

Julianne Hough said Jonathan made a pass at her in 2013. She thought of asking him for a date but realized that it would be a waste of time since Bennett is gay. Julianne revealed this exchange to Extra host Mario Lopez. She didn’t realize that Jonathan has never revealed his orientation to the public before. The celebrities and inner circle may know about Jonathan but he has never confirmed the rumor.

Jonathan Bennett chose to ignore Julianne Hough’s interview with Mario Lopez. He is not commenting on Hough’s remark that she knew he was a gay. On Monday night’s (Sep 22 2014) dance episode, Bennett and his dance partner failed to portray sexiness.

This site claimed Jonathan Bennett is gay. Bennett is hot in public pictures and leaked photos. One of the reasons offered was that Jonathan Bennett appeared shirtless in almost every movie he made. Does that make him gay?I don’t know if Jonathan Bennett is gay but you can look at his photos at that site.

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  22 Responses to “Jonathan Bennett gay”

  1. i wanna meet him is tht possible is he single?

  2. People if he is in fact gay let him be, maybe he is more happy that way than being straight.

  3. He’s cute! Idk I was watching Mean Girls and he is very good looking! I really hope he is not gay..But if he is, ya know…It’s okay. You can’t choose if you’re gay or not. And THAT is scientifically proven.

  4. I’ve actually met him and trust me…he is definitely gay, he talks like a gay. And i know how a gay guy talks like, as i am gay myself.

  5. UGH :( NOOOOOO :((((((((

  6. robecca: what do you mean ewwww he’s gay? grow up bitch, are you really that stupid…..what makes you think the way you see things is the only way. if he’s gay let him be.

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwww WTF i mean he’s so damn hot!!!!!
    but EWWWWWWW he’s gay :( :(

  8. oh, i can’t take this really. not him, but I do LOVE Matt Dallas. I never knew. Is this real? SOmeone that handsome (Matt) could impossibly be gay.

  9. I hung out with him on Spring Break last year in Panama City and he is definitely NOT gay. Unless you call him putting my hand down his pants and trying to take me home with him gay? I’ve got the pictures from the car ride to prove it. Lol

  10. He slept with a friend of mine who worked on Mean Girls with him. G.A.Y.

  11. i don’t care he is HOT!

  12. i’m a gay ,and i’m chinese . hes adorable and just as what Mean Girl mentioned that : he is cute .
    it doesn’t matter if he is a gay or somewhat unless he make some gay pics or video tapes to entertain us ~

  13. I know for a fact that hes gay … its not that i read it any where I went home with him one night at the Bar. He even took me home in the morning 😀

  14. guys why if he is thats for him self and if he is not thats for him self to why we do care its a freedom country remenber

  15. Who knows he mite b gay

  16. He used to date Brent Weber who at one point appeared in All My Children, a show Jonathan was in a few years prior. They used to send each other flowers through a company I used to work for.

  17. he is gay. i know him and he is, hes not trying to hide it but hes not all open and out about it.

  18. He is a bi.Trust me I know this.

  19. Just coz he doesn’t wear shirts in his movies does not mean he is gay but unfortunately ladies he is in fact gay and dating Matt Dallas (use to date lance bass)

    grace please really? do u act like this in the real world?

  20. Grace is stupid!
    He has confirmed being gay already! It was on perezhilton.com

  21. you have a good gaydar?
    have you met him? you’re so lame.
    and whats that if he saw you he’d go str8?
    i doubt an actual attractive pretty girl would get on here and talk about that. you’re probably some fat girl that eats frosting out of the can with a million cats.

    k thanks

  22. He’s so not gay

    I have really good gay-dar and he’s never struck me as being gay.

    I think he is absolutely gorgeous.

    If he was gay, he’d see me and be straight.
    So, I mean read the interviews he talks about himself dating woman and not men. He may be feminine but, in all honesty no one has a right to say anything just because of a few good looking pictures. It’s probably jealous guys who couldn’t pull it off. So save your crap for the next rainy day :)

    K thanks

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