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Sep 052008

Carol Shepp was already married and had two sons with her first husband. Her sons were Douglas and Andrew McCain. Douglas McCain is 48 and Andy McCain is 46. Carol Shepp divorced her first husband and married John McCain. They had a daughter, Sidney, 41. John McCain asked for combat duty in Vietnam in 1966.

Douglas and Andrew McCain are sometimes mentioned in the media but they lead relatively low profile lives.

When John McCain returned to America in 1973, he was shocked to learn of a nasty surprise. Carol Shepp McCain was disfigured in a car crash in 1969. She suffered serious injuries. Her surgeons removed her shattered bones in her legs and consequentially, her height was reduced. Carol Shepp McCain was no longer tall and attractive. Carol Shepp gained weight, and was no longer the beauty John McCain left behind before he went to war in Vietnam. She needed medical care and follow-up surgeries. Carol Shepp is now 70 years old. Her height is 5 ft 4 in, 5 inches shorter because of the operations. Carol Shepp limps.

John McCain struggled to accept the new reality. He had willed himself to survive the war, remembering Carol as the beautiful wife he left behind. McCain tried to make light of her new face and body. he said he was no longer young himself, having his hair all aged to white strands, because of the stress, and trauma he suffered as a prisoner of war. However, trying as hard as he could, McCain drifted apart from Carol. A divorce loomed in the horizon.

Some stories said Carol agreed to the divorce after John gave her a house and money. He allegedly promised to pay for her medical care for the rest of her life.

John McCain divorced Carol Shepp in 1980 and married Cindy Hensley, who was 18 years his junior. John McCain married his second wife one month after his divorce. Carol Shepp agreed to divorce John McCain because she knew that she was disfigured. Publicly, she said she supports McCain. He had given her property, money, alimony and paid for all her operations throughout her life. Cindy Hensley was an heiress whose father had good connections and helped John McCain attain his political ambition. John McCain and Cindy Hensley McCain had three natural children; Meghan McCain, 23, Jack McCain, 22 and Jimmy McCain, 20. In 1993, the McCains adopted Bridget from Bangladesh. Bridget is now 17.

Roberta McCain is John McCain’s mother. Roberta McCain is 96. John McCain’s father and grandfather were both admirals and referred to as Admiral McCain. They have passed away.

John McCain’s 7 children:
1) Douglas/ Doug McCain
2) Andrew/ Andy McCain
3) Sidney McCain
4) Meghan McCain
5) Jack McCain
6) Jimmy McCain
7) Bridget McCain

Douglas “Doug” McCain:
Douglas McCain, also known as Doug McCain, was proud of his father being the Republican Presidential nominee in 2008.

Doug McCain works as a pilot for American Airlines. He studied and graduated from the University of Virginia. Doug joined the Navy and was a pilot in the Navy. After he left the Navy, Doug became a pilot in American Airlines.

Doug is married to Ashley McCain. They live at the Oceanfront, in Virginia Beach. Doug and Ashley have two children. Their son studies at Norfolf Academy and their daughter is at University of North Carolina. She is a Tar Heel athelete.

Doug and Andrew were not fathered by John McCain but he adopted the 2 boys after he married their mother Carol Shepp. John and Carol have a natural born daughter.

After John McCain returned to the US, he was briefly re-united with Carol Shepp, before they divorced. Doug McCain was in his third year at college when his parents split.

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