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Jun 092009

Elizabeth  Grimes killer

John Kenney verdict declared him guilty. John Franklin Kenney, 72, killed Mel Grimes and Elizabeth Grimes. The true story of Kenney and the Grimes has been made into a one hour TV episode of Dateline. NBC made “Trouble On The Hill” to re-enact the story of Kenney and the Grimes.

Kenney had hauled a boulder weighing one ton up to a piece of land that divided his and the Grimes’ property. Kenney left the boulder on the land to claim his ownership. The Grimes had a dispute with Kenney as they claimed the land belonged to them. Kenney and Grimes had a long quarrel that was fueled with lawsuits, counter lawsuits and restraining orders. The dispute lasted for about 1 year.

Finally, Kenney killed Mel and Elizabeth Grimes on Jan 29 2007.

John Kenney killed Grimes

Why does a man become a killer?
Sigmund Freud used psychology to explain a human being’s behavior. The id, or the basic instincts wanted to satisfy its primordial desires of winning any argument against the neighbors. The ego was supposed to find a balance between perceived needs and un-necessary desires. The ego failed to rein in id’s wild desires. The super-ego was not active in policing the id and ego. The human being’s actions went overboard.

In September 2008, the court found Kenney guilty of murder on two counts. Kenney was convicted of first degree murder for killing Elizabeth Grimes. Kenney was convicted on second degree murder for the death of Mel Grimes. Kenney was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

NBC Dateline website. Photos/ videos are included in their site.

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  1. You know what maybe Mel Grimes shouldn’t of dumped his garbage on other neighbors property and we are not talking about the Kenny’s property either. Maybe Mel Grimes shouldn’t of played loud rock music at all hours of the night and bother other people. In America we do as we please as long as we don’t infringe on others rights. Mel Grimes was a bully and, anyone that infringes on others rights and dumps there crap on other peoples property is a disgrace to the American way of life I have no sympathy for Anti-American idiots like Mel Grimes. Tragic yes but he begged for it and got it. The idiot was a lawyer he should of known that other people have the same constitutional rights as he does.

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