John Elway married Paige Green: Elway & Green wedding

John Elway married Paige Green. John Elway is loaded with good luck and fortune. Elway has a new gig working for ESPN Radio 1600 AM. Elway has been signed on as a regular guest on the show called “The Insiders”. Elway became a privileged Insider who will be sitting with his hosts, Gary Miller and Vic Lombardi.

The handsome John Elway might turn the tide for The Insiders and win more fans for the radio channel.

Ed McCaffrey, the wide receiver for the Broncos, will also be a regular guest in the studio.

John Elway and Ed McCaffrey are given opportunities to think about alternative careers after they retire from their sports careers.

John Elway and Paige Green arriving on the red carpet for the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night.

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3 Responses to John Elway married Paige Green: Elway & Green wedding

  1. Reuben Bear Shield

    nice photos.

  2. Reuben Bear Shield

    john is better then Tom Brady

  3. Reuben Bear Shield

    john is one of the best of all times.

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