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Oct 282008

Palin’s Anchorage, Alaska, is home to John Carlin and Mechele Hughes Linehan. Carlin was convicted of conspiring with Mechele Linehan in 1996. Carlin allegedly killed Linehan’s fiancé, Kent Leppink. Prosecutors claimed Linehan conspired with Carlin to kill Leppink because she thought she would get some insurance money. Carlin had maintained he was innocent of the murder charge. The jury convicted him and the judge sentenced him.

Carlin was serving his sentence of 99 years in prison when he was discovered dead on Mon., Oct 27, 2008. The Alaska Department of Corrections spokesman said John Carlin was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Carlin was allegedly murdered. Carlin was beaten up three times while housed in prison. Carlin died after the third assault on Oct 27, 2008.

Michele Hughes Linehan was arrested in 2006. By then, Linehan had left Alaska (after the death of Leppink in 1996) and settled in Washington, where she married a doctor. She had children.

In 2007, Mechele Linehan was tried and convicted for conspiracy in the murder of Kent Leppink. Linehan was sentenced to serve 99 years in prison in April 2008. Linehan’s lawyers filed an appeal of her conviction.

The Alaska Court of Appeals overturned her conviction on Friday, Aug 6 2010. However, Linehan remains jailed until the court grants a bail hearing.

The State of Alaska may petition the Alaska Supreme Court to review the appellate court’s decision, or give Linehan a new trial.

Mechele Hughes Linehan and Kent Leppink.

Mechele Hughes Linehan & Kent Leppink.

John Carlin.

John Carlin

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  5 Responses to “John Carlin dead: Mechele Hughes Linehan & Kent Leppink case (photos)”

  1. I think that although there was tantalizing facts surrounding this case, i still wonder how well the area around kent’s body was searched because i think it is possible that he killed himself or had himself killed and sent the note to his parents to frame michelle and men she was associated with, including one that didnt seem to be a viable threat (scott) I am sure she had a racy past but i think kent may have planned his vegence it seems possible

  2. What happened to being guilty beyond a reasonable doubt…..I think juries too many times convict on gut feelings rather than the evidence produced……that’s most likely why so many people have been freed from death row due to dna testing because people are inherently prejudice to class, color, religion, or anything different than their personal experience…….

  3. I would like to know where she is from.I know about a Hughes family in Louisiana

  4. I am sorry for John Carlin’s son.

    Have seen the story on TV at least three times now -never once have I changed my mind on the who and the why of the death of Kent Leppink.

    There will always be women like Mechele Hughes; users of men for their own gain.

  5. Try living with this bitch in prison. She is currently having a lesbian love affair with inmate Coral Daly. What does that tell you.

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