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Feb 152009

John Busby was a former police officer in Falmouth. Busby was shot in his face almost 30 years ago in 1979 because he was due to testify against Melvin Reine’s brother, John Reine. Reine allegedly had friends in the police department. Even after Busby accused Reine of shooting him, his department failed to investigate properly and the case failed to proceed.

John Busby’s wife, Polly Busby, was worried when she saw John’s jaw. The couple’s daughter, Cylin Busby, was 9 years old when her father was shot. John Busby, Polly Busby and Cylin Busby went into hiding as they feared for their lives. Melvin Reine and his brother John Reine might come after them so the Busbys decided to go into hiding.

In 2003, John Reine confessed that he was the driver of the car who pulled up to John Busby. Reine claimed his brother Melvin pulled the trigger on John Busby. By then, the statute of limitations had run out in 1989. Melvin Reine was then found to have dementia and lived in Taunton State Hospital.

John Busby came out of hiding to tell his story in September 2008. John Busby and his daughter Cylin Busby wrote “The Year We Disappeared” as an account of their story.

John Busby, of Falmouth/ Massachusetts, has his story retold in CBS “48 Hours Mystery”. Busby’s story is included in “Live To Tell”.

Melvin Reine has been institutionalized in Taunton State Hospital. Although he was a possible suspect in the 1979 shooting of Busby, he wasn’t ever charged.

Busby suffered extensive injury to his lower jaw. He had to undergo reconstructive facial surgeries. After that, Busby went through physical therapy, to learn how to use his jaw, and how to talk again.

Busby moved to a quiet town by the seaside, to have his rehab. He had no idea who shot him and was worried that the criminal on the loose would take another hit at him again. John and his daughter, Cylin Busby, wrote down his story and published it in a book.

John Busby, Polly Busby and Cylin Busby – news link.

“The Year We Disappeared” book details at Amazon link. The book cover has pictures of John Busby and Cylin Busby

“The Year We Disappeared” book at B & N link.

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  1. Just watch your story on 48hrs. As a child I spent every summer vacationing on Cape Cod from the late 60’s till 80’s. We always went the first week or two of August. I’m sure in ’79 we had just left Gull cottages in Orleans right on Rt6. To think an attempt to murder an officer would occur in such a peaceful place just days after our departure is just a reality check and why we need men/women like Lime Busby patroling our towns. Shame on Falmouth and every channel of justice who failed you and your family. This great country is what it is because of people like you and your family, John.
    Stay strong!

  2. I feel that Anger and Revenge are very easy emotions that people react on…But after seeing you on television i realized that it doesnt have to be Tit For Tat. As people we can break the cycle of feeling like we have to hurt and payback the people who hurt us. I can not imagine how you have felt all these years. But, I feel God kept you alive to deliver a very strong message and i appreciated it. God Bless You and YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. THANK YOU

  3. Thank you . Seeing your story on television I felt compelled to find you. I am anxious to read your book . I learned alot from seeing what happened to you. God Bless you and Your Beautiful Family.

  4. wanda (tootie) medeiros reine babysat my daughter and troy and mickey medeiros the day she dissapared. sandy medeiros, wife of arnie, tootie’s brother, and I insisted the falmouth police be notified, but everyone was afraid to do so—finally, arnie, sandy and I reported her missing. the falmouth police department was, at that time, no better than the keystone cops. your father and husband is a true hero. he was the only police officer in town to have the guts to stand up to the reine family, god bless you all.

  5. would like to know what her maiden name is as book said she was from Houlton, Maine

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