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Dec 232008

Joe Cappuccio is engaged to Eva La Rue, the actress in “CSI: Miami.” Eva La Rue told that she originally never wanted to get married again after a failed marriage. Eva La Rue, 42, told Cappuccio that she was looking for a companion and not husband. Joe Cappuccio, 46, had been married before too.

Eva La Rue said they both changed their minds after 1 month into their relationship. Rue and Cappuccio have a wedding date planned in June 2009. Rue and Cappuccio intend to invite 40 guests to Mexico for their wedding by the beach.

Eva La Rue photo & news.

Eva La Rue photos in slide show link.

Eva La Rue on “Chelsea Lately” video.

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  1. A friend of mine got an invitation to Eva La Rue’s wedding to Joe Cappuccio and it is the 4th of July weekend in Grand Turk on the Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI in a Mansion near the beach! So cool for them!

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